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How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free This Season

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How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free This Season

Do you struggle to keep your garden pest-free? It can become quite a chore, but no worries because we got the tips to get you there!

Below, you’ll find 5 awesome tips to keep your indoor or outdoor garden pest-free and beautiful! 

Garden Pest Free

Every year, I struggle to keep those pesky pests out of my garden. But this year, I finally nailed it.

Since following these tips, my garden looks better than ever before. 

Garden Pest Free

5 Tips To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free!

It’s very disheartening to work hard in the yard to grow plants and vegetables throughout the year only for pests to ruin your efforts. 

If pests become an issue for your garden life and you’re looking for ways to minimize lurking pests, have a look at some of the simple tips you can implement below. 

Keeping your garden pest-free is possible and with some effort, you can get it done!

Garden Pest Free

1. Clean Up After Your Plants

Good sanitation is one of the most basic tips to implement to keep your garden protected from pests. Cleaning up after your plants will keep your garden more organized. It will also prevent insects and critters from having somewhere to hide.

Start off by simply removing fallen debris. Make sure you keep all other parts of your garden clean as well. I go out into my garden at least twice a week to clean out weeds, twigs, etc. which really helps big time. 

Pests love to wander in and feed off dead leaves and broken branches. It’s important you keep your yard clean and tidy when possible to prevent this from happening.

Garden Pest Free

2. Use the Best Anti-Pest Products – For Free!

There are thousands of products you can take advantage to help you protect your garden from pests. Such products can range from sturdy gardener’s fencing to really powerful all-natural weed killers

The problem with such products is that they can become expensive. You don’t want to waste money especially if you’re not a green thumb enthusiast or someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in their garden.

There are sites like Just Freebies that could help you with such products though. They provide discounts, promotions, and there’s no shortage of free stuff online when it comes to their website either.

Be sure to do the research and see what free products you can acquire before you run out and spend money. 

3. Invite Protection

Not all insects are bad for your garden. In fact, a lot of “good insects” will protect your garden from the “bad insects”. Insects like dragonflies and honeybees will feed off the bad insects. And they will add an extra layer of protection to your garden in the process.

This could be one of the most effective ways to prevent pests from ruining your yard, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to implement. None of us want pesky mice or worse in our gardens!

You can invite such insects to your garden by following this helpful guide.

Garden Pest Free

4. Apply Plant Netting

If insects and other pests can’t access your plants, they’re not going to be able to feed off them. Garden plant netting is a good way to counter this issue. It doesn’t cost a lot and if you’re looking to cover large areas you can buy it in bulk to save you money in the long run.

Applying plant netting can be quite a fiddly process to get going. Once netted, you will find gaining access to those plants in the future will be effortless. 

Insects aren’t the only problem when it comes to pest control. Birds also like to pick berries and have a look at what else you’ve got to offer.

BaseGoal All-Weather Trellis Netting Plant Garden Vine

5. Create Plenty of Space To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free

This isn’t always possible if you have a small yard, but sometimes careful planning can make a difference to help your plants breathe.

If your plants can’t breathe, they’ll constantly attract bad insects, and your yard won’t succeed due to a lack of airflow.

In order to keep your garden pest-free, you have to let your plants have plenty of room.

If your planting areas are next to each other, you’re only going to promote them to pests. Try to keep your areas spaced out so insects and the like don’t have an easy way to breed.

The above are just some of the many tips you can implement to ensure your garden is a paradise. 

If you find that the above tips aren’t working for your yard,  retrace your steps and make sure you are following them. 

A good rule of thumb is to keep your yard simple and spaced out so nothing bunches together.

This would create plenty of shade and a good way for insects to hide. You don’t want your beautiful garden and veggies to look like this!

Be sure to PIN your inspiration using the image below! 

How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free This Season - Sassy Townhouse Living

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