How to Create a Cute Piglet Piggy Bank With Reused Plastic Bottles

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This adorable Piglet Piggy Bank is one of my favorite crafting projects to do with the kids. Even without the kids, it’s a fun way to save your spare change and at the same time upcycle plastic bottles. When I saw crafters making this cute plastic bottle piggy bank, I knew I was in all too! 

Piggy Bank

Save Plastic and Make This Cute Piglet Piggy Bank

This crafting project is dear to my heart because I am a huge advocate of upcycling and recycling. Many of the crafting projects I create are made of things I upcycle.  Recycling isn’t a relatively new concept and is a key part of sustainability. However, not everyone chooses to recycle, making it a harder effort than it really is.

People in America use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour, and some (if not most) of those don’t make it to the blue bin. Plastic is a huge source of pollution and even if in some small way we contribute to upcycling and recycling it makes a huge difference for us all! 

Don’t panic though, there are ways you can still recycle even if you don’t have the traditional means of doing so. Plastic bottles present a unique way of recycling: reusing. That doesn’t mean you have to keep using the bottle for what it was intended but can rather create something new with it.

This easy and creative craft can turn your used plastic bottles into something fun and can be a great activity for the whole family — especially the kids! These are the types of crafting projects I hope to create with my granddaughter when she is old enough. This cute little Piggy Bank is sure to be one of our first. 

Piggy Bank

How to Create Your Very Own Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

There are so many different ways to create an enjoyable plastic bottle piggy bank for the kids, or for yourself. 

All you need to create this Piggy Bank is: 

  1. Almost any plastic bottle is viable, and with enough creativity, anything is imaginable. A wide-mouthed drinking bottle is perfect for this cute craft. 
  2. Remove all the labels and cut a coin-sized rectangular hole in one side of the plastic bottle.
  3. Then find four pieces of material to use for the feet — wooden balls or marbles work great — and glue those on the opposite side.
  4. You can also choose to paint the entire bottle and legs to make it seem more pig-like, or you can leave the bottle clear to see your family’s coin collection progress.
  5. Using a colored paper of your choice, create two piggy ears and tape them on the same side as the coin slot.
  6. You can use googly eyes or a marker to create the eyes and draw two dark circles on the bottle cap for your piggy’s nose.
  7. The tail is fair game; you can use pipe cleaners, paper, ribbon — you name it.

For more instructions and a step-by-step tutorial click this link and check out how A Little Tipsy created one. I love the way she created hers and gets to spend time with her family having fun! 

Piggy Bank

If you caught the recycling craft bug then there are so many other fun crafts you can do to help reuse some of those plastic bottles and keep them out of landfills. Getting your kids involved can be a great way to enjoy craft time with them as well as start them on the right path to sustainability.

If everyone made a plastic piggy bank with those 2.5 million bottles, people would probably start saving a lot of money — and the earth.

Piggy Bank
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How to Create a Cute Piglet Piggy Bank With Reused Plastic Bottles - Sassy Townhouse Living

I hope you can enjoy recreating this wonderfully adorable Piglet Piggy Bank too. It’s a great way to upcycle, recycle, and spend some quality time crafting with your family. 

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