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New Shopping Haul – 9 New Products You Need To See!

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Don’t you love learning about new products in shopping hauls? I know I do! That’s how I discovered so many awesome things and shared them with you. This month, I have nine new products I know you’ll love as much as I do. 

New Shopping Haul New Products

Shopping Haul – New Products

Discovering new products is always fun, especially when shopping from home is so easy these days. I have to admit, I do most of my shopping from the luxury of my house, but isn’t everyone? You can get such great deals too, which makes it all worthwhile.

If you love our new product discovery articles, be sure to let us know which products you would love to see added! 

Below, you will see my latest shopping haul filled with eight new products. So let’s make a start!

1 – Desert Essence Detoxifying Sea Sale Body Scrub

Oh my gosh, I’m madly in love with this Detoxifying Sea Sale Body Scrub by Desert Essence. And, it’s only$9.99! Of course, it’s essential to make sure you are exfoliating your skin at least 2-3 times a week. 

Product Details:

  • Cleanse while you scrub with this creamy low foaming body polish
  • Coarse exfoliating salts help detoxify
  • Almond Meal and Walnut Shell help to reveal softer, more radiant skin

This intense exfoliating Sea Sale Body Scrub transforms into a creamy, low foaming lather when you use it. As a result, you can smooth and cleanse your skin simultaneously. In addition, the Sea Salt helps detoxify and buff away dead skin cells, while Almond Meal and Walnut Shell help reveal softer, more radiant skin.

This mixture is a delicious blend of shea butter, sweet almond, jojoba oils, and honey that provide luxurious deep-penetrating moisture to help soften your skin. 

You can see the wonderful grains of exfoliating beads going to work on your skin, removing dead skin cells. I love how this Detoxifying Sea Sale Body Scrub returns my skin to a younger and softer self. Your skin will thank you! 

2 – Desert Essence Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil

Of course, I followed the body scrub up with a delicious treatment with Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil by Desert Essence. I especially love using it daily after my shower. 

Product Details: 

  • Replenishing after shower finishing spray for dry skin
  • Provides 24-hour moisture
  • The lightweight texture absorbs quickly

The perfect blend of Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond Oils helps rejuvenate and restore moisture levels for soft, healthy-looking skin.

I love using products with shea butter as they help protect my skin while nourishing it. It also features antioxidant Vitamin E helps to soothe and comfort dry skin.

3 – Acca Kappa Green Mandarin Body Lotion

Discovering new body care products is always exciting and means so much to me, especially for body lotions. And it keeps your skin properly moisturized is everything.

I decided to try Acca Kappa Green Mandarin Body Lotion this month, and wow. If you love a touch of fragrance in your body lotion, you will love it too. 

Green Mandarin Body Lotion

Body Lotion Lover?

This Acca Kappa Green Mandarin Body Lotion is a creamy light emulsion, extremely rich in active vegetable substances. It helps protect against free radicals and skin dehydration.

It features blackcurrant extract that has a strong antioxidant function. In addition, the tangerine and carrot extracts have a beneficial hydrating effect that nourishes and soothes the skin. Finally, the lotion scented with bright-fresh citrus gives the body beauty and vitality.

I’m so glad I found the Acca Kappa brand. They have a loyal customer in me now. I adore this body lotion, and it’s worth the price! 

New Shopping Haul 8 New Products You Need To See

They are a historic brand of excellence in creating fragrances, professional brushes, and body care and wellness products.

LA FABBRICA DELLA BELLEZZA – Celebrating 150 years of tradition, luxury, craftsmanship, love, and dedication to beauty and well-being.

4 – Acca Kappa AIRY 2 Hair Brush

I also decided to try the Acca Kappa AIRY 2 Hair Brush, too, and I’m so glad I did! 

This brush has innovative bi-level soft pins that gently untangle and stimulate the scalp’s micro-circulation. Since I now have color-treated hair, it’s important to detangle it properly without tugging and pulling. 

The AIRY 2 Hair Brush features 100% anti-static nylon tufts and carbonium bi-level soft nylon monofilament. I also use it for styling too. 

5 – Mer|Sea The Cotton Tassel Wrap – A Shopping Haul Must-Have! 

When I first saw this Cotton Tassel Wrap, I fell in love with it. It’s perfect for those summer nights when you need that something extra around your shoulders. 

We are girls on-the-go so this multi-tasker is essential for us. You can wear this one-piece as a wrap, scarf, sarong, and dress cover-up! It’s made from lightweight cotton and is so chic with any outfit. The tassels dress it up just enough to wear by the pool or over a dress.

