Beautiful Interior Design Elements You Need To Discover

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Before you next remodel, or if your home needs new decor, know these beautiful interior design elements first for a failproof outcome. Nowadays, with all the decor changes, it’s a good idea to keep on top of exciting new decorating trends.

But as the twilight of one curricular decade fades, and a new, more stable era is on the horizon, you will likely desire a more settled and fashionable atmosphere. More so, this means discovering new beautiful interior design elements for your home or apartment. Once you know them, you can transform your space.

Interior Design Elements

Understanding Interior Design Elements Can Help You Transform Your Space

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If your space looks tired and drab, maybe it’s time to incorporate new interior design elements into your home. For example, if your bed frame from Craigslist seems outdated or your old furnishings are an eyesore, you can begin the process quickly.  

Moreover, understanding the seven interior design elements will give you a basic understanding of the process. And with them, you can begin to explore your interior design styling journey today! Therefore, it’s essential to understand the concepts of these elements to transform your space.

Seven Interior Design Elements

  1. Understanding your space
  2. Analyzing the lines of each room
  3. Knowing the balance of natural lighting
  4. Choosing textures and surfaces
  5. Deciding on patterns for decor consistency
  6. Choosing which geometric and natural forms of each room
  7. Working with color to pull it all together

Now that you have the basics, you can explore some ideas to begin the transformation. Below are some ideas to help you start your journey into exploring some beautiful interior design elements.

 Interior Design Elements

Choosing New Pieces Of Furniture For Your Home

So, you look around and decide it’s time for new furnishing for your home. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune redecorating. You have some viable options to choose from where you can do this on a budget. Maybe, it’s time to consider shopping at local flea markets and vintage stores. While you want pieces that look new and not used, you can find some great deals for just that.

Vintage decor reemerged this year with a robust social media presence. Trends are fun, but vintage will never go out of style. Even Vogue.com wrote an article about it late last year. And we agree, what’s old is new again. Vintage furniture is the hottest home decor trend, and you need to discover it for your home too.

Vintage and secondhand furniture saw a 60 percent increase in sales last year, and the trend continues to grow in popularity. But if you would rather own some newer furnishing, you can do it on a budget. For example, this trendy floor mirror received 5-star reviews, and shoppers love it. And you can hang it on your wall if you prefer it in a standing position.

Vintage Or Affordable Decor – Either One Works

Vintage and secondhand furniture saw a 60 percent increase in sales last year, and the trend continues to grow in popularity. But if you would rather own some newer furnishing, you can do it on a budget. Remember, you don’t need to step outside your budget when decorating your home.

For example, this trendy floor mirror (only $189.99) received 5-star reviews, and shoppers love it. And you can hang it on your wall if you prefer it in a standing position. Decorating with mirrors can also tackle a few of the elements of interior design as well. It will bring light, dimension, and shape into any room in your space. When it comes to interior design elements, decorating with mirrors is easy and affordable.

Decorating with mirrors instead of hanging artwork tends to draw you in and make every room look larger. Mainly, it accomplishes this because it enhances and expands space while reflecting light. A wall-mounted mirror can have the same functional effect as a window. When it comes to mirrors, larger pieces might work out better. However, the mirror’s width should never exceed the surface it hangs over.

NeuType Arched Full Length Mirror Standing Hanging or Leaning

Decorating With Area Rugs – Interior Design Elements The Pros Recommend

When shopping for area rugs, remember buying rugs that are too big rather than too small always works out for the better. It will seem inappropriate and out of place if it is too scant. On the other hand, a large rug can spill over into different spaces while maintaining its appropriateness. Of course, you can shorten the length of a large rug, but you cannot stretch a shorter carpet.

Another good rule to remember is always to have at least the front legs of all pieces sitting on it when choosing a rug for a seating area. Again, this is the minimum requirement. You’ll want to select the correct size area rug for the living room, as this area is essential to the overall look of your home.

More importantly, you don’t need to spend much money decorating with area rugs. For instance, shoppers all agree this Artistic Weavers Odelia Vintage Bohemian Area Rug is an affordable and beautiful option for any room. With over 19,000 5-star reviews and several colors to choose from at $173, it’s a win-win!

