7 Home Additions You Need To Add Value And Enjoyment

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Nowadays, you want them to add value and enjoyment for you and your family when considering home additions. Of course, adding value is essential, but at the same time, you want each addition to bringing enjoyment too. So, whether you need extra space or want to improve the look of your home, these additions will help you with seven ideas that work!

Home Additions

How Home Additions And Improvement Change Over The Years

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When it comes to home decor, styles change year after year. More so, last year’s trends left the center stage for more exciting concepts. So, for example, open concept homes, cheap replicas, shiplap, and all-white kitchens quickly disappeared. And even our beloved Boho style, mosaic tiles, and waterfall kitchen islands moved over for new trends.

While home decor trends are in constant flux, home additions are not. Above all, when you decide to expand your home or improve it, they always add value. And whether it’s your first home or a remodel, you want to enjoy your space as well as increase its value. And due to the continuation of the pandemic, folks have more reason for home additions and DIY projects.

Below, we will look at seven ways you can do both. And, of course, plan your budget accordingly as well. And don’t forget to create your budget for these home additions. After all, your additions don’t need to be a time of stress but rather excitement and joy!

 Home Additions

1 – Home Additions For Your Outdoor Space

More than ever, people appreciate their outdoor areas for family gatherings and general enjoyment. Look in any neighborhood, and you can see folks gathering to spend quality time together. Whether you decide on revamping your patio or building a beautiful deck, both bring lasting joy for many years

Above all, a patio, deck, or garden can be an excellent addition that will increase the value of your home. If you plan on building a deck, look through the dock builder options before settling. You’ll want to find a builder who can create a beautiful and functional deck.

Of course, you have many options for home additions or improvements for the outdoors. For example, you can replace or repair brick or vinyl siding and replace your old garage door. You can also add stone veneer to your entryway and add beautiful outdoor lighting too.

If you’re unsure how to plan for this project, consider hiring a contractor to help you with the project. You’ll want to find a contractor who can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space for you and your family. Additionally, if you are a master DIY person, you can plan these home additions and improvements yourself. Of course, this will help you save lots of money too.

2 – Adding A Home Office

For some, adding a home office requires lots of work, and for others, it’s as easy as transforming a spare room. Either way, a home office creates the perfect space to work from home or pure pleasure. If you have an extra bedroom, you can quickly turn it into a home office with a few good tips.

More so, a home office helps you save money on rent or mortgage payments as well. Plus, you can quickly turn it into a guest room by adding a stylish, affordable day bed or a pull-out couch. When thinking about home additions, adding a home office will add enjoyment and help you save on commuting expenses.

Of course, you’ll need a comfortable ergonomic chair for the best back support, a second monitor, and an affordable yet stylish desk. You can finish off the details by adding green plants, hanging wall art, and a place for storage for your office supplies. Remember to paint the walls in neutral tones that bring relaxation and go well with your decor.

Home Additions

3 – Adding More Storage Space To Your Home

Regardless of the size of your home, there’s always a shortage of storage space or organizing it effectively. Studies show that a lack of storage space is often the most significant home annoyance right along with maintenance issues. More so, adding extra storage works both inside and outside your home.

For indoor ideas, you’ll want to consider adding the following:

Of course, you’ll want to think about storage vertically too and remove items off the floor to make more room. One of the best ways to organize your garage is using cabinets with shelves that will last for years to come.

Garage Organization Ideas

4 – Adding A Playroom Or Family Room

If you have children and lack an area to play, you might consider adding a playroom. But, of course, if you live in a smaller home, you might not have the extra room. Instead, think about sectioning off your living room and creating a play area. Or, if you can, finish your basement and build a playroom there. Doing so will add value to your home and finally give the children a space of their own. And when it comes to home additions, this will surly add value and enjoyment!

Doing this can be an excellent place for kids to play and learn. And it can also play double-duty as your home cinema or game room. Plus, this will create an enjoyable space for kids of all ages, and it will make your home more family-friendly. Much like a home office, a play can be beneficial for keeping the house tidy and organized. It can also help with a viewing should you decide to sell your home.

5 – Adding A Mudroom Adds Value To Your Home

If you often bring in dirty coats and shoes from outside, you might want to consider adding a mudroom to your house. To do this, you can add a small addition to either the front or back of your existing home. A mudroom will keep your home clean and organized, and it can also be a great place to put a bench and hooks for coats.

Prospective home buyers love the convenience of a mudroom, and they make a great selling point. Think about it. You can stow away all outdoor gear and keep the rest of your home clean and organized. In addition, you can connect your mudroom to your laundry room for ease of use and practicality.

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6 – Updated Old Appliances – Home Additions That Bring Value

One of the best ways to add value to your home is updating the appliances and finishes throughout the house. While this might cost you some extra cash, it will add value and enjoyment to your home. Furthermore, you can choose to update everything at once or do it in stages. Maybe you want to remodel your kitchen instead, well, either way you’ll boost your home value.

Either way, updating your appliances and finishes will make your home look more modern and stylish. We recommend choosing high-quality appliances and finishes that will last for many years. Updating your appliances is a great way to add value, and you’ll enjoy your home even more. Not only will it make your home look more modern and stylish, but it will also increase its resale value.

7 – Update Your Bathrooms

Maybe it’s time to perk things up if your bathrooms look too lived in and worn. You don’t need to spend a small fortune. Since the primary bathroom has the highest rate of return in your home, you’ll want to start there. You can replace your bathroom vanity and instantly transform it. And you can find an affordable, stylish vanity and not break the bank.

Furthermore, you can replace old fixtures, cabinets, toilets, and even flooring. All of these improvements will make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again. And they will increase the value of your home too. When it comes to home additions, revamping your bathrooms always makes a great start.

Final Thoughts On Home Additions

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to look at some of your specific needs. Are there any rooms in your home that are lacking? Perhaps an outdoor space would be perfect for relaxing with friends and family during spring or summer. A home office might make sense if you work from home often. If storage becomes an issue, consider adding another closet or room to organize this housing area. And don’t forget about playtime!

Consider including a separate room for kids (or adults!) who need their personal space where they can let off steam without disturbing other members of the household too much – like mommy and daddy’s man cave/woman cave! Once these additions are complete, think about the finishes you would like to add. Appliances and finishes are a great way to update the look of your townhouse without doing any construction work!

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Creating home decor we love isn’t always easy or affordable. But you can easily add beautiful interior room design elements to any room. There are many ways to make your room look unique and cozy.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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