I love how this Mer|Sea The Cotton Tassel Wrap is packaged in a matching slim bag. It’s so convenient to throw in my handbag.

mer|sea The Cotton Tassel Wrap
mer|sea The Cotton Tassel Wrap

This wrap is washer-friendly (preferably in a soft bag to protect the tassels) but loves to hang dry. Isn’t it so very femme and pretty? I love it and wear it for so many occasions. 

Did I mention this Cotton Tassel Wrap is also perfect as a beach wrap?

6 – Makeup America Independence Red Matte Lipstick

If you love matte lipsticks, you will love this Makeup America Independence Red Matte Lipstick. Yay for America! The packaging is perfectly patriotic and the lipstick is the perfect shade of red. 
I love wearing red lipsticks and when you discover that flawless shade of red – you stick with it

The Makeup America Gold Standard Nail Polish is perfection. I love glitz and glitter and this gold adds the perfect amount. 

7 – More Hair Naturally Triple Stem Cell Shampoo

If you are experiencing hair loss and thinning, you’re going to love More Hair Naturally Triple Stem Cell Shampoo. I got it for my husband’s hair loss. I guess since his hair loss is more significant, he wanted to try an all-natural and less aggressive solution.

He notices a visible improvement too since using it! I’m thrilled he is dedicated to using it daily as well. 

In the effort of full disclosure, I’m using it too and love it. My hair looks noticeably thicker and fuller too! You can use this shampoo on all hair types too. 

Product Details:

This More Hair Naturally Triple Stem Cell Shampoo is formulated to nourish your scalp and visually increase the health of your hair. This Triple Stem Cell Shampoo is made with natural stem cells from Ginseng, Argan, and Bamboo.

It also features extracts from Sunflowers, Sweet Almonds, Wild Cherry Bark and Coconut formulated in a certified organic base of Aloe Vera.

It’s designed for both men and women too! The Triple Stem Cell shampoo contains no harsh chemicals.

All All-Natural Alternative For Hair Loss

In conjunction with the shampoo, he is using More Hair Naturally 9 which is the first place to start in your battle against thinning hair.

Designed for both men and women, More Hair Naturally® 9 utilizes a powerful combination of natural ingredients comprised of three different types of Stem Cells (mountain ginseng root, bamboo sprouts and stem cells from adult human fat cells).

These are three different all-natural peptide complexes and a unique solution of probiotic plant extracts. Be sure to head on over to the product page to read more about them. 

8 – Dani Naturals Coconut Hibiscus Scented Soy Candle

Lighting candles is a daily ritual for me. I depend on them to set the stage for relaxing and ensuring my home smells incredible.

When you light a DANI Coconut Hibiscus Scented Soy Candle you fill your room with the juicy scent of paradise! Words can’t express how amazing the fragrance it. 

Dani Coconut Hibiscus Scented Soy Candle

DANI Coconut Hibiscus Scented Soy Candle is crafted from custom essential oil blends, making it smell incredibly “real”! Their signature Coconut Hibiscus scent is a blend of coconut, hibiscus flower and a touch of apricot.

And, of course, is one of the best smelling and best-selling fragrances.

DANI natural soy candles make the perfect gift (and personal treat!) and will burn approximately 60 hours.

DANI Coconut Hibiscus Scented Soy Candles are:

  • Non-Toxic
    Long Burning (50% longer than paraffin candles)
  • Vegan
  • Clean Burning + Soot Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Non-Paraffin

Soybeans are referred to as “the miracle crop” because they can be grown for so many things – human food, animal feed, fuel, and many other non-food products.

They’re a completely renewable resource and the United States is the largest grower of soybeans in the world… so burning soy candles actually helps support American farmers.

Unlike paraffin candles, which often use metal in their wicks, soy’s lower burn temperature allows DANI to use 100% cotton wicks. This keeps the air toxin free and creates candles that burn up to 50% longer!

Travel Candle Tins

The packaging is stunning too and makes a gift worth giving too. I also love their soy travel candles too. Be sure and check out all their scented candles – they are some of the best on the market. 

I got the Coconut Hibiscus Scented Soy Tin Candle which smells simply wonderful and is perfect to pop in your travel bag.

The Bamboo Bergamot Scented Soy Tin Candle is a leafy, crisp blend of bamboo, cucumber, and bergamot, adorned with a hint of melon – to provide a relaxing, spa-like environment wherever you are.

I hope you have enjoyed my shopping haul featuring so many fun new products. Let me know which products you love best! 

 shopping haul
New Shopping Haul 9 New Products You Need To See - Sassy Townhouse Living

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