Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Why You Need To Consider One

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If you never used a robot vacuum cleaner before, it’s time you consider one. They are easy to use and loaded with features you’ll appreciate in your home.

Above all, if you feel utterly tired of constantly vacuuming your home, I think you’ll see just why you need to consider one too.

Below, you’ll see why I love my Robot Vacuum Cleaner. And learn exactly why it’s the best way to keep your floors clean all the time!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

My First Experience With A Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

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We all know how laborious vacuuming our floors is and how time-consuming too. Sadly, most are disappointing at best and end up not lasting long either.

Additionally, I did purchase two Dyson V7 Stick Vacuums last year and while easy to use, have issues as well. They run on batteries and die quickly especially on high power settings. And require lots of pushing especially on thicker carpeting.

With that said, I opted to try a Robot Vacuum Cleaner and benchmark them again traditionally vacuum cleaners. I’m so glad I did!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Robit V7S PRO

Today, I’ll share with you my experiences with the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner! I also created an unboxing and review video below.

Please be sure and watch the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner unboxing and review video below

Why I Love My Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

Setting up the Robit V7S PRO was super easy. Thankfully, everything was ready to go and setting things up only took a few minutes.

More so, it arrived fully charged and ready to go as soon as I turned it on. Why bother lugging around a heavy vacuum when you can us the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner instead?

However, before we get into why I love my Robit V7S, let’s review the benefits of owning a Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

List of Benefits:

  1. A True Time Saver – Obviously, since you don’t do any of the heavy lifting, a robot vacuum cleaner is a win-win! It does all the hard work for you.
  2. Mobility Issues – If you have a disability or even if you don’t, you’ll love owning one. More so, a perfect fit for those with back issues or any reason that keeps you from vacuuming. Also, perfect for the elderly too!
  3. Automatically Detects Surface Changes – Typically, robot vacuum cleaners detect immediately any change in the surface.
  4. Smart Technology – Because these vacuums use the latest tech, they know how much dirt to clean, where to clean it, and use apps or remotes to access features and functionality.
  5. Cleans Floors When You Are Not Home – You can literally set it and forget it. Create daily or weekly clean times and clean the rooms you want and even those you don’t.
  6. Cleans Hard To Reach Areas – Like under beds, pantries, china cabinets, couches and more! Perfect for cleaning dust bunnies and those nasty spider webs hiding behind furniture.
  7. Smart Enough To Detect Stairs – Never worry about your robot vacuum cleaning falling down the stairs. It uses smart technology to detect them.
  8. Easy To Stow Away – Since they are small and compact, you never worry about stowing away a big bulky vacuum ever again! Whether you store them in a closet, under a bed, or in the garage, robot vacuum cleaners store anywhere in your home.

Robit V7S – Why It’s The Best

Just after using my Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, it was love at first use!

Typically, I give it a good run about 2-3 times a week and even with a pet at home, that’s enough to keep my floors nice and clean!

More so, it had super strong suction and picks up dirt and debris perfectly. It features a powerful motor that gets all the hair, dust, and dirt quickly and effectively.

In addition, it features a slim body and it’s quiet too. It also has a smart snit-drop sensor and will never fall down your stairs! You can see a demo in my unboxing video so be sure and watch it!

Plus, the large wheels design smoothly roll over carpets and climb over door ledges which lower than 0.59″.

Above all, it features a long-lasting run time of 100 minutes and a large dust box for easy cleaning. Since the dust box is nice and large, you don’t need to worry about emptying it often as well.

What You Get In The Box:

  • Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum
  • Charging Base
  • Remote Control
  • Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Extra Filter
  • User Manual
  • Side Brushes X4
  • 12-Month Warranty and Excellent Customer Service

I love my Robot Vacuum Cleaner and hope you do too. If you ever thought of checking one out, I highly recommend you do!

More so, I think you’ll love the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner – the price point is very affordable and you’ll own it for years to come.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Why You Need To Consider One - Sassy Townhouse Living

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