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5 Burglar-Proof Measures for Home Garage Security

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You shouldn’t have to worry about your home garage security. And if you follow a few good tips, you don’t have to. You should always take the security of your home seriously

Home Garage Security

Your Garage Is Highly Vulnerable

Garages are one of the most overlooked getaways for burglars. A common and small mistake like forgetting to close a garage door can immediately raise a potential security risk. However, many homeowners tend to undermine their security.

Thinking like a burglar is one of the first steps for garage security. This year, we installed a series of home security camera in and outside our home. We installed one inside our garage too. Now, we can see and hear everything that takes place there. 

Swann Home Security System

Below, you’ll find some key pointers to ensure home garage security.

What you need to do:

  • Walk around your place, look for vulnerable areas, and check out how will crooks intrude your space.
  • Check the windows in your garage and make sure they are secure.
  • Don’t leave the garage door remote in your vehicle – ever!
  • If you need to store the remote in your car, place it in a locked glove box.
  • Secure the garage door emergency release.
  • Always keep the door to your garage locked. Install a deadbolt if you don’t already have one.
  • Install an anti-kick device on your garage door.
  • Don’t ever leave your garage door open. Far too many folks do!
  • If you have a keyless remote installed take the batteries. Especially if you are on vacation or out for long hours. 

There are so many things you can do for home garage security but those are some key tips. Apart from these essential tips, here is a list of other measures you can do to have a burglar-proof garage.

 Home Garage Security

Turn the Lights On

More often than not, ensuring your garage and all entry points are well-lit deters burglars from targeting your place. A dimly lit house with poor exterior lighting will attract burglars. 

While a home with bright light will make them anxious and indecisive to target your home.  There’s a good possibility that they will go elsewhere.

Smart motion-activated exterior lights are a great choice and widely used for home security. Don’t underestimate the power of lighting your home well. 

Using these lights are cost-effective and energy-efficient ways of securing your place. Always make sure you strategically install the lights in various spots where crooks cannot deactivate them.

Ideally, place them 10-12 feet above ground around your garage. Include a yearly annual lighting inspection in your to-do checklist. Also, include monthly hedges and bushes maintenance.

Leaving overgrown and thick foliage around your home perimeter would only help burglars to break in your house successfully.

You can also install a Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam. They also have features like two-way talk system and a siren alarm

Home Garage Security

Cover Up Windows

As we all know, windows are a dangerous access point for intruders. They do serve as a source of natural light but at what cost?

However, break-ins are easier to happen if intruders can have a peek inside through garage windows. You can cover up the windows with decorative blackout curtains or blinds. Installing blackout shades is another great way to prevent crooks from peering in. 

There is a way to keep light coming into the garage and at the same time keep your valuables out of sight.  You can paint the windows with frosted sprays or install stick adhesive films. Both are excellent options!

Both ways are inexpensive and easy to do. Using these tips won’t stop sneaky burglars determined to break in. But doing this will increase your privacy. This will act as a deterrent for their peering eyes. 

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

Zip-Tie Emergency Release Latch

Regardless of how expensive your garage door is, you shouldn’t take for granted the safety and security of it. 

Crooks can easily break-in in a few seconds by using a coat hanger for fishing the emergency release handle. 

But worry less. You can prevent this from happening by simply using a zip tie or cable tie

Thread a sturdy zip tie through both holes of the emergency release latch and fasten it tight. To test it, shake the release latch with the use of a coat hanger.

If it does not open, then you successfully secured it. Otherwise, it will open if you either did not thread the zip tie on a loop into the emergency latch or did not fasten it tightly enough.

You can also purchase an inexpensive garage protect system proven to be effective in preventing home invasions and block garage break-ins.

Always Check Door Vulnerability

Run-down garage doors can easily have openings and gaps making everything easy for burglars to break-in. 

Therefore, we always must make sure to keep all doors at home in good condition. 

Set this rule for all doors, including, front, back, and garage service doors. All the doors in your home need solid cores with secure deadbolts. 

With improvements in deadbolt technology, you can purchase deadbolts with built-in alarms now too! 

Further, the US Department of Justice reported that 28% of break-ins occur when homeowners are at home, so keep the doors locked.

Home invasions are probably the scariest to consider so make sure all the doors in your home are kick-proof too. 

Home Garage Security

Install a Monitored Security System

Setting up a garage door system together with monitored security is one of the best measures you can do to secure your garage. 

This is the option we went with. We had our home garage security installed during the building process. And we also added various levels of home security during the past few years. 

I’m sure you know that visible security systems are a great deterrent for intruders.  Many studies validate those findings. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a home garage security system monitored by professionals 24/7.

Having this system makes you feel safe and secure knowing someone is keeping an eye for your home’s safety. Whether you are busy at work or on vacation, you know you’ll have immediate response and backup. 

There are various security companies offer 24-hour professional monitoring system like Protect America Security System. Check out other features of protect America reviewed by Security Baron.

If you already installed a security system in your garage, make sure that your company provides choices that will keep tabs of people who come and go in your garage.


It’s also a great idea to keep an out for your neighbor’s homes too. That’s why neighborhood watches are so prevalent across the country as well. 

Tyler Pack contributed to the content in this article. He is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.

Securing your home is essential and you and your family will feel safer for doing it. 

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