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Must-Have Winter Accessories

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Must-Have Winter Accessories

When it comes to winter accessories, we all know they are must-haves and we can often forget about some of the most important essentials too. You’ll want to stay warm and toasty with winter legwear and tights too! 

As it happens every year, of course, the cold seasons have returned – and this time with a vengeance in certain parts of the country. The East Coast of the US is always frigid once November and December roll around; this time, the West is also experiencing frigid days. So much so that even in Southern California, people are breaking out the gloves and beanie hats.

Winter Accessories

Functionality is one thing, but there’s no reason you should have to sacrifice fashion completely just to keep warm. There are plenty of options that allow you to keep the cold at bay, while also exercising your own personal sense of style.

The windbreaker jacket, hat, gloves and scarf you wear ought to put your personality on display; winter accessories are no reason to eschew the image you present to the world at the expense of being properly bundled up.

With that said, let’s check out the following winter accessories and what attributes you should consider before investing in them.

Winter Socks: Cold Starts From the Bottom

The types of material used in making thick, warm socks for the winter months run the gamut. You can find them made from lambswool, cold-resistant leather blend, polyester blends that don’t shrink in the wash, and cotton blends that help them retain their softness.

Furthermore, the long socks can be great for fashion lovers, since you can get rings of color in them that peek out from the region between the top of your boots and the bottom of your pants or skirt. This color burst works especially well when you have dark winter colors forming the bulk of your outfit.

Some of the color options for winter socks include navy, forest green, desert beige, and mustard to break up the sameness of your dark apparel. For an optimal walking day out, you want to make sure the socks provide warmth without being so thick as to exacerbate sweating in your shoes.

Winter Accessories

Protect Your Extremities with Gloves

It’s common knowledge that – especially for women – your core will extract heat from your fingers and toes in a bid to keep itself warm when the temperature outside dips. For this reason, gloves are crucial accessory once the wind becomes biting. We all love our leather gloves and it’s a great fabric for keeping the wind out and keeping our hands nice and toasty too. 

I love these Sheepskin Leather Gloves and they are such a great price too – $29 on Amazon wow what a great deal. 

Winter Accessories

Wool is another winner in the winter; it actively keeps you warm and has fibers that naturally wick away moisture. Sheep have known this for thousands of years, after all! I always have both styles of winter gloves on hand. I love my wool gloves especially when it’s snowing out or am shopping in really harsh winter weather. 

These Bruceriver Pure Wool Knit Gloves with Thinsulate Lining and Cable design are my winter go-tos and always keep my hands nice and toasty! 

Winter Accessories

Neck Scarves

For an added layer of warmth, consider this quintessential fashion accessory for keeping your neck warm. After all, it’s a relatively thin area of the body and can lose a good amount of heat if left unadorned in cold weather. A dark, bold color probably isn’t the best for this one, as the expectation of color and style is center-stage with a neck scarf. Nonetheless, you might be able to pull off the navy wool; depending on the rest of your outfit.

I love big shawls for my winter scarves – the larger the better like this beautifully designed plaid shawl below. I like them large because if I ever forget my hat, I can always wear the scarf over my head and neck! 

Winter Accessories

Keep in mind that scarves, more than any other accessory, are considered “extra”; thus, they are more easily given to experimentation of style. So although wool is very warm, cashmere or merino might be more functional and less irritating against your skin – especially after a prolonged escapade into the elements. There are few items of clothing (accessories, that is) more beautiful than an elaborate scarf twirling around the coat rack after you take it off at your destination.

Hat or Cap for Your Head

When it gets really cold, a hat or beanie is no longer considered an accessory, but instead a pretty much mandatory part of your ensemble. Only people who live on the East Coast of the United States or around frigid zones such as Minnesota, need to concern themselves with hats for every trip outside.

I love Trapper Hats and just bought this chic warm and fuzzy one for myself this year. I got mine from JJill – they are sold out of this particular style, but you can find them on Amazon too. 

Winter Accessories

Even so, you want the correct fabric – something that’s protective and warm, but also soft enough to reside on your scalp for much of the day. Since your head is not as sensitive as your neck, wool hats or beanies are a good bet. If you have natural hair, you might want to wear a silk scarf under the hat to protect your locks from the winter temps.

Shopping for winter accessories can be quite a bit of fun; you get to consider beanies and gloves that possess just as much style as functionality. It’s not only practical but a chance to show off your personal style.

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