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How to Make A Major Hairstyle Change And Love It

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How to Make A Major Hairstyle Change And Love It

Recently, I finally developed the courage and underwent a major hairstyle change. Making the decision to transform into that perfect look, is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, I love my new hairstyle and thrilled with the results. 

Below, you’ll find some things to consider before you jump into your major hairstyle change. These tips helped me to decide how and when to take the leap! 

Major Hairstyle Change

My Major Hairstyle Change 

My hair never changed much over the course of my lifetime. It was the one constant I could always rely on. There’s one word for that – boring!  My hair looked the same my entire life – well mostly with the exception of a few hairstyle tweaks along the way.

With long dark straight hair, I wasn’t willing to take too many risks. But, about two months ago, that all changed, and I decided to go for that major hairstyle change. I got beautiful highlights and a layered cut.  Below, you can see the transformation, and I love it!

Last week, I did add an ash toner to the color – this removes the gold color from the highlight. You’ll find you might tweak your decision after you make it but, I knew I was on the right track. 

Major Hairstyle Change

Before you commit to highlights, think about your options. I started out with a technique called a Balayage. I discovered quickly I wanted more highlights in my hair and returned for a regular highlight treatment. 

Because I wear my hair up a lot, the Balayage treatment wasn’t enough as it only covers the outermost layers of your hair and not really the underneath layers. 

Making a drastic hairstyle change can be liberating, psychologists confirm this. However, it can also be a devastating experience. Most often, one comes to a decision to change their hair drastically when they are already feeling down. They might feel they need some big change to become a symbol of something they are currently struggling with.

This means that you are very emotionally vulnerable at this point in your life. And should the haircut you are betting so much on not live up to your expectations. Unfortunately, you can go from merely depressed to devastated and inconsolable in an instant.

To avoid such an unfortunate scenario, you should do everything within your power to make sure that you love the major hairstyle change you are about to get.

How to Make Sure You Are Satisfied with Your New Hairstyle in 4 Steps

1. Choose The Right Salon And Stylist For Your Major Hairstyle Change

Your stylist is the single most important person in this whole situation, so you need to choose them carefully. The salon they work at matters as well, if for no other reason than the fact that this is where you can find the hairdresser capable of making your dreams reality.

The easiest way to find a new amazing stylist is to ask someone with the hairstyle similar to the one you want about where they got theirs. If that’s not possible, research your local stylists and salons online. They should have some portfolios posted on their websites.

Major Hairstyle Change

Unfortunately, this might be impossible either, because not everyone uploads pictures of their work on the Web. Therefore, you’ll need to take the hardest but also most efficient of all steps.

This step is actually talking to stylists so you can see what exactly they can offer you. Be sure to do this well before you take your seat at that ritual place of hair stylist’s magic. You’ll need the time to go over your consultation again and make sure that this is exactly what you want.

Assessing the quality of the salon while having your consultation also won’t go amiss. Be sure and check out that the salon is clean and well-maintained. Also, scan for signs of old and unkempt equipment. 

Never entrust your hairstyle change to anyone you aren’t 100% sure of. If your gut tells you to move on – then move on. 

2. Come To The Consultation With Pictures And An Open Mind

You’ll need to show pictures of the haircut you want to the stylist in order to avoid miscommunications. With the images there, they will be able to understand exactly what you are talking about and determine if they are able to do this.

However, you shouldn’t come to this consultation with your mind set in stone. Of course, it’s good to know what you like, but you should also keep your ears and mind open when you discuss this cut with your stylist.

This is an experienced professional you are talking to and they will be able to assess you with a critical eye.

I brought some pictures of various colors and cuts with me on my mobile phone. That made my decision-making process flawless! And, my stylist knew exactly the direction I wanted to go. 

This means that the stylist might be able to determine that this particular hairstyle that looks fantastic on that model in the photo will work for your looks at all. Discuss the matter calmly so you can understand the stylist’s advice exactly.

Heed it or don’t or get another opinion. The latter is the best way to go and your risks of being unsatisfied with your new haircut reduce significantly when you listen to expert opinions.

3. Demonstrate What You Want In Real Life

Pictures are good, but nothing beats having a live subject. In this particular case, you yourself will become a subject to show the stylist exactly how you want that haircut from the picture to work on you.

Show the exact length of the hair you want with your hands. Do this while it’s still dry because if you show the length on wet hair, it’ll pull up and become even shorter when it dries.

Hence so many stories where people are devastated that the final cut is much shorter than they expected.

4. Be Honest With Yourself And With Your Stylist

Why exactly do you want to get this specific haircut? Or why do you not want to avoid the responsibility of choice and simply tell the stylist to go with what they think is best? Are you sure you even need that drastic haircut change?

Never take this step without answering those questions first. Only after this can you decide if changing your looks drastically is worth the risk of disappointment.

When I worked as a stylist many years ago, I could always tell by the look on my client’s face if they were happy during the hair cutting process. I would always stop and ask their opinion along the way.

If you are getting a major hairstyle change, make sure you tell your stylist to do a check in and see if things are going according to plan. 

I hope some of these key concepts help you with your decision to get a major hairstyle change. It’s one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences you can have. Make sure you plan it carefully and walk into the salon empowered with your plans. 


How to Make A Major Hairstyle Change And Love It - Sassy Townhouse Living

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