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Shopping For Shoes Online – 6 Things You Need To Know First!

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When shopping for shoes online, most of us become skeptical and prefer buying them in department stores. In this article, we discuss six important things about shopping for shoes online. Additionally, we have the best tips on how you can save lots of money and time doing so.

shopping for shoes online

6 Exciting Tips for Shopping For Shoes Online

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With a little know-how and some courage, you too can take advantage of all the amazing deals and styles you’ll find online. But, unfortunately, when it comes to shopping for the top shoes online, most of us become skeptical and prefer buying them in department stores.

Make sure you read all these helpful tips carefully. And shopping for shoes online is a great way to save you time and money. And, you can take advantage of coupons, free shipping, and the wide array of brands and styles too!

shopping for shoes online

1 – Shopping For Shoes Online Can Save You Lots Of Money!

Speaking as a woman, I think it’s safe to say we tend to be extra careful when shopping for shoes online. But, of course, I’m benchmarking my experience against my husband’s online shoe shopping patterns. Obviously, everyone’s experiences are unique and different.

In the past two years, I took a leap of faith, and now I regularly shop for shoes online! Honestly, it was the best decision ever! Not only am I saving valuable time, but I’m also taking advantage of the great deals online too!

In addition, you can take advantage of coupons, free shipping, and a wide array of brands and styles too! Keep an eye out in stores like Lucky Feet Shoes as they offer high-quality selections! When I had my bunion surgery, these types of shoes saved my feet from additional discomfort too.

More so, I found the most comfortable pair of sneakers I ever owned online! Plus, I knew I could easily return them if they didn’t work out. When you shop online, you not only enjoy a plethora of advantages like convenience, discounts, and so many styles to choose from as well!

For one, when shopping for shoes online, you can enjoy money-saving coupons, free shipping, and a wide window for returns too. If you haven’t experienced shopping for women’s shoes online yet, these tips will surely get you excited about taking advantage of the benefits!

shopping for shoes online

2 – First, Be Sure You Know Your Feet

Obviously, no one knows their feet better than you do. So before you start shopping online, it’s a good idea to make a list. After all your years of purchasing shoes, you know what hurts your tootsies and what doesn’t.

First, think about the types of shoes you already own and if you ever have any problem with your previous pairs. Remember, just because your eyes love a pair of shoes doesn’t mean your feet will too!

You can refer to your current shoes for the size, but it’s far better to measure them properly to ensure proper fitting. Refer to this online guide for measuring your feet first! You can also use a tape measure to check your foot size, but it’s far more accurate when measured properly.

Also, remember, it’s common to have one foot slightly longer than the other, so don’t freak out. Additionally, it’s a good rule of thumb to buy the size of your longest foot. If you are shopping for shoes online from abroad, you should know different countries use different measurement standards. Use the online tools of the website you are purchasing from and convert the size to your country’s rules.

3 – Know Which Pair Of Shoes You Want And Why

Ideally, each pair of shoes we buy is for a specific purpose. For example, we all love our favorite pair of black pumps and know we can rely on the style and manufacture for future repurchases.

It’s always a good idea before shopping for shoes online to know your mission before you head over to shop. More so, we always end up spending far more money than we budgeted for when we don’t have a list and a mission!

When buying shoes online, it’s essential to keep the purpose in mind.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I shoe shopping?
  • What pair do I really need?  
  • Is it a multi-purpose shoe or for a specific occasion?
  • What’s my budget?
  • What style am I looking for? 

Once you know the purpose, you can rest assured you will stick to your budget and find the shoes you love!

shopping for shoes online

4 – Shopping For Women’s Dress Shoes

We all know how difficult it is shopping for dress shoes for us women! Even when we try them on and test drive them in the store, we often return them because they hurt!

As a result, this is the number one reason most of us ladies don’t shop online for shoes in the first place. But, yes, you can even purchase your favorite and dreamy pair of Christian Louboutin Alminette Red Sole Pumps too!

More so, don’t let that stop you! You can find comfortable and stylish dress shoes online as well. Below, you’ll find some awesome tips to consider first.

