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4 Excellent Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

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We all want to keep our feet healthy and comfortable, but it’s not always easy. These foot care tips come from personal experience after experiencing foot issues for years.

More so, taking care of your feet should require a lifetime of good habits and ensuring your feet are always a top priority.

Foot Care

It All Starts with Good Foot Care Habits

Many of us suffer from a lifetime of bad foot care habits and regret it as we age. I only just realized about my foot health once much of the damage already took a toll. We all want beautiful happy feet all year round, right?

As you might know, foot issues like bunions are prevalent among adults and often require surgery. I experienced this surgery on both my feet, and trust me; you don’t want to experience the unpleasantness.

However, proper foot care requires maintenance and developing good habits too. So, look at at least four excellent foot care tips you can implement to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

1 – The Shoes You Buy Determine the Overall Health Of Your Feet

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During my youth, I lived in high heels. I never gave much thought to the damage they caused and ignored many warning signs.

While we all love wearing our favorite pair of heels, it’s time to think about the consequences. Good foot care requires good habits and dedication.

When shopping for shoes, remember these important foot care tips.

  1. Since our feet swell by the end of the day, try and shop for shoes at this point in the day. It’s best to make sure our shoes fit properly especially when our feet are at their largest.
  2. More importantly, always wear socks or hosiery you wear most when trying on shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I had socks on thin socks when shoe shopping and ended up returning the shoes because they were too tight.
  3. There should be at least a thumb’s width between the end of your big toe and the tip of the shoe. Always check the ball of your foot for room and comfort as well.
  4. Always get the larger size shoe that fits your larger foot and not your smaller foot. As you know, typically, we can have one foot larger than the other.
  5. Breaking in shoes is a myth. You shouldn’t have to break in good-fitting shoes when you buy them.
  6. Always get a good pedicure before shoe shopping. You don’t want long overgrown toenails getting in the way of proper sizing.
Foot Care

2 – When You Can, Always Wear Comfortable Supportive Shoes

This might seem like a no-brainer but nonetheless, shocking. It’s surprising how many folks don’t wear supportive, comfortable shoes, especially when at home or out running errands.

I have friends who wear uncomfortable shoes when shopping and end up complaining for hours about their feet. I know we want to look our best all the time but at what cost?

When I’m home relaxing or out running quick errands, I always make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Let me give you a great example of the perfect shoe for your foot care and health. Recently, I got a pair of these Adult Merino Zen Moccasins, and my feet never felt better, and I love wearing them.

Develop Strong Feet And A Solid Foundation

These minimal shoes designed to allow natural, barefoot-like movement and feel like walking on clouds. They help you develop strong feet and a solid foundation for a life of movement.

These Merino Zen Moccasins give my feet the comfort I need especially when my feet need it most.

This first-ever wool design is an innovative cross between a slipper and a shoe! And so much better for your feet than wearing unsupportive slippers.

Moreover, they feature a luxurious 100% merino wool uppers and soft, flexible soles. It’s so important to wear shoes that are adorable and feel great too.

With handcrafted leather detailing and a roomy toe box, you’ll get the best of both worlds in comfort and style. Plus, the Zen Adult Merino Zen Moccasins weighs in at just under 4oz for most sizes, which makes it one of our lightest designs to date.

foot care
Adult Merino Zen Moccasins

You might forget you’re wearing anything on your feet!

  • Recommended for indoor use or light outdoor use.
  • Roomy toe box.
  • Adjustable Velcro closure for a customized fit.
  • 100% Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified merino wool uppers and innersole from Germany (ensures safety in textiles).
  • Poron midsole and Halcyon outer sole, made from 0.5mm rubberized fabric, adds extra protection, traction, and water resistance.
  • Naturally, homeostatic wool keeps your feet at a regulated temperature, wicks away sweat, and neutralizes odors.
  • You can wear them with or without sox!
  • Designed and handcrafted at their workshop in Oregon, USA.

I love these Adult Merino Zen Moccasins and hope you get a chance to check them out too. Plus, they are perfect for anyone including men, women, and children too!

3 – Wash And Moisturize Your Feet Every Day

Taking care of your feet starts with good hygiene. Good foot care involves making sure you properly cleanse and moisturize your feet at least twice a day.

Don’t think merely by showering your feet are as clean as they can possibly be. You need to make sure you exfoliate your feet properly several times a week and use the best deepest moisturizers you can find.

For example, exfoliating your feet will keep them in good shape and of course soft and callous free. Plus, your feet will not only feel great but look great too.

More so, using a remedy soap with tea tree oil for your feet will keep them healthy and eliminate athlete’s foot and other types of foot fungus.


4 – Visit A Podiatrist Once A Year

After my bunion surgery, I made sure to schedule an annual appointment with my podiatrist once a year. It’s so important to get a check-up to make sure your feet stay in good health and prevent any possible issues.

More so, it’s important for ankle healthy as well. As we age, we lose fat in our feet and this can affect the pressure on our bones.

Plus, our ligaments are not as strong, and we can develop arthritic conditions as well.  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you schedule a checkup to keep your feet in good health and take care of any underlying issues right away.

In conclusion, don’t ignore any painful issues and start taking care of your feet today! It’s important especially for folks suffering from conditions like diabetes.

6 Excellent Foot Care Tips You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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