Steam Cleaners: Are They Worth It For Disinfecting And Cleaning?

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Have you thought about using steam cleaners in your home? Did you wonder if they are worth it when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning your home?

Today, we will look to see how they compare and if they are worth it. And, some of my best advice for using them effectively!

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners – Let’s Really See If They Are Worth It!

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I jumped on the steam cleaner’s bandwagon the minute they were available to purchase.

Back then, they were still expensive, and no one really knew if they were worth it or not. It was a purchase risk for sure!

I started with a Steam Cleaning Mop and said wow almost immediately upon using it. As the steam rose from the unit, and hard at work cleaning my floors, I said buh-bye germs!

Additionally, I loved steam cleaners so much, I also started using the handheld steam cleaners for my home too.

More so, just because I love them doesn’t necessarily mean they are the perfect solution for you as well. That’s why in this article, we will take a deep dive into some of the benefits.

Is Steam Mopping A More Efficient Cleaning Method Than Using A Regular Mop?

No doubt, mopping with your conventional mop can keep your surfaces free from grime and filth. But do they really disinfect and deep clean your floors?

This household tool is also practical, quite absorbent, inexpensive and easy to use. Nonetheless, it requires a lot of preparation, time, and physical energy on your part. 

Although this method of washing your floors is satisfying, you must work hard to eliminate spills and stains.

Plus, let’s not forget about the constant wringing, refilling, and splashing water all over ourselves and our kitchens!

However, you do have much better options today like the innovative steam mop!

It will make your cleaning experience not only easier but less stressful as well. Your flooring will also dry almost instantly, and steam can kill about 99 percent of the bacteria and dust mites

Steam Cleaners

Cleaning Process Comparison

Firstly, there’s a massive difference between the two in terms of the cleaning methods.

Also, both come with their own benefits. Some homeowners get satisfaction from the fresh smell of clean floorings that a regular mop brings.

Still, there’s nothing more satisfying knowing that your steam cleaner can get rid of 99.99% of bacteria and germs in your home.

Steam mops are also simple to operate. You only need to fill the tank with water, glide it across your floor, and it’s spotless in a matter of minutes. And more so, steam cleaners will finish the job much faster.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get rid of invisible bacteria on surfaces easily, which traditional mops cannot do. 

Here’s a quick look at both cleaning processes.

First, let’s take a quick look at both processes and see which one makes more sense for you!

Cleaning With A Regular Bucket And Mop Combo

  • First, you must prepare water and detergent or a cleaning solution.
  • After setting up the mop unit, submerge into the water and make sure it’s very wet.
  • Wring out all excess water.
  • And the floor scrubbing begins. 
  • Once your mop gets dirty or if you’ve finished an area, you need to rinse your mop and wring it out again.
  • Depending on how dirty your surfaces are, you need to repeat the above steps (except for the first one) multiple times.
  • When you’re done mopping, it’s time to empty your mop bucket and rinse the mop itself.
  • The last and final step is to store all your supplies and tools.

Steam Mop Cleaning Process

  • Take your steam cleaner out from the storage.
  • Fill its water reservoir with water and attach its cleaning pad to the mop head.
  • Plug it in and wait for a few seconds or minutes for the water to boil. The waiting time will depend on your unit.
  • Now it’s time to steam clean. To release steam, simply push your unit forward. Its pad will pick up particles and dirt by pushing it backward.
  • When floors are clean and disinfected, simply unplug your steam mop and stow it away!

Obviously, when looking at the process of mopping versus steam cleaners, in my eyes, there’s no debate! Steam cleaning wins hands down!

Steam Cleaners

Why Should You Choose Steam Cleaners Over Traditional Mops?

More so, whether you choose to believe it or not, mopping the traditional way will collect filth instead of just loosening it from your floors. We end up pushing it around and around and end up rinsing the mop in dirty water too.

Using steam cleaners to sanitize and disinfect your floors is an effortless and efficient cleaning system. And the steam is far better at cleaning tough dirt and grease stains from your floors too.

