Landscape Lighting For Every Season

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Landscape Lighting For Every Season

Landscape Lighting For Every Season

It’s never too cold outside to add the beauty of landscape lighting for every season to your front or backyard. I have found the perfect lighting for my front yard and wanted to share this project with you! 

The welcoming warmth and glow this lighting provides are perfect. It’s taken me two rounds of lighting to finally find the perfect fit for my front landscaping needs. One of the reasons I adore the electric-powered landscape lights as opposed to solar lighting is because they are reliable and give off the exact amount of light for safety and decorative illumination. 

We needed eight of them to offer the best amount of light. The great news is you can add more as you go if needed. They are easy to install add-ons. These are not solar lights and important to note.

I got tired of solar lighting and how unreliable it was, and that’s when we decided to move to under the ground electrical lighting. Best decision ever! I think I’ve paid more over time to replace solar lighting than we did to have the electrical lights installed. You can do these yourself easily! The wires are not embedded too far below the earth, so running the wires, and adding the lights is really not that bad! 

A set of three fitted perfectly on the walkway left side!

Landscape Lighting For Every Season

Landscape Lighting For Every Season

And two lights at the beginning of the walkway. I love how they add lighting and style at the same time. 

Landscape Lighting For Every Season

Landscape Lighting For Every Season

We also installed a spotlight facing the front door window for extra security. This light costs $30.00. 

Halogen Spotlight

Below, is the power pack you will need to plug into outdoor outlets so be sure you have one close by.  . 

Lighting Power Pack

One of the best features is the solar detector! It senses when the sun rises and sets and turns the lights on automatically. You can always change the lighting settings from the battery pack in the image above. 

Solar Sensor for Landscape Lighting

The bulbs are halogen and very easy to replace if they blow out. All you do is unscrew the light from the base and replace the bulb! I believe the light bulbs are about $5 to $6 dollars each depending on where you buy them. They last a very long time which is great news as well. 

Paradise Garden Lighting

The amount of light these give off really packs a nice punch! It’s just the right amount of light for safety and security. Landscape lighting for every season is the perfect way to make an investment in your garden and overall beauty of your home.  

Landscape lighting has transformed the way my front walkway looks! It wasn’t too expensive to have installed if you decide or you can easily install them yourself! One of the best features is how easily you can add additional lights if you decide you need more. 

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