You Need To Visit The Most Beautiful Countries For Nature Lovers

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If you love to travel and consider yourself among the group of nature lovers willing to step up their travel game, this is for you. But, of course, reconnecting with nature has more benefits than you realize. Nature lovers know the inner peace and joy they experience when connecting with the beauty and elegance of our natural world.

Nature Lovers

Why Traveling The World Is Essential For Nature Lovers

Nature lovers know the benefits of traveling the globe and take any opportunity to travel. If you have a case of wanderlust, it’s time to fulfill your dreams and visit the places nature lovers appreciate the most. More so, you can add these destinations to your bucket list and have something to look forward to for next year.

Furthermore, with worries over the environment and global warming, you might want to check them off your list more so than later. Fortunately, we still have countries that seem immure to any climate damage. If you love nature and wildlife, these destinations will pull at your heartstrings and make you want to move there.

Nature Lovers

1 – The Northern Lights Or Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights, also known by their scientific name, Aurora Borealis, are a sight to behold. They are a natural phenomenon that results from the interaction of electrically charged particles with the atmosphere of the Earth. Solar flares and other increased solar activity frequently trigger particle showers.

According to scientists, they usually occur between 60 and 75 degrees of latitude And cover northern parts of Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Alaska, Russia, and all of Iceland. Spring and autumn typically offer more stable weather conditions to see them. And with milder temperatures, more visible. These lights are a nature lovers must visit hot spot.

When the particles enter the atmosphere, they come into contact with oxygen and nitrogen gas molecules, which causes colorful curtains to dance across the night sky. As a result, the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, can appear in various colors in Ontario, including green, blue, and even red. They determine the shades of color by the substances with which the solar particles interact.

Are you curious as to whether or not these lights are only available to the northern region only? They are not, however, the Southern Lights or the Aurora Australis, which are also a phenomenon that can you need to experience. On the other hand, you can less likely see these lights in the southern hemisphere. Primarily, this is due to the sparse population density of the landmass.

2 – Tromso, Norway

You’ll want to visit Tromso, Norway, if you love the Northern Lights. More so, many consider it among the best places to view them. In addition, Tromso is a well-liked vacation spot year after year because it is simple to reach from the United Kingdom; a nonstop flight from London to Tromso takes only three and a half hours.

Furthermore, the city also provides spectacular views of the aurora borealis from September through April. In addition, the city is lively and boasts a higher concentration of pubs and bars per person than any other location in Norway. As a result, nature lovers travel far and wide to visit Tromso, Norway, and often return.

3 – Swedish Lapland – Nature Lovers Secret Location

Kiruna offers a good aurora show even though they don’t have too many tourists visiting there. More so, this makes arriving here at the pinnacle of the Swedish wilderness a richly rewarding experience. Because only 18,000 people live in the Arctic, venturing there is similar to venturing into uncharted territory.

Furthermore, you can also choose to stay at the ICEHOTEL, which sits in Jukkasjarvi, a town with fewer than 600 residents. October and March is the best time to view the Northern Lights from this location. However, it is not uncommon for a display to occur a little earlier or later than during periods of extended clear weather.

4 – Manitoulin Island

Travelers and nature lovers overlook the Manitoulin Island as a tourist destination in the province of Ontario. Manitoulin Island is the largest island in a lake that contains fresh water. But those who haven’t been there don’t know much about it. And this can be because of those who want to keep it a secret for themselves.

Manitoulin Island crawls with hikers, cottagers, and anglers during summer. It seems all looking to experience some of the best trails Ontario offers. However, from the fall season, the island appears deserted save for a select few residents who enjoy the island’s tranquility and peace. Nature lovers can fall for Manitoulin Island and add it to their favorite travel destinations.

The island of Manitoulin, located on the northern shores of Lake Huron, is a mystical place that is teeming with the culture of Indigenous people. People who love the short lives of the major cities may find the leisurely pace of life here almost incomprehensible. Yet, at times, the skies over Manitoulin Island can also appear the darkest in all of Ontario.

5 – Lake Superior Provincial Park

The scenery along the Lake Superior coast in Ontario is some of the province’s most breathtaking. And this dreamy location ranks among the best places to see the northern lights in Ontario. In addition, Lake Superior Provincial Park is a prime example. And anyone who enjoys taking pictures of the northern lights knows this.

There, you can discover an epic foreground that is a significant part of what makes taking photos of the night sky so exciting. In addition, Lake Superior Provincial Park is a designated dark sky preserve located in Northwestern Ontario and famous for its breathtaking skies.

Because of these factors, this location in Ontario is one of the most spectacular places to view the northern lights. Visit Old Woman Bay, located in the Canadian Arctic, to find some of the most breathtaking foregrounds for photographing the northern lights. These cliffs rise a thousand meters above the murky waters of Lake Superior.

Nature Lovers

6 – Cree Village Eco Lodge

It should not surprise you that chances of seeing the aurora borealis in Ontario increase proportionately with your distance from the province’s center. In addition, the shores of Hudson Bay are the northernmost point you can reach in Ontario. Therefore, this ranks as one of the best places to see the northern lights in Ontario.

You can find The Cree Village Ecolodge located in Moose Factory, close to James Bay, on the banks of the Moose River. Trains and airplanes are the only ways to get to this breathtaking northern lights destination in Ontario. During your time here, you’ll have the opportunity to go on an excursion to Moose Factory Island. And this is where the headquarters once stood of the Hudson’s Bay Company. This location is the oldest continuously operating business in the world.

The Cree Village Ecolodge allows guests to combine a once-in-a-lifetime Indigenous cultural excursion with the breathtaking natural scenery and abundant wildlife you can only find in Hudson’s Bay. Moreover, you can do this while luxuriating in the understated elegance of the spectacular property, dining on Cree-fusion cuisine in the stunning dining room, or charring bannock and berries over an open fire in the garden.

7 – Reykjavik, Iceland – Nature Lovers Adore This Place

Many travelers and nature lovers still find that spending time in Iceland’s capital is worth the trip. However, geothermal hot springs, tours of active volcanoes, and fascinating cultural attractions might make you forget about the Northern Lights. According to Tromso, the best time to view the Northern Lights is between September and April.

Above all, visit Hofdabrekka, located close to Vik in the southern region of Iceland, to watch the show in hypnotizing seclusion for an uninterrupted viewing experience. Because it’s easy to get around on foot and affordable direct flights to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway.

So, nature lovers, now you have a bucket list for your upcoming travel adventures! We know you’ll love discovering these unique places where nature lovers can find retreat and fulfillment.

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