Finding The Perfect Window Designs To Complement Townhouse Living

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Finding The Perfect Window Designs To Complement Townhouse Living

Living in a townhouse has been an exciting experience! Making sure I chose the perfect window designs was a key element in my decor. I always how designing your windows with shutters really transforms your living space. You can get the maximum amount of light you need and not sacrifice style or design elements. 

The key qualities that make townhouse living such an attractive option need to be complemented by décor that makes a statement, and such a statement includes the perfect window design. Owning a townhouse is a statement of intent: it says that you own this patch of the city and you intend putting your own stamp on it. 

Window Designs

What are some of those key qualities of townhouse living? The multi-level layout offers the type of space that you do not get in a condominium, for instance, and with that space comes so many opportunities for decorating in the style you want. Private entry and the opportunity to own a yard and perhaps even cultivate your own garden are other qualities that those drawn to townhouse living find difficult to pass up.

There is also a greater sense of privacy, despite shared walls with other properties. The presence of a homeowner’s association provides townhouse owners with a similar level of protection and convenience that other urban dwellers enjoy.  

Window Designs

A townhouse will typically have a number of different window types and you might want to complement the various types of window frames differently. One option is to choose curtains or drapes. You might prefer to install blinds instead. Another option and one that has a number of different benefits are to install shutters. For one thing, shutters are adjustable, allowing the homeowner to better control the light and heat levels inside their home depending on the weather conditions.

During the winter, shutters are great for keeping cooler air from entering the home, owing to the properties of wood used in their manufacture. In that respect, shutters provide an extra layer of protection that curtains and blinds do not necessarily offer. During the summer, keeping the sun and heat from getting into your rooms becomes the priority and you can close shutters to keep both out.

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The sun and light are positives also, of course, so you can easily open the shutters – fully or partly, depending on the design – to allow the summer to enter into your home. The slats or louvres on shutters allow you to adjust the levels of light coming into the room. The sense of privacy afforded by shutters is another huge benefit and you can close or partly close them for that purpose.

For homeowners, security can be a big concern and by closing shutters, you can stop intruders from seeing in through your windows. As shutters are made from wood, you can choose different colors to match the décor of the room in which you install them. If you decide to redecorate the room at some point in the future, simply repaint the shutters to match the new scheme. 

The type of window shutters that would complement a townhouse varies, and choosing your type depends on what you are hoping to achieve by installing the shutters. Some of the more popular shutter styles include:

  • Full height shutters: Covering an entire window frame and opening up as a single unit, full height shutters have the type of clean and simple look to complement an interior decorated in a classic style.  
  • Café style shutters: These shutters offer a great sense of flexibility because you can choose to cover the lower half of a window for light and privacy purposes while allowing the outside elements to flow into your home from the top half of the window. Café style shutters complement a kitchen layout perfectly but you can install them in any room. 
  • Tier-on-tier shutters: Another versatile style of a shutter, tier-on-tier, cover the entire window frame but the top and bottom parts can be opened separately. If you have a room overlooking a road or a common area, a tier-on-tier style allows you to maintain your privacy yet retain a sense of light in the room at the same time. A tier-on-tier design is ideal, therefore, for a bedroom. 
  • Solid shutters: A solid shutter has a traditional look about it, making it ideal for a room decorated in a classic or even rustic style. Solid shutters offer complete privacy and protection from light and heat but can be opened up at any time. 

Window Designs

Unlike other forms of urban living, such as condominiums, a townhouse offers opportunities to decorate in your own style, so you can choose a window design – including shutters – that says something unique about you.

Installing shutters on your window frames offers an enhanced sense of privacy when you want it, yet at the same time gives you the option of opening your home to the outside world and the element of light, in particular.  Finding the perfect set of window coverings is so important and can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. 

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