Follow These Guidelines:

  1. Stick with brands you know and trust. Most of the time, you find the fit and comfort level to be the same. And, remember rule #1 – you can always easily return them!
  2. Make sure the toe area has enough room and won’t squeeze your cute little toes. Stay clear of very narrow toe areas if possible. Preferably, try an open-toe shoe or in the winter months, go with a square-toed shoe instead.
  3. Remember, a good pair of dress shoes should feel supportive and doesn’t pinch or push your toes together.
  4. Always look for quality craftsmanship and materials. If this means paying a little extra, then go for it! There’s a high cost of buying cheap shoes.
  5.  Next, always walk around at home in your dress heels for at least 2-3 hours. If pain creeps in, return them.
  6. When you ask any podiatrist, they don’t recommend going beyond a 2-3” heel. If you want to avoid a lifetime of foot problems, you’ll heed this advice!
  7. Try considering a Stylish Designer Wedges instead of spiked heels. Or, you can find a sassy pair of spool heels too. Chic Designer Chunky Heels or stacked heels are another great option and much more comfortable.
shopping for shoes online

5 – Buying Gym Or Sports Shoes

So, now it’s time to shop for our favorite gym or sportswear sneakers and feel confident about shopping for them online. But don’t let that fool you. You still need to follow the same criteria as you would for any other style of shoe.

Similarly, be sure to follow these guidelines when shopping for your favorite pair of gym or sportswear shoes online as well.

Follow These Guidelines:

  1. Always make sure the upper part of the shoe mirrors the shape of your foot and smooth where it appears to touch your foot. This will help to prevent chafing, binding, or pinching.
  2. Pay attention to where your heel slips into the shoe. Look at how the padding interacts with the bony side of your ankle.
  3. Look at the curve on the back of the shoe and make sure it will not irritate your Achilles tendon. The more rounded the curve, the less irritation.
  4. Choose a low heel counter and stay away from sneakers or gym shoes with a high incline.
  5. More importantly, pay attention to the saddle and how it holds your foot. You should look for a natural doming of the arch while you walk in them.
  6. The Toebox – you want your foot to spread out naturally for both the length and width of the shoes. This will prevent binding or rubbing your toes and ensure a perfect fit.
  7. The Outsole – make sure you look for good materials to provide traction and durability too. You don’t want sneakers with excess weight or stiffness. Also, look for a footprint shape that matches closely to yours.
  8. Flexible Material – ideally, you want a shoe with good flex and rolls with your foot naturally. When testing them at home, make sure they feel natural and don’t force your feet against your natural stride.
  9. The Goldilocks Of Midsoles – Look for a thickness that feels just right! Not too hard or not too soft. You want firmness while avoiding excess weight.
  10. Touchdown! Make sure there’s a nice balance between cushioning as your feet touch the ground. You want stability and balance with the perfect amount of cushion!
  11. The Push-Off Platform – Check how the shoe responds when you push off the ground. Does it have the right amount of push and stride?
  12. Go for a brisk walk or run – Test drive those stylish favorite comfortable sneakers and pay attention to how your feet feel especially the support and cushioning. If they don’t feel like magic on your feet – return them!

6 – Always Check The Customer Reviews & Return Policy When Shopping For Shoes Online

Yes, reading customer reviews is extremely important, especially when shopping for shoes online. But, you won’t get that type of feedback and level of honesty when shopping at your favorite department store, that’s for sure!

Whether you are buying a pair of formal shoes or a designer one, make sure you read through all the reviews and find out if they have faced any challenges with the option you are planning to buy.

Additionally, check the return policy when you are shopping for shoes online. While most online retailers have a return policy, reconfirm if it applies to the shoes you plan to purchase.

Also, check the return window – while some accept returns for up to a month, others have formidable return windows. If they don’t mention the return policy clearly on their website, call their helpline phone number before spending any money.

Now, you are ready to take the leap into shoe heaven! For the most part, all my shoe purchases come online now, and I’m super happy with the tips and tricks and use them all the time!

We all love shopping online for our favorite products. But, we can get the best deals with a little know-how.

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