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The Art Of Decorating With Artificial Plants – Easy Carefree Decor Ideas

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People underestimate the beauty of decorating with artificial plants, which can easily brighten your home. Strategically placing your artificial plants can be key in simulating the real thing. If you are a plant lover and have never thought about decorating with artificial plants, I think we will be changing your mind!

Decorating With Artificial Plants

The Art Of Decorating With Artificial Plants

I became a huge fan of artificial plants years ago and have decorated my home with them ever since. Decorating with artificial plants is really an art—it’s all about remembering several key tricks, which we will go over today.

Regarding what type of artificial plant you should buy, I would like to go with silk plants. They look the most authentic, are easy to clean, and are easily pliable, which means they are flexible and easily bent. Plastic artificial plants are tough to bend and tend to look artificial. 

The great thing about artificial plants is that you can bend and shape the branches and leaves to point toward the sun like real greenery does. I always make sure to reposition them from time to time as well, which refreshes the area and keeps the plants in great shape. 

It’s always so exciting discovering new ways to decorate your home and find affordable ways to do it too! The color transitions in this Dieffenbachia silk plant are stunning and so lifelike. 

Decorating With Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Placement 

  • Always place your artificial plants in a place where a real plant would grow and flourish. 
  • Use natural light settings and try to place in semi-direct sunlight. 
  • Cover your unsightly electrical sockets, wires, and cables with them.

Decorating with artificial plants is simple and easy, with a few placement tips in mind. You want to give the illusion that your artificial plant is real and place it where you would normally place a real plant.

As you can see below, I recently got this stunning Dieffenbachia Silk Plant and had the perfect place for it in my home. This empty area in my living room was begging for a silk plant. 

 Decorating With Artificial Plants

Baskets and Moss

I could keep it in direct sunlight while filling a desperately needed area with something beautiful—a win-win!

I love the basket and moss – if this silk plant doesn’t look real, nothing does! Always look for decorative baskets when you purchase your silk plants – they can and do make a huge difference when decorating. 

 Decorating With Artificial Plants

Mix Your Artificial Plants With Live Greenery

You can always add some gorgeous silk plants with your live greenery. That’s the perfect way to trick the eye of the end users. Remember, always try to purchase silk plants as they tend to look like the real thing. Below, I placed my beautiful silk plant next to the real greenery. What a stunning impact, and you simply can’t tell them apart. 

 Decorating With Artificial Plants

Covering Unsightly Cords, Sockets, or Cables

Another perfect way to perk up your home decor by decorating with artificial plants is to use them to cover the unsightly mess of electronics like cords, plugs, and cables.

Carefully placed artificial plants will force the eye to see the beautifully decorated area with its lush greenery, not those messy cords and plugs. You would never know the silk plant below is hiding two wall sockets. 

I also love using artificial plants to fill the tops of my larger pieces of furniture. This way, I don’t have to worry about climbing up to take care of a real plant. I get so many compliments on the two artificial plants I placed on the top of my armoire and China Cabinet. They fill the empty space above any tall furniture perfectly. 

 Decorating With Artificial Plants
Decorating With Artificial Plants
Decorating With Artificial Plants

The top of my China Cabinet needed a punch of greenery, and this silk plant worked perfectly! 

Decorating With Artificial Plants

Artificial plants, like larger trees, are a great choice for filling corners or flanking furniture. They are a great way to add a beautiful and natural pop of color to your living space. 

Of course, they are a great solution for dark areas like a mudroom or laundry room where it’s difficult to get real plants to grow. I love how they used a green paint stripe to coordinate with their artificial plants that run over the bar top! 

I also love them for wall decor! Look at how they have transformed this room and added dimension and color to their space.

Photo by Entrance FastighetsmäkleriBrowse living room photos

Prepare For The Fall

I love decorating with artificial plants and have them in every room of my home, even the bathroom! The best part of decorating with artificial plants is low maintenance. All you have to do is dust it occasionally to keep it looking its best. I’m sure you know having dusty leaves can be a dead giveaway.

The Art Of Decorating With Artificial Plants - Sassy Townhouse Living

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