Moreover, aside from being versatile, many steam machines have awesome cleaning attachments you can use all over your home.

Their heat does an amazing job of eliminating both grime and germs that may cause the spread of viruses. And that’s something a conventional mop can’t deliver. Plus, it doesn’t require toxic chemicals to do its job.

You may not be aware of it, but Salmonella tends to prowl on surfaces and can last for a long time spreading and making us sick.

Fortunately, steam comes with natural sanitizing ability, which is excellent for allergies. It can also help keep everyone in your household healthy. 

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners Can Handle Tough Filth And Mold

Steam mops are great at removing stubborn dirt from surfaces. The water vapor it releases can help loosen grime, which its mop head will absorb. Furthermore, it can take care of the mold. And since it dries fast, the chances of mold growth are much less.

Some models, like those from the line of Shark, comes with various cleaning settings as well. It means that it gives you the option to customize your mop’s intensity for deep or quick cleaning. Read this Shark® Genius steam mop review by Daniel Zeichner to learn more. 

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System 

Steam Cleaning Is A Healthier Alternative

Above all, every family deserves a clean and safe home. One of the things you’ll love about steam cleaners is that you don’t need to use harmful and nasty chemicals to wash your surfaces.

So, your pets and even your children can safely walk on your floor after, without worrying about their health.

First, is that most of these home gadgets are not as light as regular mops. You also need to fill its water tank, which will add to its weight.

Also, it’ll require you to have a bit of a workout if your house has a second floor since you must carry it up and down your stairs. But these are minor setbacks in comparison to the many good things it offers.

Let’s face it, mops are gross. Even when you wash the mop heads they end up holding on to dirt and grime – YUCK.

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners Are Very Versatile

Steam cleaners are very versatile as well. You can use it for both quick-dry and deep cleaning.

Except for carpets, the mop is ideal for almost all floors, including tiles, vinyl, and laminate. Steam mops, on the other hand, are not recommended for unsealed hardwood.

I love using my portable steam cleaner for so many chores in my home especially the kitchen and bathroom. It’s also great for removing tough built-up grease from the BBQ too!

Of course, I own a traditional mop in my home. They do have their place in my cleaning routine.

While mops with a microfiber cloth are absorbent and great for quick clean-ups. And there’s no doubt they are great for taking care of accidental spills.

More importantly, if money is holding you back in purchasing a steam cleaner, then this type of mop may be the better option for you. They usually have more affordable pricing options that are kinder to your wallet.

Steam Cleaners

Things To Consider When Deciding Which Mop Is Right For Your Home And Needs

When deciding which household tool is suitable for you and your home, make sure to consider these things:

  • The size of your floor. If you have large areas to clean, a steam mop can help make your cleaning tasks faster. And you won’t be as tired afterward in comparison to using a conventional mop and bucket. 
  • Quick results. Steam cleaners are the better option if you want quick-drying floors.
  • What’s your budget? Opt for a regular mop if you’re tight on budget but still want a good tool at your disposal.

Steam Cleaners Versus Traditional Mops Conclusion

Obviously, you should know there’s much to prepare yourself physically when utilizing a traditional mop. It’ll take a bit more work when removing grime, and especially that stubborn filth.

Typically, since we must wring out traditional mops which obviously isn’t easy and lots of work.

Also, you may bend wrong instead of standing upright when scrubbing, which may lead to chronic back pain as well.

Another thing worth noting is that regular mops require detergents or cleaning solutions to kill germs. These chemicals are toxic and may harm your kids and four-legged household companions.

At the end of the day, the mop you’ll choose will still depend on your preference and budget.

Traditional mops are good at wiping down particles and filth. It’s also the cheaper alternative if you’re low on money.

But if you want a device that can sanitize surfaces, offers efficient and easy cleaning, as well as keep your children and furry buddies safe, consider investing in a great and affordable steam mop.

Steam Cleaners Are They Worth It For Disinfecting And Cleaning - Sassy Townhouse Living

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