Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera – The Best In Home Security

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If you are looking for home security, you’ll want to check out this Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera. Above all, you can easily and affordably protect your home and your family!  

More so, your home security is more important now than ever before. During these challenging times we live in, you need the best protection. And with Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera, you’ll get it.

Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Home Security Camera
Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

Your Home Security Means Everything

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When it comes to home security, we take it very seriously. Regardless of where you live, it’s important to protect your home and family. In the past, security cameras were expensive and difficult to install. Now, it’s super easy anyone can do it!

Moreover, with Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera it’s so easy and affordable to get the security you want. Kami is your versatile and portable guardian. It features a truly wireless design too! It doesn’t require any external base stations or hubs. Installation literally takes minutes and it’s up and running.

Since we have external home security cameras installed, I installed my Kami inside – yes, you can do that too! You can install this camera anywhere in or outside your home.

In addition, with the easy to install Kami Home App, I can see the entire bottom level of my home from anywhere. Plus, the app installs easily in minutes and super easy to use.

Be sure to watch my Kami unboxing tutorial below!

Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Home Security Camera
Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

Why Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Is The Best!

Additionally, Kami has excellent optics featuring a 140° wide-angle lens, crystal clear 1080p recording, and enhanced night vision. Never miss a single detail ever again, day or night.

Now, you can have security All Year Round! With a wide operating temperature range (between 14°F to 122°F), the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera withstands the wind and rain to provide reliable safety for your home. Protect your home regardless of the seasons or conditions outside.

For example, this Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera has high-tech features like advanced motion detection. Plus, it features a reliable PIR motion sensor that reduces “false positives” caused by items such as moving trees, flags, or cars at distance.

The built-in voice prompts and in-app guide helps you set up your camera effortlessly within minutes. Once you set up the camera, you’ll receive notifications directly on your smartphone as soon as it detects motion

And it features enhanced night vision as well, so you have protection 24/7 regardless of the time of day.  

For instance, the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera doesn’t require any external base stations or hubs. Just use the included rechargeable batteries and your camera is ready to use.

It’s the ultimate wireless security camera, with the versatility for multiple scenarios. You can place it anywhere in your home or bring it with you everywhere you go.

Installation takes minutes with the easy-to-install plate and you can position your Kami in any direction to ensure proper coverage.

Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Features And Video Storage

More so, with features like these, you can’t go wrong!

  • 100% Wire-Free Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life – 6 months Before Recharging
  • IP-65 Weatherproof
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy To Install

Featuring a 140° wide-angle lens, 1080p HD images, and enhanced night vision capabilities, the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera allows you to see more, more clearly.

In addition, they offer Cloud storage at different pricing levels. And, if you choose, you can just insert a microSD card in the slot on the bottom of the camera.

Kami Can Go Anywhere You Need It

Actually, I’m ordering another Kami to ensure every outside area of my home get’s the coverage it needs. Using it side means I have the indoor coverage of my entire living, dining room, and kitchen!

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera. Now, my home gets the protection it deserves, and we feel so much safer.

Please note, you can purchase Kami from their official website or you can get Kami at Amazon.com.

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