Buying A Home Naples Florida? Consider These 5 Beautiful Areas

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As one of the most enticing and exclusive parts of the United States, Naples, Florida, has always attracted new faces from all walks of life. But whether you’re a young couple looking to settle down and start a family, a retired person ready to reap the rewards of a lot of hard work, or you’re just looking to change your life. And there’s a community right for you in Naples, Florida.

Naples Florida

It’s Time To Discover Naples, Florida

For the past two years, folks moving to the state of Florida have continued to grow. And Florida’s population increased by more than 14 percent in the last ten years. As a result, this state now joins Texas and Arizona as the top states to relocate to, and we can see why.

Of course, the climate doesn’t deter anyone from buying a home either. For example, the median sale price to buy a home in Naples, Florida, continues to rise to $385,000. The housing market in Florida this year has increased year over year and is now at 31.4%.

But which area is best and why? How will you choose where to buy a home and what is suitable for you and your specific needs? If you’re ready to buy your own home in Naples, FL, but don’t know which area suits you best, this article can help you decide.

Naples Florida

1 – The Village Of Port Royal

Port Royal encapsulates what waterfront life is all about and the benefits of its rich history. Living there, you can experience luxurious and exclusive living with the benefits of a close-knit community. This southern part of Naples is more expensive than many of its counterparts and has become known locally for its purpose-built homes.

While it isn’t a gated community, there’s a calm and safe feel to this extravagant part of Naples, Florida, offering excellent access to beaches, pools, and tennis courts. Of course, you’ll find idyllic homes and beaches and some of the best restaurants in Florida. Additionally, they boast unique local shops and other exciting amenities.

2 – Pelican Bay – All The Benefits Of An Ocean Community

Golf courses, gyms, and incredible feats of nature are just a few of the benefits you’ll find when you live in this tranquil ocean community. Pelican Bay in Naples, Florida, feels like a dream holiday destination, and for a good reason. Moreover, with the added convenience of everyday living amenities, nature trips, and classy restaurants. Pelican Bay is where wildlife, forests, and family-fun meet in the north of Naples.

3 – Moorings – Naples, Florida

The shimmering waters of Moorings Bay in Naples, Florida, calls out for a day of much excitement. For example, you can enjoy boating, paddle boarding, or simply taking a little dip to cool off after a day in the sun. And if you enjoy playing golf, the vast 18-hole golf course has an excellent reputation.

However, while the water may be an enticing part of this stunning oceanfront neighborhood, all other sports will keep you busy. Remaining within walking distance of some of Florida’s most well-known galleries, eateries, and retail outlets, Moorings is never short of things to do, places to see, and people to meet.

4 – Indigo Lakes

Naples may be a relatively affluent part of Florida and once you visit there, you can see why. Still, there are communities where single-family people can come to enjoy this great area for a price that’s a little more cost-effective. For example, the gated neighborhood of the Indigo Lakes provides residents with a friendly and welcoming environment with access to pools, gyms, social spots, and tennis courts.

Unlike many areas of Naples, Indigo Lakes doesn’t sit near the ocean. But you’ll be able to reach the ocean with just a short drive, offering the ultimate combination of exclusivity and cost-friendly living situations.

5 – Coquina Sands

In the northern parts of Naples rests Coquina Sands. As one of the more expensive places in the city, it offers local wildlife, fine dining, white sandy beaches, and meticulously clean streets. In addition, the lovely area offers single-family homes on beautiful tree-lined streets and elegant condominium buildings along Gulf Shore Blvd.

Additionally, there’s the Naples Preserve, with trails and stunning sights along the way for nature lovers. While its affluence may put some people off, the friendly community spirit of Naples remains strong in this neighborhood.

Naples Florida

So, consider these five areas when it’s time for you to decide where to move to Naples, Florida. Of course, it’s always a good idea to travel to them before you move.

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