Transform And Organize Your Garage With Designer Cabinets!

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Transform And Organize Your Garage With Designer Cabinets!

Garage Remodel with Designer Cabinets - Sassy Townhouse Living

You can transform your old garage space into something fabulous! Organize your garage space and transform it into living usable space easily. We decided to remodel our garage last summer, and I can’t begin to express how this has made our lives so much easier. It’s almost like having our kitchen extended (as the kitchen door leads out to the garage). We bought the cabinets at Lowe’s and they happened to be on sale which was a major plus for us! Here are some pics. We love it!

we put them wherever we could

I really enjoy using the workstation for crafting projects. 

It wasn’t too expensive either. You can wait for them to go on sale in stores like Lowes or Home Depot like we did. 

20150830_165229We put them wherever we could. We planned out every inch of our garage to make sure we got the optimum storage possible. 

garage2I also love using one of the cabinets for all of my canned goods. It’s a great second pantry! 


Using the cabinets for storing tools, paint cans, and other accessories are the best way to keep everything organized and tidy.  


I even went one step further and decided to get really organized. What a huge difference it made. I can find everything so easily now. 

How To Organize Your Storage Pantry When It's A Nightmare Mess

We chose to hang them close to the ground but off of it – you can place them directly on the ground too. 

what an amazing difference

So many things to hang like mops, brooms, etc – the hooks were perfect for it! 


 What an amazing difference – we also added two heaters so I can do my projects comfortably during the cold winter months. 

before remodel - wasted spaceAbove: Before remodel – wasted space and a mess! 


 The storage space is amazing now! It’s really an extension of my kitchen.  We still have to refinish the garage floor is on our to do this for this fall. 

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