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How to Keep Your Bleached Hair Healthy & Beautiful

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There are millions of folks out there with bleached hair, and many of them don’t realize the often damaging consequences that come along with it. As a former hairstylist, I’ve seen the best and worst of what bleached hair can do.

Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way that can really make a difference in the overall health of your bleached hair. 

Bleached Hair

Bleached Hair Can Look And Feel Healthy

Bleaching damages your hair and there is no way around this, so explain professional colorists. However, if the treatment itself is performed correctly, you can keep your locks looking healthy and stunning with the right care. Note that this care is mandatory. Without it, your locks will turn into a yellowish brittle mess of split ends.

Bleached Hair

We all want thicker and more beautiful hair and with a few good habits, you can get there! 

Bleached Locks Haircare Guide: How to Be Blond and Beautiful

1.      Stop with the frequent washing and styling

Are you used to washing your locks every day or every other day? Forget about this if you bleach your locks. Everything that dries out your hair and scalp is your worst enemy. Therefore, you need to avoid any undue irritation. Washing your hair definitely fits this profile.

The good news is that bleaching dries your hair to the point that it won’t need frequent washes, even if it was originally oily. However, some haircuts require daily styling, which is your enemy number two. Heat styling should disappear from your arsenal completely because no amount of haircare will save your tresses if you take a straightening or curling iron to them daily.

To avoid this kind of problem and reduce the number of styling products on your locks, which necessitate frequent washing, you need to choose the right haircut. Note that there isn’t a single perfect style for bleached blondes. The choice depends on your hair type and personal style. The only requirement you need to abide by is to pick the cut that will require minimal styling.

Bleached Hair

2.      When you wash, use a specialized shampoo

As washing bleached hair is a sensitive topic, you must minimize the damage your locks suffer during it. This means using specialized products designed specifically for bleached locks. Note that regular shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair won’t be as effective.

If your chosen shade of blonde is on the colder side, like platinum, ash, or solver, you will need to get a toning shampoo. It will not only help protect your locks through hydration and nourishing. It will also slow down the natural yellowing of bleached tresses, thus reducing your need for color treatments.

You’ll need to study a purple shampoo guide to understand what concentration of which pigment you need to achieve maximum effect. Remember to use this product with a matching conditioner, as this should enhance the toning effect.

Bleached Hair

3.      Avoid adding to the physical hair damage

Heat styling isn’t the only procedure that physically ruins your bleached locks. Things that can compound the damage include brushing when the hair is wet, wearing it wrapped in a towel and twisted, and swimming. Both seawater and treated pool water are equally damaging.

Therefore, if you plan on swimming with your hair bleached, have your tresses secured under a silicone swimming cap. Note that this won’t protect you 100%, so make an effort to wet your locks as little as possible.

And don’t forget about UV damage. You should always cover bleached locks while out in the sun. SPF sprays will be less effective for you.

Bleached Hair
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4 – Get professional deep conditioning treatment every week

If you only went to a salon to enjoy deep conditioning as a special treat, bleached locks will require you to get this treatment every week. Such a thorough hydrating and restorative treatment is essential to keep bleached hair soft and healthy.

As getting a professional treatment in a salon can be too expensive, you should invest in such a product and learn how to use it at home. Go for the best quality you can afford. I always use a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week at home. It makes all the difference in the world!

Bleached Hair

Girls with bleached hair have some unique problems, but all of those can be resolved with the right care. However, you shouldn’t forget that the main part of keeping your locks healthy after bleaching depends on the treatment itself. Therefore, it’s essential to get your hair colored by a highly qualified professional who specializes in bleaching specifically.

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