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Does This Thing Really Work? The Chef’s Thumb

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Does This Thing Really Work? The Chef’s Thumb

If you’ve read my tech posts, you know I’m gadget-obsessed! Well, I’ve found another kitchen gadget called Chef’s Thumb to play with it. Check out my video tutorial and review of this product below. 

I was so pleasantly surprised when the folks over at Chef’s Thumb sent me over a sample of this product to try out at home. I am always looking for ways to make my prepping experiences easier and more effective when in the kitchen. I enjoyed it so much I made a video tutorial on my experience using it. Be sure to watch – oh and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well! 


As you can see from my video review, my overall experience with this product is a win-win! Be sure to protect you and your loved ones when prepping your food and head over to their site and get one for yourself. 

Below, you can find some details on the Chef’s Thumb

Chef's Thumb


There are over 1 million yearly emergency room visits as a result of kitchen injuries in the US alone.  The majority of these injuries are from knives.  The thumb is one of the most commonly cut digits on your hand. Whether you are a skilled chef or a novice in the kitchen, every time you grab a knife you are putting your thumb at risk.  But the Chef’s Thumb prevents needless cuts and lets you take control.

The Chef’s Thumb is ergonomically shaped and designed to fit almost every thumb size.  It is not a cumbersome, gimmicky device to do away with traditional kitchen slicing and chopping procedures, but rather a precision-crafted tool designed to make your kitchen knives safer and more efficient.

Chef's Thumb


  •   Viper Bite technology grips and stabilizes the cutting surface, ensuring safe and secure cutting
  •   Allows for a closer cut, right to the end of the produce
  •   Provides protection for the thumb, if the knife should slip
  •   High quality, precision engineered design, made out of stainless steel and high-strength polycarbonate
  •   Ergonomically shaped and designed to fit every thumb size
  •   Optional Thumb Touch peeler system transforms the Chef’s Thumb into a razor-sharp peeler, with a Titanium T3 blade that will not rust or dull

Chef's Thumb Peeler


  • Go from protector to peeler in seconds! Slide the Thumb Touch peeler into place, and the Chef’s Thumb transforms into a high-efficiency peeler.
  • Thumb Touch’s scientific design uses the natural lever force of the forearm and transfers it directly to the peeler. 
  • Now peel effortlessly and efficiently at the same time.
  • Triple bonded Titanium T3 Blade never rusts and stays sharp forever.
  • Makes peeling all the way to the end of the produce a breeze.


Be sure to check it out on Amazon. I love this gadget and, it’s saved me from kitchen accidents and protected my thumbs while prepping in the kitchen. 

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links which means, if you click-through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. Seems like it would be bulky and awkward but your “works like a charm” has me intrigued. I DO like the idea of the peeler. Will keep an eye out for it. Thanks! (I expected you to say you give it a “thumbs up!”) :-D

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sliced off the very tip of my thumb! And always right before guests arrive for dinner! It does seem like it would take some getting used to, but worth the effort! I’ll save so much money on bandaides alone!

  3. Yowza! I needed this 10 years ago to avoid cutting my left thumb while chopping carrots with my right hand. That injury to my thumb let to a yoga injury to my hip (long story). What a good idea. Thanks for highlighting this product.

  4. First, it is so nice to put a voice with the face and the writing voice. Great job on the review. This is very timely for me. I am taking a knife skills class this weekend and have been freaked out about slicing and dicing my fingers :)!

  5. For me, it is grating that is the most dangerous kitchen activity. I find that sharp knives are wonderful and that dull knives are the cut and accident producers. Interesting device, though!

  6. I am that person that has had too many ER visits involving knives and my fingers. This is a product I need, for sure. I need a new peeler too. I need a gadget shopping spree.

  7. I don’t know how you find these things but that’s pretty awesome! It will save a lot of trips to the emergency room!

  8. I think this is the best gadget you have found yet. So fun and this Chef’s Thumb is a gadget I can use everyday and feel safe. Love the video review too Carolann.

  9. Thanks much Ruth! I appreciate your lovely comment. Wow, what fun that class will be! I wish we had classes like that around where I live. This gadget works so great we use it all the time now. Have fun in your class and be sure to tell us all about it!

  10. Thanks much Karen, I love this little gadget. It’s a real game changer for sure! Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope all is well with it now. I would have liked to hear that story! thanks much for stopping by!

  11. This is so very cool !! I have nicked my thumb a number of times! Adding this to my wishlist for sure. Loved the video, it was a great demo! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  12. I am THE BIGGEST klutz in the kitchen. Just last week I was dicing and talking and Bryan was like, “dear God. Please look down while you’re doing that.” I think he had a moment of panic and saw me in the emergency room for severing a finger. LOL, anyway, this I need. And have never heard of / seen before, so thanks for this!

  13. Very interesting idea. I haven’t really had any major kitchen mishaps yet but I could see this helping if there is an accident. When cutting onions for example like on the photo above, you still need to be very careful of the rest of your fingers and not just your thumb.

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