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7 Skirt Fashion Trends And Why You Need To Wear Them!

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If you are sick of wearing trousers or jeans, but do not like dresses, treat yourself to a few skirts instead. A lot of designers have included them in their skirt fashion trends collections for this year.

So, finding the perfect skirt for Summer is extremely easy. Here is an overview of some of the different styles that are available, along with a few tips about when and where you could wear each type of skirt.

skirt fashion trends

Tube skirts

One of the simplest, yet most versatile cuts is the tube skirt.  They are typically made from very soft and flexible fabric, which makes them very comfortable to wear.

They are mostly available in a casual style, so they are really good for wearing for a picnic, barbecue or similar occasion. But, they do not really offer enough freedom of movement for you to wear them for anything more vigorous than a gentle walk.

This tube skirt from Vince Camuto is very chic and an example of a traditional tube skirt. It goes with casual tops or a tailored jacket. It also features a very flattering cut and skims your body without showing the flaws. The length is perfect and washes up beautifully. 

skirt fashion trends

Maxi skirts

If you are looking for something glamorous, a maxi skirt is a good option. Full-length dresses and skirts are still associated with special occasions like award dinners. But, most maxi-skirts are casual enough for you to be able to wear during everyday life.

This Barnett Striped Skirt from Anthropologie is simply stunning. Whether you chose to mix patterns or keep it casual with a simple tee, a classically striped skirt never goes out of style.

skirt fashion trends

This beautiful floral skirt is simply beautiful too. Feel great in this pleated maxi skirt with elasticized waistband. I love the pretty floral print design.

skirt fashion trends

Wrap skirts

Wrap skirts come in a range of lengths and designs. They offer a good level of freedom of movement, so you can potentially wear one for something like a boating trip.

For women whose weight fluctuates, a wrap skirt is a particularly good idea. But you need to choose the kind that can actually be wrapped around yourself, so you can adjust the sizing. Some skirts are tailored to look like a wrap skirt but actually, have a fixed waistband.

This High-Low Wrap Skirt from Forever 21 is perfect for spring and summer. You would be the smash hit of that BBQ outing for sure. It’s great for that causal event or spice it up with a chic pair of heels. 

skirt fashion trends

Casual skirts

There are several very nice looking casual skirts available in the shops this year. A lot of designers have looked to the late 80s for inspiration. At that time, many women preferred to wear skirts.

In fact, in a lot of settings wearing trousers was still frowned upon. As a result, there was quite a strong demand for casual skirts, so there was a good choice.

This Beachtime Skirt from Anthropologie is the perfect solution for comfort, style, and casual fit. I love skirts that size from small to large too. 

skirt fashion trends

Denim skirts

Denim was a very popular fabric back then, so it is not really surprising that designers started to make skirts out of it. They never completely went out of fashion, but you will notice that they are much easier to get hold of this year because more stores are selling them.

This Slim Washed Denim Skirt from Anthropologie is perfect for any season and always looks chic and can be paired with any of your favorite blouses. 

Whether styled with an off-the-shoulder blouse or a simple tank and sandals, the denim skirt is our favorite pared-back wardrobe staple. This denim skirt also sizes from small to x-large! 

skirt fashion trends

Chino skirts

Chino skirts are available in a wide range of colors. They are mostly made from pure cotton, a natural fabric that allows your skin to breathe, which makes them ideal for wearing in the summer months. When won with a top or blouse that covers the pockets they also look very smart.

We are so in love with this Pilcro Chino Pencil Skirt from Anthropologie! Notice a trend here? We can’t stop shopping at Anthropologie especially for skirt fashion trends! Chino skirts never go out of style either and that’s always a win!

skirt fashion trends

Linen rich skirts

This year, a lot of retailers are also selling linen-rich skirts. It feels lovely and cool. This is also a lovely fabric to wear, but it does take a bit of looking after. You can find out about the proper way to take care of linen, by reading this article. I’m thrilled linen rich skirts made it back into skirt fashion trends again. 

Oh, my! This Soojun Women’s Casual Loose Pleated Cotton Linen Skirt is everything! And priced at only $19.99 even more so! I love how it features an elastic waist and two side pockets – everything you want in comfort and style. You know I ordered this one and it’s perfect for any spring or summer outing! 

It’s also sold in several beautiful colors too! 

skirt fashion trends

If you do decide to wear more skirts this year, consider buying yourself a few pairs of tights. Most of the time you will not need them, but it can be handy to have a few pairs available to wear on colder days. This article I recently wrote tells you how to choose the right type of tights.

I hope you enjoyed learning about skirt fashion trends and were able to get inspired by some fun fashion ideas too. 

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7 Skirt Fashion Trends And Why You Need To Wear Them! Sassy Townhouse Living

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