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6 Exciting New Products I Immediately Fell In Love With

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Every month, I love sharing exciting new products with you. This month, I’m so excited because they are some of my personal favorites! Above all, I know you will love them too! I always appreciate learning about exciting new products from online reviews.

It’s the best way to discover new products and read detailed reviews about them.

Exciting New Products

Exciting New Products OMG!

Today, I’ll share products with a wide arrange of features and categories. So, let’s make a start of it!

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So, let the fun begin!

 Exciting New Products

1 – Reina Eau De Parfum

I literally don’t go a day without wearing perfume. Even when I am home in sweats and sneakers, I always douse myself in the scent of the day.

Discovering new and exciting products is so much fun, especially new fragrances! This month, I discovered Reina Eau De Parfum. I bumped my other perfumes to the back of my rotation schedule for this one!

It’s almost impossible describing a scent in words, but I’m not letting that stop me from trying! You almost feel like royalty with this uniquely distinctive scent by Chiquis Rivera.

Reina captures a regal essence with energizing and intimate hints of jasmine, saffron, amberwood, ambergris, and vanilla.

Light enough for everyday wear yet distinguished enough to become the best part of a night out and bring out your inner queen.

Moreover, I love the personalized message on the inside of the box too. Reina Eau De Parfum makes the perfect gift too for any occasion. I hope you get to experience this perfume too!

 Exciting New Products

2 – Wink – Brow Perfecting Quad

Of course, making sure my eyebrows look and feel perfect is essential even on light makeup days.

Discovering exciting new products always includes makeup! This month, I started wearing the Wink Brow Perfecting Quad and my brows never looked better!

Wink’s new Brow Quad is a multitasking compact developed for touch-ups on the go. The formulas, including smudge-proof filler powder, highlighter and grooming pomade for light, flexible hold, allow you to maintain the look of tidy, beautifully defined brows between studio visits.

Also included, a dual-sided brush angled on one end to deposit and blend pigment with ease and soft-bristled on the other to tame and shape for precise detailing.

I love the brush and thrilled they included it in the kit! It makes applying the product flawless!

Ideally, it’s also perfect for touch-ups on the go and it’s long-wearing and smudge-proof, too!

Each quad consists of two colors of Vitamin-E rich brow powder, 1 soft, satiny and long-wearing highlighter and 1 nourishing brow pomade.

And, it includes a dual-sided brush – Angle + soft spoolie. It’s available in 3 shades: Dark, Brunette, and Light.

You can purchase Wink Brow Perfecting Quad on Amazon or over on the Wink website here.

3 – LunchSkins – Plastic Free Lunch Bags!

To begin with, if you have kids in school that need to tow their lunch, you will especially like this!

Lunchskins bags are a patented, stylish, durable, affordable, and award-winning alternative to single-use plastics bags.

Founder, Kirsten Quigley knows life can be a balancing act between making a difference and getting out the door on time.

Of course, we are all concerned about our environment and these bags do it all!

LunchSkins bags save money and the planet. Sustainable living made easy!

For over a decade, Lunchskins mission to help the world eliminate single-use plastic pollution has empowered people everywhere to make a difference every day with easy-to-use, affordable alternatives to plastic.

More importantly, promoting global health and the welfare of all living things, Lunchskins continues to drive innovation and challenge industry standards in the food storage market.

You can purchase LunchSkins on Amazon or over at their website.

4 – Orbit – The Smart Ring Cleaner

As you might know, keeping your rings clean is always a challenge and a huge pain too! Therefore, when I discovered the Orbit Smart Ring Cleaner, I nearly jumped for joy!

In fact, the ring cleaning system is easy to use and brilliant in design. Let me tell you and show you a little about how it works.

All you do is open up Orbit, add water and a few drops of detergent, twist for one minute, and rinse!

Exciting New Products

Straightaway, ORBIT’s patented 360-degree “twist-brush” technology works by gently reaching under and all around the stones.

And, with just a spin of your wrist, you’ll restore your ring’s sparkle and shine by removing harmful: DIRT OILS LOTIONS SOAP MAKE-UP FOOD Perfect for cleaning diamonds, gemstones, gold & platinum.

The Orbit Ring Cleaner is truly genius!

Below, you can see an image of my dirty wedding rings. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned it!

Exciting New Products

Now, you can see how brilliant and clean my rings are and in just one minute!

Exciting New Products

You can purchase the Orbit – The Smart Ring Cleaner over at Amazon for $19.99. It’s worth it to have beautiful sparkling rings in a flash and with no harsh chemicals!

5 – Cinderite Premium All-Natural Volcanic Soil

Above all, my garden means a lot to me and not just in the summer months but in the wintertime as well.

When it comes to exciting new products, this is one I couldn’t wait to try.

Let me tell you why Cinderite Natural Soil Conditioner will make your garden look better and healthier too!

Largely, Cinderite’s soil conditioner boosts the plant’s natural growing process without the use of any artificial additives.

This 100% chemical free-soil amendment intensifies plant vitality and optimizes the immune system the way nature intended.

Exciting New Products

Moreso, my garden never looked better! And it’s so easy to use too. You can see some of my plants below and just how stunning they are this year.

More importantly, Cinderite’s soil conditioner boosts the plant’s natural growing process without the use of any artificial additives.

This 100% chemical free-soil amendment intensifies plant vitality and optimizes the immune system the way nature intended.

Cinderite’s natural soil amendment is “perfectly” balanced. Cinderite contains “vital” minerals and balances the Ph levels within the soil. Ideal for growing all types of plants and produce.

Exciting New Products

You can use it in potting soils, germination media, bed preparation, farms, gardens, and landscapes.

It’s “High Paramagnetic Levels” enable better growth through “Physics”, not Chemistry.

This garden soil additive increases water retention and stimulates soil micro-organism activity.

The angular porous pieces of lava hold and exchange nutrients efficiently and attract and redistribute energy in the soil. “Grow It Right With Cinderite!”

And, the good news – You can purchase Cinderite Natural Soil Conditioner on their website.

Exciting New Products

6 – Think Coffee

Oh, how I love coffee! Don’t we all? When I first saw Think Coffee, I knew right away it would be on the list of exciting new products.

In short, since their founding in 2006, Think Coffee worked hard to make a difference in the world around them.

Because of Think Coffee’s responsible coffee sourcing practices, they not only create the most perfect coffee but also to reduce the environmental impact of their cafes as well.

Exciting New Products

And, if you live in NYC take note! They are proud to be the first coffee company in NYC to launch the HuskeeSwap Program!


Hence, the coffee industry has an enormous problem: every year as many as 600 billion coffee cups end up in landfills because the vast majority of hot cups are not recyclable or compostable. 

Exciting New Products

Compostable Cups

They started using only compostable cups 7 years ago, and many coffee companies (including theirs) offer a travel mug discount. 

Ideally, we all know these efforts are not enough and starting a movement is the only way to make real changes!

You can check out their delicious coffee too! I tried the Devoe Blend and it’s super yummy!

Presently, they roast it by hand in Brooklyn to a medium-dark. It is delicious, with notes of berry, chocolate, and toasted almond.

Exciting New Products

And that’s a wrap, folks for our exciting new products! I hope you get to try them too. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

Exciting New Products I Immediately Fell In Love With - Sassy Townhouse Living

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