Landscape Lighting For Every Season

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It’s never too cold outside to add the beauty of landscape lighting for every season to your front or backyard. I have found the perfect lighting for my front yard and wanted to share this project with you! 

Landscape Lighting For Every Season

Landscape Lighting Adds Instant Curb Appeal

The welcoming warmth and glow this lighting provides are perfect. Unfortunately, it’s finally taken me two rounds of illumination to find the perfect fit for my front landscaping needs. One of the reasons I adore the electric-powered landscape lights instead of solar lighting is because they are reliable and give off the exact amount of light for safety and decorative illumination. 

We needed eight of them to offer the best amount of light. The great news is you can add more as you go if needed. More so, you’ll find these lights easy to install add-ons. These are not solar lights and make sense for those who prefer them over LED Solar lights.

I got tired of solar lighting and how unreliable it was, and that’s when we decided to move to under-the-ground electrical lighting. Best decision ever! I think I’ve paid more overtime to replace solar lighting than we did to have the electric lights installed. You can do these yourself easily! The wires are not embedded too far below the earth, so running the wires is easy, and you can DIY!

A set of three fitted perfectly on the walkway left side!

Landscape Lighting For Every Season
Landscape Lighting For Every Season

And two lights at the beginning of the walkway. I love how they add lighting and style at the same time. 

Landscape Lighting For Every Season
Landscape Lighting For Every Season

We also installed a spotlight facing the front door window for extra security. This light costs $30.00. 

One of the best features is the solar detector! It senses when the sun rises and sets and turns the lights on automatically. You can always change the lighting settings from the battery pack in the image above. 

Solar Sensor for Landscape Lighting

The bulbs are halogen and very easy to replace if they blow out. All you do is unscrew the light from the base and replace the bulb! I believe the light bulbs are about $5 to 6 dollars each depending on where you buy them. They last a very long time which is great news as well. 

The amount of light these give off packs a nice punch! It’s just the right amount of light for safety and security. Landscape lighting for every season is the perfect way to invest in your garden. And adds beauty to your curb appeal too!  

Landscape lighting has transformed the way my front walkway looks! It wasn’t too expensive to have installed if you decide, or you can easily install them yourself! One of the best features is how easily you can add additional lights if you decide you need more. 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. Love this look at electrical lighting for landscape around the home and definitely want to buy them now.

  2. We purchased our land and built a custom house, so the lighting was the last thing to do. It was 21 years ago so times have changed, but I enjoyed the process. What you offer here looks beautiful!

  3. These are lovely. My husband is hankering to add lights to our backyard waterfall. He keeps it running all winter so the birds have water when the rest of the world is frozen. Lights would make the ice around it would look super all lit up. Thanks for the idea.

  4. These are some really awesome looking lights. I would love to have some of these in our yard for sure. Thank you for the idea and giving us the full details. Your walk way looks really good like this.

  5. Interesting ideas and we may look into the product as we’re not thrilled with our current lighting.

  6. It’s amazing what a difference lighting can make in landscaping. We definitely need to improve ours. I like those rubbed bronze ones.

  7. Lighting is not just aesthetic anymore. It provides a real service when it is very dark. A win-win for the homeowner who certainly does not want to see anyone trip. And when it looks fabulous, as this does? Bonus. Happy Sunday!

  8. Thanks much Carol. I love the security factor too with these. The floodlight is really a great feature. Thanks so much for stopping by. If you get them be sure to share the pics!
    Carolann xo

  9. Oh when you install them don’t forget to show us! You will love them…and the security factor is a huge plus! Plus, they are good to help you walk at night…I can have two left feet at night lol.
    Carolann xo

  10. I love the blog. I love decorating my home and one of my most favorite is taking good care of the landscape. I’m glad that I saw your post. i’m just wondering if you can write an article explaining how effective is tattoo removal too. That will be great!

  11. Landscaping can increase a property’s value by making it more attractive. A well-manicured property with appealing landscaping is often a selling point for a home. The landscaping can also improve your home’s appearance to match similar homes in the neighborhood.

