10 Signs You Need To Update Your Home’s Cooling System

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Is your air conditioning not functioning as it should? If so, it’s a good idea to update your home’s cooling system and discover why. Almost 90% of homes across the US are now using air conditioners during the warmer months. When the temperatures go up, you need a reliable air conditioning unit that will effectively cool your home and control the temperature inside the house.

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Had Enough Of Your Old Cooling System?

The air conditioning system of your house plays a vital role in keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year. More so, it’s essential to know when your cooling system requires an upgrade. This summer, my system developed a critical freon leak; repairing it was not an option. At that point, I knew replacement was my only option.

While the experience can feel stressful, it’s an exciting transformation once done. For example, with my new cooling system installed, my entire home felt cooler than ever and the air fresher. Below, you’ll discover some top warning signs telling you it’s time to get a new cooling system for your home.

My New Amana Cooling System

1 – You Need To Shout For Others To Hear You

Do you need to speak loudly so everyone at home can hear you? If you see that you have to raise your voice so that your family members can listen to what you are saying, then there might be issues with a few cooling system components in your house. Some of its connectors and components will tire down after years of servicing your home.   

You can probably start hearing louder-than-usual and odd noises from the cooling system. You need to get a professional technician to look at the cooling system to determine the issue and how to fix it. If you see that the system is unrepairable, you need to invest in a new cooling system to keep enjoying a quiet and cool environment inside your house.

After all, you don’t want to wear earplugs in your own home to experience some peace. And with a loud outdated sytem, many go through daily living with the noise.

Cooling System

2 – You System Is Old And Outdated

Your cooling unit may have already reached the end of its life if you can’t remember the year you had the air conditioning system installed. Depending on the quality of the cooling system, an average life span usually is around a decade or slightly more. If your unit is more than ten years old, you will notice that it will start to get inefficient.

After this period, you should consider replacing the unit with a new one with the Energy Rating Level. Of course, professionals recommend replacement as units over ten years old tend to cool less. And as a result, they take longer to cool the room. This way, they consume more energy than the new air conditioning units. There are a few reasons your AC might be blowing hot air instead of cold. Typically, units over ten years old require replacement.

3 – The Temperature Varies In Different Parts Of Your Home

If you have an air-conditioning unit that functions properly, all the rooms in your house will have a proper regular temperature. Hence, if you see that you are feeling cold in the living room and warm in the bedroom. More so, you should know that the cooling system needs work. You might think re-arranging the furniture might help, but it is not a practical solution. Different temperatures in separate rooms of your house can come from damaged or clogged air ducts .

Another reason might be that the cooling unit is too small, which is why it is inadequate to deliver appropriately conditioned air to all the rooms. Therefore, to have a reliable supply of conditioned air in every room of the house, you must replace your aging cooling unit with a new, more efficient one.

Arranging Furniture

4 – There Is A Crisis Almost Everyday With Your Old Cooling System

The home cooling system does not usually break down now and then. Therefore, if you perform regular tune-ups and maintenance on your cooling system, it should run for years properly without requiring repair.

However, if your cooling system is malfunctioning regularly, requiring you to call a technician to fix it, it is a clear sign that you have to upgrade the unit. Replacing a faulty system that makes every day seem like a crisis will give you peace of mind. And doing so can save money on regular costly repairs and maintenance.

5 – The Expensive Cost Of Cooling Your House

In homes across the US, heating and cooling account for about 20% to 50% of the total consumed energy. But you will see your energy bills skyrocket without using any extra appliances if your cooling unit is not efficient. If you see this happening, you can tell there is a problem with the cooling system’s energy efficiency.

You can try to restore the effectiveness of your unit by changing the filters and cleaning the air ducts. However, the system might be faulty after attempts to rectify it. Therefore, you will need to replace the unit so you can save money on cooling going ahead.

6 – You Make A Lot Of Costly Repairs To Your Old Cooling System

You will have to spend a lot of money if you call AC repair technicians now and then. When you call technicians to repair the unit, it will cost you more money. It can cost you more to fix parts of the air conditioner, such as the motor, the coils, and the compressor than to buy a new one.

And, if you have to invest in multiple repairs, the cost can be worse than repairing an old unit. The best solution to save yourself from expensive and frequent maintenance is to get a new cooling system.

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7 – Broken Parts In Your Cooling System

It is not safe for you or your family to have broken parts in your cooling system. If you notice any defective parts and components or worn wires, you must get a new unit immediately to stay safe from accidents.

For example, if you see that your unit is shutting off frequently, its electrical components may have become faulty. These can result in electrical hazards in your home if you don’t take care of them promptly. So don’t risk your life and that of your family by putting off replacing a cooling unit that has broken parts.

8 – You Don’t Have A Smart System

Is your cooling system smart? Does the unit have advanced smart features such as a programmable thermostat, can it connect to a wifi network? If not, you should buy them, as they offer a wide range of features for your convenience. A smart cooling unit promotes features that make your experience more convenient and save you money in the long run.

You should replace your old-school cooling unit with a smart one. You may incur an initial installation cost, which might be high. But the money you save on energy and the overall convenience of operating the unit will be worth it. An example of this is that you can program your cooling unit to turn on or off depending on your convenience, even if you are not at home, and manage to save you money.

9 – The Quality Of Air In Your House Is Not So Good Anymore

With passing time, as a cooling unit ages, it starts to collect allergens, dust, and other particles that pollute the air. More so, this deteriorates the quality of the air in your house, causing allergies and various other respiratory conditions. For example, when the unit was new, the air quality in your home was excellent, but with time, the unit lost its ability to purify the air. And this resulted in worse quality air.

If air quality is not as good as it was, you need to check the cooling unit and replace the old filters with new HEPA filters. Even after applying this solution, if the air quality in your home does not improve, you need to buy a new air conditioning unit. Above all, this will enhance the air quality in your home and protect your loved ones from various respiratory diseases.

10 – You Want To Make Your Home a Better Place

Do you have any significant projects of home improvement lined up? If you do, you can trade in your old air conditioning unit for a new one right at this time. For example, you might plan to add new rooms to your house while remodeling your home, and these new rooms will require additional heating and cooling.

If you decide to upgrade your ceiling system during this time, you will be able to get a unit that will sufficiently be able to cool all the parts of the home, including new rooms. The interior design of your house can also benefit from an effective cooling system.

A properly functioning cooling system is a must to make you feel comfortable in your home and have fresh breathing air. So, of course, identifying the signs that you need to upgrade your home cooling system is a plus. And it allows you to take action before things get worse proactively. It also reduces extra energy costs. So as soon as you see any of these signs,have it checked and invest in a new air conditioning system for your home.

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When it comes to your home, you’ll want to ensure you know the latest HVAC technology available and how it’s beneficial. But unfortunately, around 20% of household HVAC systems in the U.S. run inefficiently. And because of this, they cost homeowners an extra $882 yearly.

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