Love, Intimacy, & Relationships – An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Brian Jory

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Love, Intimacy, & Relationships – An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Brian Jory

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Brian Jory, we discuss important topics like love, intimacy & relationships amidst a highly charged atmosphere of cultural changes that were propelled by the #MeToo movement. 

Love Intimacy Relationships Dr. Brian Jory

In 2018, Dr. Jory wrote a book titled, Cupid on Trial – What We Learn About Love When Loving Gets Tough, where he shares his vision of what it means to love and be loved in our contemporary world—including what it means to love yourself. You don’t want to miss this book and interview! 

Love Intimacy Relationships Dr. Brian Jory

A little bit about Dr. Brian Jory before we begin:

BRIAN JORY, Ph.D., has dedicated his career to counseling couples, researching relationships, and teaching about intimacy—currently serving as a Professor and the Director of Family Studies at Berry College. Dr. Jory is affiliated with the American Psychological Association and is widely published in the field of relationship therapy with theories and research studies published in prestigious academic journals and featured in Self, USA Today, NPR, and PBS Television.

Dr. Jory’s work has also been recognized by The Child and Family Press, The United States Air Force, and The American Counseling Association. One of his clinical assessment tests, The Intimate Justice Scale, has been translated into 25 languages and he has been called to lecture on the theory worldwide.

Dr. Jory is the former Editor of Family Science Review and the Campbell Monograph Series on Human Sciences. He also serves on the Editorial Boards of several academic journals that focus on relationship therapy.

For more information on Dr. Jory, visit his website and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Cupid on Trial is currently available on Amazon.

I was thrilled to be able to interview Dr. Brian Jory after reading his book, Cupid on Trial – What We Learn About Love When Loving Gets Tough. He is one of those people who you immediately feel at ease with the moment the conversation begins. Cupid on Trial is a transformative book because after reading it, you will never look at love the same way again. 

Dr. Brian Jory has been researching relationships, teaching about intimacy, and counseling couples for years. He wrote Cupid on Trial with the belief that it is never too early—or too late—for couples who love one another to plan a happy ending. The book is based on a fictional city where real couples are struggling with love amidst turbulent relationships where the characters are pushed to the brink in real-life situations they never saw coming. 

Love Intimacy Relationships Dr. Brian Jory

Discussing topics like love, intimacy, and relationships are one of the most important things we can do. Not only to benefit the people we love around us but also to learn how to truly love yourself too. Millions of people have searched for the term, what is the meaning of love, on Google. If you are one of them, you are hardly alone. We are all searching to define the meaning of love even if we are in stable relationships. The cultural shifts of society have radically transformed our views about love, intimacy, and relationships. 

Love Intimacy Relationships Dr. Brian Jory

During our interview, Dr. Brian Jory touched on an important aspect of relationships when he stated that some of his client’s complaints are based on a simple narrative – why doesn’t he bring me flowers anymore? He used to buy me flowers all the time when we first met. These types of issues run to the core of many loving couples. Dr. Jory’s response to this and many other constructs about the complex nature of relationships is compelling! 

Love Intimacy Relationships Dr. Brian Jory

Be sure to watch the exclusive interview with Dr. Brian Jory below.

It’s important to note Cupid on Trial speaks to people who aren’t academics. Dr. Brian Jory states. “I also wanted to write a book that a wider audience—including my students—could read and relate to. Most books about relationships target therapists and people with PhDs. The stories in the book will take you inside relationships with true stories of turmoil. You’ll get an insider’s perspective, as opposed to an outsider’s analysis.

He goes on to say, “Therefore, I crafted a series of cautionary tales that will reveal authentic stories from my clients (names have been changed) and how it all played out. As a nonfiction book in “fiction clothing,” you’ll learn ways to handle contemporary issues—what works, and what doesn’t—as well as the value of respect, forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding.”

I hope you find the interview and the book, Cupid on Trial, and our exclusive interview, a worthy adventure and learning experience. After reading it, I was able to experience the difficult trials and tribulations of the characters and learn how important to understand that you can only love yourself based on how you love other people.

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Love, Intimacy, & Relationships Exclusive Interview With Dr. Brian Jory - Sassy Townhouse Living

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