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How To Organize Your Makeup Easily And Prevent Makeup Waste

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How To Organize Your Makeup Easily And Prevent Makeup Waste

If you are itching to organize your makeup but can never find the time, we’ve got a great solution! And, these tips will help you prevent makeup waste too!

I finally figured out what the problem was and took steps to finally organize all my makeup easily! And am so excited to share these tips with you too. 

Organize Your Makeup Prevent Makeup Waste

A few years ago, I decided to reorganize my makeup with acrylic cases and while that worked out great for many years. But, as life would have it, the cases got old and dingy and that was my mission! After researching the options for some of the best makeup organizers, I finally pulled the trigger and decided to replace and reorganize all of it. 

The best part of this project? I finally discovered how to prevent makeup waste too! Instead of my favorite makeup hiding in drawers, now it’s all within my reach. 

Let’s face it, how many times have you purchased makeup you love only to forget about it because you carefully stowed it away inside a drawer and ended up falling into a rabbit hole? 

Organize Your Makeup Prevent Makeup Waste

You can see in the image below, my makeup storage was pretty unorganized. Even though I had acrylic containers, it was not the best way to organize them. 

Ugh – everything was so hard to reach for and getting worse by the day. While it might appear neat and organized on the surface, it was far from it. Aside from needing a new makeup vanity, which is my next project, I couldn’t find the makeup products I loved.  And things got messy fast. 

old makeup vanity

Allow me to digress for a moment – below, is the Makeup Vanity from Wayfair of my dreams and it’s on my upcoming wishlist too! It features everything I’m looking, and I just love the mirror too! 

Annunziata Vanity Wayfair

Back to how you can organize your makeup and prevent makeup waste!

The first thing I did was find a way to organize my eyeshadow palettes. I have so many of them and the problem was, they weren’t easily within my reach. This Cosmetic Palette Organizer With 9 Slots solved it! All my makeup palettes are just the way I love them. Easy to reach and right within my reach. 

The divided sections store daily necessities vertically and in one place. It’s also great for blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, bronzer, highlighter, and brow palettes. Perfect for organizing small items such as papers, note pads, and other office supplies too! 

eyeshadow palette storage

In order to organize your makeup, you need to take the time to section off all the categories of makeup you own. Once you’ve placed them in categories, you can then start to decide which type of makeup organizer you need.

For example, I stored all of my favorite lipsticks together in an easy reach makeup storage bin and categorized them according to type. Now, all my lipsticks are right in front of me on top of my vanity, and I know that’s going to help me prevent makeup waste too. 

lipstick makeup storage

I also love using InterDesign Clarity 3-Drawer Organizers too! They are the perfect solution for eyeliners, lip liners, and eyeshadow storage too!

Organize Your Makeup Prevent Makeup Waste

I love using the iDesign Large Divided Cosmetic Bins for all of my makeup storage solutions and they are affordable too! It might look like a lot of makeup on my vanity, but I know where everything is and can easily reach for it. All because I took the time to organize smartly! 

Makeup Vanity Organizer

As you can see, I also have two makeup mirrors on my vanity – one is for magnification and the other is an InterDesign Gia Free Standing Vanity Makeup Mirror with Tray so I can get a full-face view of my makeup application and keep my favorite makeup items in the tray for easy to reach makeup application. 

InterDesign Gia Free Standing Vanity Makeup Mirror with Tray

Another great tip is using Plastic Storage Bin with Handles for storing items like vitamins, perfumes, and other easy to reach things you use on the daily. I keep them in a shelf on my armoire which is right within reach too. 

Plastic Storage Bin with Handles

The key is using all of your vanity storage space wisely and making sure you have the right storage containers to get the job done effectively! 

Organize Your Makeup Prevent Makeup Waste

I hope you get to organize your makeup soon too. I know it’s going to be a game-changer for you too! 

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How To Organize Your Makeup Easily And Prevent Makeup Waste - Sassy Townhouse Living

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