10 Solutions For Storing Off-Season Clothes You Need To Know

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Storing off-season clothes isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have the room to organize them properly. Luckily, we have easy-to-implement solutions! And, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can use what you already have!

Storing Off-Season Clothes

Storing Off-Season Clothes Doesn’t Have To Make You Miserable

Before I mastered the art of learning the best ways possible to store my off-season clothes, I felt overwhelmed and lost. Now, everything has its place, and there’s a place for everything!

And I used most of the resources I had handy and did this for both my husband and me. Plus, I and added some of the best organizing strategies and products to help me along. If you’re planning to store your off-season clothes in the upcoming days or have a mess you need organized, then you’re at the right place.

Here are our top ten solutions for storing clothes that you need to know!

1. Utilize The Whole House

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As wacky as it sounds, yes, you can utilize your whole house for storing off-season clothes. Don’t worry, and it’s not like you will have your things strewn around. More so, it would be best if you started thinking about those areas in your home where you can add storage boxes and organizers and keep them out of sight. Who says your clothes must stay in your bedroom? Instead, try the living room!

Instead, try an old but chic storage trunk as a coffee table and load it up with those bulky winter sweaters and jackets!  And, if your sofa has open space underneath, be sure to add some inexpensive storage boxes for things like footwear or accessories too.

Additionally, you can even use your dining room buffet drawers to house some off-season clothes too. So it’s time to be a rule-breaker and start thinking smart about storage in your home.

Therefore, don’t let spatial assumptions limit your imagination by using your room for storage only. In this case, the whole house is your canvas. Look into the right places, and ideas will come naturally to you!

Storing Off-Season Clothes
Image: Amazon Storage Bench

2. Improvise & Repurpose Any And All Furniture 

Typically, I end up rotating my off-season clothes, and while that works, there’s a good chance you can run out of storage space. So about three years ago, I decided to build an extra closet in our master bedroom, which was truly transformative.

This little walk-in closet changed everything. And while we all don’t have the room or funds to build one, it’s time to start thinking of creative alternatives. Even with the extra space, I still love discovering new ways of storing off-season clothes.

For example, a great way to store clothes is by repurposing some of the older pieces in your home. Maybe, you used part of your pantry to house extra glassware and dishes. Think about selling them at your next yard sale and start stowing away some winter scarfs, gloves, and hoodies in them instead.

Additionally, some winter clothes can fit perfectly in suitcases and other items that are big, sturdy, and bulky. If you happen to have some decorative vintage suitcases that adhere to your perception of aesthetics, it’s high time to take them out and put them to good use.

Fill it in with as many clothes as you possibly can and place the suitcase as a decorative prop wherever you want. A bonus feature is placing antiquities on top of it.

Storing Off-Season Clothes

3. The Space Under The Stairs 

The space under the stairs is arguably the most spatial place you have for a storage option. If you don’t already have anything planned for it, then it’s high time you turn it into a storage vault!

I use the space under the stairs to store off-season clothes, winter boots, bulky quilts, and blankets. Then, of course, I use one of my favorite stackable storage bins to help me along. They are perfect for protecting my clothes all season long too!

Image: Sorbus Storage Bins

4. Baskets And High Shelves – Perfect For Storing Off-Season Clothes

Of course, baskets are a great tool to use if you plan on stacking things on top of each other. I know so many folks that love and use decorative storage baskets for so many uses in their homes. A handy tip is to make sure the baskets feature lids so you can easily conceal the items inside.

However, working in conjunction with high shelves, you can virtually store whatever you want. For example, these decorative baskets are perfect for storing off-season clothes! Another good thing about this is that when installed correctly, high shelves won’t even interfere with your daily activities, even though they’ll be present in plain sight.

A word of caution for this technique; make sure that the shelf and basket color compliments the rest of your decor elements as well. It helps to blend your storage items and takes on a beauty of its own.

Storing Off-Season Clothes

5. Under-Bed Options – The Perfect Way To Stow Away Off-Season Clothes

Most people often overlook how much space a bed occupies in a room. But, if you’re in a house that has more than two rooms, then it’s fair to say that’s plenty of room for storage too.

When storing off-season clothes, a great way to go about them is doing it right under your nose yet hidden from plain sight. It’s a good idea to get foldable under bags to ensure they fit comfortably under your bed. And, this way, you can fill them up without worrying about overstuffing them. However, with the right plan in mind, you can turn it into a storage facility. If your bedframe already has drawers in them, then you’re in luck!

6. Shelving Is A Great Solution For Stowing Away Just About Everything!

A shelved rack is a good alternative to consider if you’re not down for a closet for clothes. Moreover, a shelved rack gives you the liberty of choosing where you want to install it. For example, some people choose to install one in the garage or the backyard to store their clothes in air-tight sealed baskets.

Likewise, a shelved rack is perfect for shoe storage as well. This is a great option to consider, especially if you want to put away your Timberlands for a while. It’s also a great idea to use the space behind your bed for storing off-seasoned clothes. And this is where decorative shelving comes in.

You can also install a clothing rod to hang some items or use a set of decorative curtains to hide the shelving. If you set things up properly, it can look quite cute!

Storing Off-Season Clothes

7. Under Mattress Storage – Turn Your Bedframe Into An Entire Closet

For those of us in desperate need of storage space, this brilliantly designed bedframe can change everything for you. For example, by using this beautiful bed frame storage, there’s no need for heavy lifting. Instead, your entire mattress easily lifts and reveals the area as a whole for storing off-season clothes.

For example, it features an easy-to-use lift mechanism making it effortless to lift and stow away! While it does require you to spend some additional funds upfront, the payoff lasts for years and years. Additionally, I think it’s a brilliant way to get the extra bedroom storage space you need while keeping your bedroom looking neat and tidy.

Image: Amazon Storage Bedframe

8. Utilize Unused Corners With A Wardrobe Assistant Corner

When it comes to utilizing our homes for additional storage, corners are the perfect way to get extra space. It’s the ideal spot for storing off-season clothes!

Above all, with the use of tension rods and bars, you can easily make use of every corner in your bedroom. And it can look super cute if you display your items fashionably.

You can also hang a decorative shelf over the corner area and add some of your favorite home decor elements for that added touch!

Storing Off-Season Clothes
Image: Amazon Hanging Bars

9. Hang Off-Season Clothes Where You Can

If space is sparse in your home, there’s a solution for that too! An easy-to-install folding rack is a perfect place to stow away extra clothing.

For example, you can use this Folding Closet Organizer behind any door in your home or your closets too! After all, you can use this unit for creatively organizing great spaces and small places. Plus, it holds up to 50 pounds, and it helps keep your off-season clothes neat for when you need them most.

Image: Amazon Folding Closet Organizer

10 – Install Wall Mounted Hooks Where You Can

I love using decorative wall-mounted hooks. When I built my walk-in closet, I made sure to install these hooks on every side of every wall.

More so, these hooks are perfect for hanging everything from scarfs to handbags perfectly. Plus, you can always install single-mounted wall hooks if you don’t have room for a tier of several.

Image: Amazon Decorative Wall Mounted Hooks

When storing off-season clothes, always look at all your options and develop a game plan. There are plenty of choices available to you to make the most effective use of storage in your home. I hope you were able to glean some great ideas from our suggestions!

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