Transform Your Backyard Swimming Pool With Resort Style Upgrades

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You can make the most of your backyard swimming pool with some resort-style upgrades. Now, you can discover how to make the most of your swimming pool. Transform your backyard space into a fun and exciting retreat the whole family will enjoy!

Typically, while we all love vacationing in a resort, we can’t always enjoy the luxury. Instead, bring the luxury of a resort right to your backyard swimming pool!

Backyard Swimming Pool

Bring A Resort Style Upgrade To Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Regardless of the size of your backyard swimming pool, you can bring resort-style upgrades and enjoy the luxury right at home. Every time you travel, one of the most enjoyable perks is their luxury pool. Well, you can bring those perks to your backyard with some tips from the pros.

Now, you can say hello to many smart solutions to change your pool experience to match your favorite ritzy resort. All it needs is a handful of design moves from cues in resorts. So, start taking notes from these resort-style swimming pool design ideas and start enjoy the luxury at home.

Backyard Swimming Pool

1 – First, Choose A Theme

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Generally, resorts often play around with a design theme, and you can choose one too. Pick a theme that appeals most to you and base your swimming pool transformation on it. Whatever inspires you, it can be the tropics, the mountains, Mediterranean, or even country-specific motifs, like Morocco or Bali inspired designs.

For example, you can also choose a design theme like all striped decor or even plaids, bold colors, or even pastels. For instance, replace all of your floats, deck chairs, table settings, etc., with theme-specific decor elements. Resorts typically use a running theme poolside, and it immediately transforms your swimming pool into a resort-style retreat.

This Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float with bold while and navy strips will do the trick! Using a theme-specific style will surely turn your backyard into a lux-themed resort.

Backyard Swimming Pool
Image Amazon: Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float

2 – Resort-Style Poolside Living Room

Now, you can start to think about sunbathing and poolside relaxation settings. Transform your backyard swimming pool into an extended outdoor living room with a raised platform feature.

Alternatively, add either chaise lounge chairs or a sectional, daybeds, maybe a cabana. A coffee or a dining table will make for some fabulous brunch or barbie time. Now, you can bring the resort right to your backyard with some style and sass!

For starters, try adding this TUSY 2 Pieces Patio Chaise Lounge Set. This set includes two outdoor rattan lounge chairs with a coffee table and will instantly transform your backyard into a lux resort. With 5-star ratings across the board, this set will help complete the transformation.

TUSY 2 Pieces Patio Chaise Lounge Set

3 – Swim-Up Table or Bar Island

For the past few years, we see an increase in swim-up floatable tables in swimming pools. After seeing them in resorts everywhere, the fad transformed right into our backyards. Plus, they are not expensive and delightful.

More so, tables or bar islands built inside the swimming pool with submerged seating allows you to enjoy your drinks and snacks without getting out of the pool. Install a canopy or umbrella for some sun protection. Or you can opt for travertine pavers and glass tile mosaics to mirror resort ambiance.

For instance, Vos Floating Refreshments Holding Tray with Storage for Snacks will transform your pool into a lux resort experience. Now, you and your guests can enjoy beverages and snacks right while swimming. This float keeps all kinds of stuff like glasses, beer cans, bowls, phones upright and stable.

Image Overstock: Vos Floating Refreshments Holding Tray

4 – Beach Entry Swimming Pools

What if your swimming pool featured a sloping beach-like pool entry? Lagoon pool designs come in stone, glass or ceramic tiles, and even decorative concrete creating a pool wading ledge.

Moreover, you can also enhance this feature by complementing vegetation, rock accents, waterfalls, maybe even a grotto or cave feature. You don’t need a huge budget to replicate this look. Try adding these same features on a smaller scale.

Image: Biodesign Natural Pond Pools

4 – Add A Luxury Baja Shelf Ledge Lounger

Furthermore, a perfect addition to swimming pools that allow lounging in the shallow end without dipping completely. A Baja shelf is just an extended first step that lets you splash your feet. Great for kids in the absence of a kid’s pool.

Adding this Ainfox 2 Pcs Patio Chaise Lounge Chairs would work beautifully with your Baja Shelf. These adjustable chairs have a high-quality, stylish design, and you can stack them too.

You can use it at home yard, outdoor, balcony, barbecue bar, restaurant, company leisure area. The adjustable backrest has five levels for pure lux comfort and a chic resort-style look. We love the pop of seaside blue color as well.

Image Overstock: Ainfox 2 Pcs Patio Chaise Lounge Chairs

5 – Add A Small Covered Wooden Deck

Although, even if you don’t have much space in your backyard, you can still carve out a small area for a wooden deck. Also, you can add a covered awning for sun protection to it as well.

However, if you have a tight space featuring a plunge pool, adding a wooden deck can give you two experience settings in one area. Or pack a lot of punch with bold and colorful tiles.

Above all, if you have extra room poolside, try adding a wooden deck with a Pergola. Either way, your swimming pool area with transform into a lux resort for your family and friends to enjoy.

Swimming Pool

6 – Adding Elements Of Fire And Light To Your Swimming Pool

Of course, nothing speaks resort-style like elements of fire and light at your swimming pool area. Try adding fire pits, fireplaces, or even fun tiki torches to your pool area or deck. These flickering Aityvert Solar Light Tiki Torches will add the perfect resort-style effect to your backyard. And because they feature solar power, you’ll never worry about powering them.

Or, better yet, you can add these Solar LED Bamboo Flickering Flame Tiki Torch Lights in a flower pot poolside. These solar-powered LED bamboo style Tiki Torches will make your nights glow. Featuring three lighting modes, you can choose between a steady white light, a steady warm flame light, and a flickering flame mode that resembles an actual flame!

Image Overstock: Solar LED Bamboo Flickering Flame Tiki Torch Lights

Additionally, you can feature a poolside fireplace or firepit as well. This stunning and resort-style Hoonah Outdoor Circular Fire Table by Christopher Knight Home will bring your poolside to light!

Did you ever think of adding Floating Solar Pool Lights to your pool? These lights create a warm, inviting resort-style atmosphere and will delight all of your guests with fun pops of color too.

Image Amazon: Floating Solar Pool Lights

Besides, you can warm-up your backyard or other outdoor space with this cozy fire table. Made of lightweight concrete, this all-weather fire pit is durable and easy to move around when you need to replace it. The brickwork design looks like genuine stone, and your propane tank fits into a built-in hidden space.

7 – Transform Your Poolside Into A Spa

Furthermore, you can add a jacuzzi or spa to your swimming pool and create a fantastic chillout spot. Also, you can add a custom spa, jacuzzi, or hot tub to your existing swimming pool without fuss. Fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl spas will provide your own resort experience in any weather.

More so, don’t you already feel like going into vacation-relaxation mode? Get down to work then; all you have to do is call up the best indoor pool builder in Sydney and tell them your ideas. They can turn your resort-style pool dream into reality and top it with up to 90% power saving!

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