How To Care For Your Garden Fountain – 7 Essential Tips

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Having a garden fountain can transform your outdoor space and serve as a place of relaxation for your family and friends. An outdoor water fountain can make any garden look absolutely superb and stunning—it’s certainly something that is sure to wow your visitors and guests.

However, just like with any decorative piece with moving parts, a fountain needs specific care and maintenance to function properly and achieve its desired purpose in your garden. Otherwise, it won’t be able to do much in terms of aesthetics and style; plus, no one really wants to look at a leaky and dirty water feature!

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How To Care For Your Garden Fountain

I decided to get a garden fountain last spring and, I love it. It’s a starter one so to speak and, since I love it so much, I’m getting a larger one this year. I knew having a garden fountain would be the perfect way to add a zen-like vibe to our outdoor space and, it’s truly become a relaxing haven for us. 

It’s a fact that water has a calming effect on us, and when you take the sounds and visuals of beautiful water fountains outdoors, it’s the perfect melody of stress-free moments. To that end, here are some tips on how to take care of your outdoor garden fountain.

Use a Treatment Solution

Once every week, apply a treatment solution to the water circulating in your fountain. This sanitizes the water and strips it clean of unwanted organisms, thus preventing algae growth as well as the mineral buildup in your fountain’s mechanisms and finish.

This also ensures that your fountain continues to work properly and that its appearance is preserved. However, if you are growing aquatic plants or animals like fish and turtles in a pond where your fountain is integrated, you will need to eschew this step and remove the algae and mineral deposits manually or mechanically instead.

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Make Sure That the Water Level Is Appropriate

Always ensure that your fountain’s reservoir is filled to adequate levels. If you allow the water level in your fountain’s reservoir to fall below the suggested level for too long, you might be causing unnecessary wear and tear on its motor, making it burn itself out all the faster.

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Avoid Chemicals and Tools That Are Too Harsh or Abrasive

Depending on the water used in your fountain, white scale buildup may be inevitable. You can easily resolve this by using a small amount of non-abrasive detergent, water, and a soft sponge. Only use cleaning chemicals for extreme buildup cases, as abusing these chemicals can tarnish your fountain’s finish. Moreover, avoid using hard or abrasive sponges or steel wool on your fountain, as these could also scratch up your fountain.

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Drain Your Fountain Occasionally

Completely drain your fountain of water once every month. This prevents your fountain from smelling foul or sour due to aged water being cycled over and over along with the refills. This also clears out the debris that could have accumulated inside your fountain’s pump as well as its pipes.

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Schedule Thorough Cleaning Once in a While

Once every three months, it’s a good idea to disassemble your fountain and clean each component thoroughly completely. This allows you to give each fountain component the TLC it needs. It also helps you extend your fountain’s service life while also giving you the chance to see if any of these components require repair or replacement. This helps you avoid the scenario where your fountain suddenly breaks down with no apparent cause.

Care for Your Fountain during the Winter Season

When winter comes rolling along, always set aside the time to properly winterize your outdoor fountain. This protects your initial investment and ensures that you have a properly working water feature once winter ends. You can start this by draining your fountain completely of water before taking all its components apart. Store these components in a dry place afterward.

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Prevent Mosquitoes from Making Your Fountain Their Home

Look into all-natural fountain solutions that inhibit mosquitoes and other pests from thriving in your fountain’s water. Even if a fountain’s water is always moving and circulating, mosquitoes can still thrive in the smallest spots of calm water. A plant-friendly insecticide can help prevent this without impacting the environment of your fountain too harshly.

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These seven tips may seem like a lot of work, but by keeping to them religiously and regularly you can easily keep your outdoor garden fountain working in perfect condition, as well as looking its best. You can also always get professionals involved if you feel that you’re just much too busy to do the maintenance work yourself.

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