Artistic Weavers Odelia Vintage Bohemian Area Rug

And if you prefer a little pop of color, you can choose this stunning SAFAVIEH Madison Collection, which also comes in several colors. You can’t go wrong with over 24,000 5-star reviews and a price of $193. Adding interior design elements like these will perk up any room in your home affordably.

SAFAVIEH Madison Collection

The Latest Design Trend – Painting Your Walls With Chalk Paint

We all know the benefits of giving our homes a fresh coat of paint, and it’s something we can do ourselves. However, it’s a good idea to remember you have options when painting your home. And you don’t need to repeat the same past patterns. Before you begin painting, always invert the paint can and give it a good shake. It is the most common concept you would apply to all types of painting.

If the paint is too thick, you can thin it with a bit of water by stirring it in, but if it isn’t, give it a good stir and get to work! You can usually skip steps like sanding and priming when using chalk paint, which allows you to get right to the enjoyable part of the project. 

Chalk Paint has a coverage area of approximately 13 square meters per liter, roughly equivalent to a modest dresser’s size. Indoors and outdoors, the paint will adhere to virtually any surface, including but not limited to walls, floors, metal, kitchen cabinets, and furniture.

More so, there are only 35 official colors but thousands of different color combinations you can create. You can blend the colors and create your unique tones, just like a painter would. For example, you can try mixing in Old White or Pure to make a color appear lighter.

Both Old White and Pure are types of white, but Pure is a more neutral, clean white that will give the color a more contemporary appearance. When blending colors, begin with a small amount of your starting color and gradually add white paint while continuing to stir. The ratio of two parts white to one-part color is an excellent rule to follow.

The Process Of Selecting And Acquiring Art

You can purchase custom work created by your favorite artists by commissioning artwork or purchasing premade pieces. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to do this because they believe only the wealthy can afford it. While this is true in many cases, it’s not always so, depending on the artist.

On the other hand, many up-and-coming artists would love the opportunity to work one on one with a collector to create the perfect work. If you do not try to find out, you will never know if it is within your financial means.

The most helpful advice regarding interior decoration is to start assembling an art collection early. No matter where you live, you will always have walls that you can use as a blank canvas to display pieces that tell your story. Likewise, you can always find an empty wall in your house to decorate it with your art collection.

Also, contrary to popular belief, art does not need to be expensive. Investing in artwork and artists from community art fairs, ceramic studios, and screen printers in your area might be within your budget. When using these interior design elements in your home, hanging unique artwork is a great way to improve your home’s decor.

Furthermore, you can add commissioned artwork to your home affordably. For example, this commissioned house sketch comes from any photo you want of your home. The artist will create a beautiful replica of your abode for only $200. Think of how unique this would look on your living room wall? It would undoubtedly start a conversation and some envy from friends and family.  

Commissioned house sketch from photo

Putting It All Together

When you declutter your home, it makes you look more extensive and more serene. Likewise, space has an impression of airiness and lightness when you keep furnishings and decorations to a minimum. Always consider organizing and decluttering your space if you can’t afford to redecorate. You will see an immediate transformation; all it will cost you is time and effort.

The ability to learn how to balance the sizes of the furniture in a room, from choosing the right sofa size to determining the height of a cabinet or the size of a mirror, is an essential skill. Scale is everything. It is a great decorating trick to solve that to the eye by using paper layouts to judge the correct scale, how it helps balance in the room or on the wall, and how much space they take up.

Moreover, you can do this without making the mistake of buying something that is either too large or too small. Spatial planning is essential when thinking of interior design. And this refers to ensuring that all of the elements of a room. Of course, this includes the furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories, which are of the appropriate scale and leave enough room for you and your guests to move around freely.

Anyone can block out the pieces they want by using a tape measure, some painter’s tape, and, if necessary, some cardboard. It is a fantastic idea to carry a pocket tape measurer and a booklet with measurements if you like to collect pieces over time at antique stores or flea markets. Of course, this will make the hunt for the items much more manageable.

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