5 Romantic Vacation Getaways To Rekindle Your Love Life

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If you are looking for ideas for some romantic vacation getaways to rekindle that spark in your love life, you might be on the right track. 

Did you know that studies suggest that couples who share new and exciting experiences with their partners have healthier and more diverse relationships

Romantic Vacation Getaways love life

Love Life Losing Its Spark? Try Checking Out Some Romantic Vacation Getaways

To be honest, we don’t travel as much as I would like to.  My husband hates traveling, and I have to force him every time we go. Once we are there, he has a great time and always regrets not wanting to go in the first place. 

This year, I wanted to do some research on some romantic vacation getaways and last week, I did just that! Everyone can use an exciting getaway to put some spark back into their relationships, right?

Regardless of your relationship status, planning romantic vacation getaways just might be the perfect solution. 

There are many ways and places to make it memorable, but here are some of the spots that experts point to for 2019. Either way, a wonderful vacation will rekindle your love life for sure!

Romantic Vacation Getaways love life

Romantic Vacation Spots Worth Checking Out 

Below, you’ll find a few beautiful and romantic places to rekindle your love life. If you have kids and need to bring them along, they will have a blast there too! Many hotels offer babysitting services so you can still have a great time! 

Romantic Vacation Getaways love life


Situated in the Indian Ocean southwest of Sri Lanka, experts say the popularity of the Maldives continues to grow along with the choice of hotels and resorts. The trip might be a bit pricier than other options, but travel experts say it’s worth it.

More luxury resorts opened last year, with additional openings scheduled for 2019. The Maldives features bright blue lagoons, coral reefs, and pristine, white sand beaches and great for rekindling your love life too!

Featuring 26 atolls the Maldives boasts some top-notch spas too. One of the features Maldivians like to point to for vacationers here is the high number of villas available, making this a top spot for couples seeking a little more privacy for their romantic getaway.



If you think of Japan when searching for romantic vacation getaways, you might be picturing cherry blossoms, but that would limit you to springtime, and travel experts say there’s never a wrong time to visit.

Part of that is due to the wide variety of experiences available to travelers to Japan. You can go from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas like Tokyo to a serene trip into the mountains. The ancient city of Kyoto offers romance and culture.

Along with the nearby bamboo forest, a visitor can enjoy great spas and haute cuisine. More adventurous travelers and glampers can visit the five lakes around Mount Fuji for fishing, hiking, and canoeing trips.

Travel advisers suggest a stay in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. Many of them are small and family owned and give travelers an authentic taste of Japanese culture.

Saint Lucia 

This location is shedding its reputation as a haven for only the wealthy. Situated in the Eastern Caribbean, the island lies northwest of Barbados. In addition to white sand beaches, the island’s interior features lush tropical rain forests, waterfalls, and some great hiking.

The airport sits on the island’s south side, but don’t ignore the north side of Saint Lucia.

Romantic Vacation Getaways love life

It might be a bit more challenging to reach, but the island’s tourism site says it has a lot to offer from the nightlife in Rodney Bay to historic spots like the old fort ruins.

Travel experts say Saint Lucia is now embracing the idea of the all-inclusive resort, and that’s opening the doors to travelers on a bit more of a budget. There are deals out there for sure, so if you’re thinking about a trip to this island, do some research.


If a tropical honeymoon isn’t what you have in mind, Iceland, the land of fire and ice, might be just the spot. Couples can take in the Northern Lights, check out Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. I would love to book a vacation there. It looks incredible! 

The water in the swimming area of the lagoon averages between 99 and 102 degrees. Yes, that’s in Iceland. This spot has been a much sought after honeymoon location for several years now, especially for more adventurous couples.

This island country offers hiking, ice climbing, and horseback riding opportunities, plus checking out glaciers, lava fields, and geothermal springs.

Best of all, it’s only about a four-hour flight from the East Coast and about seven from the West Coast. Iceland is about half the distance of a flight to Europe.

The cuisine skews toward lamb and seafood, something to take into consideration if you have any allergies.

Hawaii – Big Island

If you’d like to keep your honeymoon in the United States, the Big Island of Hawaii has a long-standing reputation of knowing how to treat honeymooning couples.

In fact, US News & World Report ranks it number two on its list of 2019 honeymoon destinations. As opposed to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean, Hawaii offers beaches in a variety of shades…like black and green.

Romantic Vacation Getaways love life

The interior of the island has Volcanoes National Park with two active volcanoes—Kilauea and Mauna Loa. The western side of the island is more arid, while the eastern side features plenty of waterfalls and botanical gardens.

From the ocean to the air, visitors can enjoy everything from snorkeling and surfing to scenic helicopter rides.

So, whether you are looking to book some romantic vacation getaways or a honeymoon, remember getting away can help rekindle your love life. 

This may be your first real chance as an official couple to spend significant time together.

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