  12. Nicely written and informative article. I agree that solar lights are a waste of time and money. Its definitely worth getting lighting which are hard wired. They give off more light and look so much better. Nice work! :)

  13. Thank you for the good suggestions. The lights are very pretty. I was always concerned about the spacing of the lights. I imagine a little planning can take care of that. I agree the solar ones seem so unreliable and seem to always be to dim or would just quite working over time. Thank you again for your article.

  14. Landscape lighting can be enjoyed all year round. It adds a special touch to the back and front of a house making it stand out. Lighting in shrubbery makes the back garden look great on late summer evenings and it makes the front of the house looks even better after a dusting of snow. Yes, low voltage lighting is much better than solar lighting for lots of reasons. Because they are low voltage, cables can be buried just under the surface. It means if you happen to accidently cut the cable with a garden spade you will not be electrocuted. Like your one, most of these kits come complete with a photo electric cell. The cell will switch the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. One thing they don’t come with is a time clock and this can help cut down on your electric bills. The simplest time clock is one that plugs straight into a wall socket. This will allow you to plug your lighting kit into the timer which will then control the light kit. The point of the time clock is this: if no one calls at your house after midnight it gives you the ability to interrupt the photo cell and switch the whole kit off. The time clock has the potential to save you 8 hours of garden lighting every night. It’s worth thinking about because the money saved on electricity can eventually pay for the lights and cost of the installation.

  15. Landscaping increases your homes value that might benefit you when you decide to sell it.

  16. Totally Right this post,I concur with you that lighting is such a critical viewpoint to finishing, it sort of calls you home too.and likewise pleasant security camera to secure your home.Thank For Sharing this post.

  17. Those landscape lights that are in those first three pictures seem pretty nice. I’ve been working on the landscaping around my yard for a little while now, but realized that I don’t have any kind of lighting at all. It might be nice to get at least a handful of those light set up. I’d just have to figure out where would be best to place each one.

  18. Hi Keara, oh yes, I love my landscape lighting. It makes an amazing difference for sure. I’d be sure to space them at least 3 feet a part for sure. Let me know if you get them. I’d love to see a pic. Thanks much for stopping over and hope to see you again soon!

  19. Landscaping in any yard is beautiful, but it is easily forgotten without the proper lighting. I like how you combined style and security by adding a spot light on your front window. This combination of features would make the investment in landscape supplies and lighting far worth the cost. Thank you for sharing your ideas and witty solutions. I will have to look into doing a similar lighting scheme in my yard.

  20. Hi Audrey, thanks so much for stopping by. I love this lighting scheme so much. It wasn’t all that expensive either. I really appreciate your lovely comment and hope to see you again soon!

  21. Interesting idea to secure our garden by light, by the way I need a new lighting for my garden, your post is very important for me, now I can choose a suitable light. Thank you so much for your article.

  22. Thanks much for stopping by to comment. I am so glad you enjoyed the lighting. They really make such a huge difference and create a wonderful ambiance! Hope to see you again soon.

  23. Indeed your landscape lighting idea is really nice, Sassy.

    I was searching for pathway lighting ideas, since my sister has just got married and I was planning to decorate her house and gift her as a present when she will be back from her honeymoon.

    From your post I got this idea that while staying simple with your decoration ideas, you can make wonders. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us.

  24. Hi Joseph,
    Oh wow! I’m so happy I was able to help. She will love those lights. I have them for years now and never had an issue with them other than having to change the bulb. They are so easy to install too. It makes my day when someone as kind as you stops by and leaves a lovely comment like yours. Please let me know how they turn out for you after you install them. I’d love to see a pic too. Hope to see you again soon. Oh, if you don’t mind, please sign up for my newsletter too!
    Thanks much,

  25. We too love those ground lights to line our walkway. They do a great job and it makes it look great. I think lighting is a great addition to enhance the landscape, we have lights that shine upwards on some of our trees in our front yard that help lighten things at night.

  26. Hi,

    I really like your post!

    I am very glad to have this post.It is an amazing post with the idea of landscape lighting.You have shared a wonderful and helpful idea.Landscape lights are really very essential at night and you have shared such a nice idea.It is very great to have this post.Keep sharing more ideas like this.

    Thank you so much for such a nice post!


  27. Hi Allcotthire,
    I’m so glad you liked the post! I love landscape lighting too and am always looking to share fun and exciting new projects. I hope to see you back again soon. Have a great week.

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