Kitchen Design Tips To Inspire Your Next Remodel

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You don’t need to hire a professional for your next remodel. Instead, try learning some new kitchen design tips yourself!

Recently, a good friend redesigned her entire kitchen and she designed it all by herself too! More so, it turned out beautifully and she saved thousands of dollars as well.

Kitchen Design Remodel

Kitchen Design Tips For Your Remodel

First, she did the research, then she planned the perfect kitchen design to fit her budget and hired craftsmen who gave her the best prices.

After seeing her kitchen remodel, it inspired me to share with you how she approached her new kitchen design tactics and share them with you.

Wesley Ward and the team at Hausera mentioned, “For renovations in the next two years, homeowners said they plan to spend an average of more than $13,000 per room for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room remodel.” This information was gathered from their 2019 “The Truth About Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations” survey.

Below, you’ll find some of the kitchen design tips and advice she used to create her dream kitchen.

First, Think About Your Paint Color

For example, my friend decided to think about the color paint first and build on that. Choosing a paint color for your kitchen should be fun and exciting!

You’ll want to choose a color scheme you love and nail down your colors this way your countertop, cabinets, floors, and accents will perfectly reflect the colors

Additionally, try and choose timeless colors you know will not go out of style. While you’ll want your kitchen design stylish, you’ll also want it timeless as well.

There are different shades of white that you can choose from. Be rest assured that whatsoever your choice is, it won’t go out of style.

Try not to run to the paint store and endlessly browse paint swatches but instead, do the research from your computer instead.

There are loads of paint companies apps and personal color viewers you can use and websites loaded with wonderful examples.

Also, think about looking at all the kitchen surfaces in your remodel and how well they will work together.

Think About The Style Of The Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, there are so many choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors and styles.

Your choice of cabinets goes a long way in determining whether your kitchen is timeless too.

Ideally, you want to avoid hating your cabinets after two years of your remodel.

Adding natural materials such as wood and stone keeps your kitchen classic.

If you desire a timeless kitchen, all wood kitchen cabinets like oak shaker is a sure way to make your desires realistic.

However, you don’t have to have an ultra-modern kitchen full of shiny stainless steel and engineered materials. Infusing some natural materials gives it a less trendy but classic touch.

Traditional cabinets are also a great selling feature in your home as well and ensure potential buyers will like them too.

You can see traditional style cabinets in homes for over 100 years. There must be a reason they are so popular.

Currently, white style cabinets are extremely popular, that is until the fad changes and you end up repainting them.

There are about eight different styles of cabinets to think about: Shaker, Louvered, Flat-Panel/Slab, Inset, Distressed, Beadboard, Thermofoil, and Custom. Make sure you research before deciding!

In addition, you’ll want to choose cabinets that blend perfectly with your home decor and you will love for decades.

Kitchen Design Remodel

Kitchen Design Countertop Ideas For Your Remodel

Looking at installing a surface that stands the test of time? Quartz is the right deal for you. It is luxurious in look and durable.

In short, one good characteristic of this type of countertops is how well it marries well with most kitchen features.

In other words, quartz countertops are very popular and we believe to be timeless as well.

Quartz countertops are making their début in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere and they are doing so with class and style.

Ideally, since natural quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, they make the perfect material for countertops.

Quartz has superior durability and performance and they are easy to clean and make a perfect choice for your remodel.

However, the downside to its usage is its maintenance. White marble countertops have a high potential for getting stains easily.

There are several types of kitchen countertops to choose from when you are ready for your kitchen design.

  1. Granite – Most widely used
  2. Soapstone – Hard and resistant to stain
  3. Marble – high price tab but luxurious
  4. Quartz – our favorite! It doesn’t require annual sealing.
  5. Solid-Surface Material – Resist stains available in a multitude of colors and patterns.
  6. Ceramic Tile – Easy to clean and mostly affordable.
  7. Laminates – DIY easy installation and very inexpensive.

Again, you’ll want to do the research beforehand and make sure your countertop is timeless, beautiful and affordable.

Kitchen Design Remodel

Your Kitchen Layout

Of course, you’ll plan your kitchen layout for your new remodel. When it comes to kitchen design, this should be at the top of your do-to list.

Your kitchen should be practical and functional. Ideally, identify your priorities and think about what works and doesn’t.

More so, plan the layout with practicality in mind and your design wishes secondly.

You’ll want convenience as well as design style and appeal. What good is a great looking kitchen if it’s not functionally perfect as well?

Of course, you’ll pan for your appliances, flooring, and decorative accents too.

In conclusion, the research is paramount and if you plan your kitchen design remodel perfectly, you’ll not only save loads of money, but you’ll love it too!

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