5 Hot Soup Recipes You Can Make in a Blender

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With the arrival of fall, it’s the time when we start wanting to spend cold nights indoors, cozied up with a cup of some hot soup. If you are a soup lover, you’re going to love these five hot soup recipes you can easily make in a blender!

hot soup recipes

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Typically, soup recipes can appear complicated to make at home but they don’t have to be.

A blender is the simplest way to make soups, and what’s more, if you know the tricks, you can easily and safely make even the hottest soups without any issues.

Making soup in a blender assures a creamy rich texture as well. And, you can cut back on the carbs and calories as well because you don’t need to add rich creams.

Blender Tips For Hot Soup Recipes You Need To Know

Below, you’ll find a few things you need to know if you’re making hot soups. And we have some neat tips to get you started.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you implement these easy to follow rules before you begin blending away!

Hot Soup Recipes Tips!

Do not ever fill a blender more than half with hot soups: An overly full blender can easily blast the top off and especially when you’re filling it with something hot. The increased pressure inside the blender from the air heating can cause the top to pop! You’ll want to avoid this mess.

Use a towel for added security: If you want to be doubly sure of your safety, then you can replace your Ninja Professional Blender lid (this is the blender I love and use) with a kitchen towel or other small towel.

Then, fold it over several times and hold it firmly over the top of the blender when it’s in use. This will absolutely soak any spills, and by folding it you give yourself enough barriers to absorb everything.

Break soups down into portions: If you’re cooking up a big batch, portion out the soup and blend them individually, adding them back to a separate pot before putting it all back on the stove to keep it heated.

Chop up anything bulky: While powerful blenders can easily eat through most meat and vegetables without any issues, adding extra strain isn’t good for the long life of your blender, and the blades can also catch and stick.

You can make it easy by dicing fruit, vegetables, and meat into small sections, making it a lot simpler, and faster, to use your blender.

More Importantly, Make sure your blender can handle hot liquids: Not all blenders can handle hot ingredients. Make sure you use a blender designed for hot liquids before even attempting this!

hot soup recipes

With all these in mind, here are five easy soups you can whip up in a blender in just minutes. We know they will fill you and keep you toasty warm.

1 – Tomato Soup

A simple staple that anyone can make, tomato soup pairs perfectly with so many dishes.

Ideally, it’s perfect for lunches, dinners mains and starters although we would recommend trying grilled cheese sandwiches.

We love this recipes so be sure to get the full Tomato Soup Blender recipe here.

hot soup recipes

2 – Pumpkin Miso Soup

A thematic selection with an Asian twist, this soup has a beautiful bite and will add a splash of color to your table.

More so, you can whip up a soup like this in a little under 30 minutes, and the ingredients list is pretty much what you’d expect to have in any normal kitchen.

In fact, the only real things you’ll expect to pick up is some miso and pumpkin puree. Light miso is mild and almost sweet. Dark miso is far more pungent, and it’s a lot saltier. Miso comes in many varieties as well.

Be sure to check out this delicious Pumpkin Miso Soup recipe here.

3 – Winter Curry Squash Soup With Cheddar Crisps

Above all, this soup is a staple winter warmer, and a great choice for Thanksgiving, this soup adds a little spice to your evening meal. It’s one of our favorite hot soup recipes!

Creamy, with just a hint of spice, it’s the perfect meal for a freezing cold night.

Additionally, it’s another simple meal that mostly uses standard pantry ingredients, and it’s incredibly simple to make.

It’s also incredibly filling, and the recipe is easy to change for vegetarians, or even vegans, only requiring a different stock for the veggies, and a vegan-safe butter and cheese if you’re going all the way.

Finally, if you want to replace the side of crisps, another awesome add on is a chickpea and sunflower seed sandwich with mayo. Seriously. It’s amazing.

You can find this delicious Winter Curry Squash Soup recipe here.

hot soup recipes

4 – Red Bell Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

Rustic and hearty, this soup is simple to make from common household foods, with just enough flair to impress.

It’s light, so we wouldn’t recommend making this as a main, but it’s a great lunch or snack.

More so, the lightness means it’s perfect for throwing in a flask and taking with you out into the wide world.

Plus, if it’s cold out there, (and right now it’s so cold) the spiciness will give you a little bump and get you going again.

The main advantage of this soup is its versatility. You can season it with almost anything. Curry paste, spices, yogurt, more garlic, plus you can serve it with whatever you have in the cupboards.

Additionally, you can add a thick slice of farmhouse loaf, crusty croutons, a pita bread wrap, side salads. Whatever you fancy.

Once you try this soup, seriously, expect to be making it a lot. Grab the full recipe here.

hot soup recipes

5 – Black Bean Soup

Southwestern-inspired and simple to make, black bean soup is perfect as a starter and filling enough for dinner or lunch as well. Pair it with some crusty bread too – YUM.

In addition, it’s entirely vegan safe as is, but it’s nutritious, filling, and high in protein so it’s a great healthful choice.

In fact, it’s also thick, so naturally tends to freeze exceptionally well, making it the perfect choice to make in huge batches, leaving it ready to use whenever you’re in the mood for a simple but deliciously filling meal.

This is another one of our favorite hot soup recipes and a weekly staple you and your family will enjoy!

Click here for this delicious Black Bean Soup now!

In conclusion, we hope you find these delicious hot soup recipes useful. Making soup in the colder weather brings such comfort and tastes amazing too.

5 Hot Soup Recipes You Can Make in a Blender - Sassy Townhouse Living

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