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6 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Hats All Year Long

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If you are a person who doesn’t really think much about wearing hats, you might want to reconsider that. Wearing hats is not only fashionable but, they provide great sun protection all year long too.

wearing hats

We Hats Make Sense All Year Long

I was recently inspired to share this post with you today because we are hat lovers and in general, I think wearing hats is so underappreciated.

With Father’s Day approaching, I surprised my husband with one of his favorite fashion items – hats! He has always had an affinity for hats and inspired me to wear them more frequently too.

So, before I show you the beautiful hats we both got, let’s go over why it’s important to wear hats all year-long!

  1. A wide-brimmed straw hat looks amazing at the beach and protects you from the sun’s damaging rays!
  2. Wearing a hat makes you go bald – MYTH! The U.S. News & World Report says hats don’t cause any harm,
  3. Hats have a way of making your outfit look “finished” and polished too. Even a casual outfit looks better with a hat!
  4. Wearing hats does keep you warmer. In truth, you only lost about 5 to 10 percent of body heat in total from your head. But, wearing a hat projects your ears from frostbite. I’d say that’s a win-win for wearing hats!
  5. Wearing hats in the summer keeps you cooler. Yes, this true. Hats keep the hot rays off your head will keep you cooler than if you let the sun directly blast you.
  6. Why not wear hats all year-long? You can set your own unique style and it does make us more fashion-conscious too!

Recently, I discovered a website called TenthStreetHats.com and, I was so impressed with their selection of hats for both men and women.

Psssttttt – there’s an awesome discount code at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check it out!

wearing hats

Tenth Street, founded in 1921 by Jack Dorfman and Arthur Hyman as part of Dorfman Pacific, comes from humble beginnings.

The Tenth Street name is taken from the original warehouse on 10th Street and Broadway in Oakland, California. Tenth Street remains an important part of the Northern California community almost 100 years later. They have relationships with expert craftsmen and cutting-edge designers.

My husband was thrilled when he saw his Father’s Day present. This KNOX Designed by Stetson is handmade in Germany and is the epitome style and craftsman’s perfection.

The Stetson men’s ivy Knox Cap hat is made of cashmere and silk-blend and will make your man feel truly metropolitan. It’s the perfect accessory for every season and he will feel sophisticated the moment he puts one on.

Product Details

  • Cashmere and Silk Blend
  • Hand Made in Germany
  • Silk Lining
  • Cushioned Front

If you’ve never heard of Stetson Hats before you can read more about them here. There’s a lot of history behind the Stetson brand and, it’s so interesting too.

wearing hats
wearing hats

These types of caps are his favorite and the quality and overall design suit him perfectly. I’m so glad I was able to surprise him with a Stetson hat this year.

wearing hats
wearing hats

Of course, I had to get a hat for myself too! I love the one I chose and have worn it nonstop. I never owned a floppy raffia hat before and, I’m so glad I chose this CAMDEN Designed by Scala.

If you never owned one you should give this style a try. I think it looks great on everyone and has a universal sense of style and panache!

I can’t wait to take it to the beach with me this summer. It’s crushable too which means you can easily bend it to fit in your luggage or beach bag!

Product Details

  • Hand Crocheted Raffia
  • Metallic Trim
  • 4″ Brim
  • Inner Drawstring Sweatband
wearing hats

I love how versatile this hat is too. I feel comfortable wearing it with just about any outfit. It’s perfect for the spring and summer months too and will protect me from the sun’s harmful rays.

wearing hats

The beautiful metallic trim around the hat adds the perfect touch and pulls the look together. If you like, you can wrap your favorite scarf around the hat too and change the whole vibe and look of your outfit!

wearing hats

This  CAMDEN Designed by Scala is so soft. This hat features a 4-inch brim and is all hand-crocheted raffia. is There’s nothing heavy or rough about it. It’s like wearing a light summer’s breeze!

Everything about it is designed perfectly. I also appreciate the inner drawstring and the sweatband.

wearing hats
wearing hats

Be sure to watch my detailed product video below too! 

Awesome News! You can get 15% off your order by entering SASSY15 at checkout on their website! https://tenthstreethats.com

Wearing a hat is not only a fashion statement, but it’s better for your health! Although I have to admit, hats are widely loved by the fashion community and for good reason. Everyone looks great in a hat – even if you don’t think so!

wearing hats
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