Types Of Garden Fences You Need To Learn About

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Types Of Garden Fences You Need To Learn About

While many garden fences aim to keep critters out of your crops, there are plenty of other considerations when choosing how to enclose your garden.

From underground panels that protect against burrowing animals to decorative panels for vines to grow on, here are types of garden fences for every application.

Garden Fences

Types of Garden Fences

Though garden fences span everything from decorative paneling to thick and deep-set posts, your choice will depend on what plants you grow and how big your plot is.

 You may want a fence to keep both your pets inside and wildlife outside, or you may only need a decorative barrier to distinguish edibles from perennials. Garden fences range from two to nearly six feet high, giving you plenty of options when it comes to installation and containment.

Garden Fences

Pest Prevention Fences

Many home gardeners struggle with keeping deer and other animals out of their plants. While deer require higher barriers to keep them from nibbling on plants and low-hanging fruit, other animals such as gophers or rabbits will easily tunnel under fence posts or squeeze beneath mesh or chain-link material.

Lowe’s explains that garden fencing often relies on fabric to keep animals from entering, so garden fence posts should not be farther than six feet apart. Both light and heavy-duty options exist – the construction of your fence and fence materials will vary based on what animals and other conditions exist in your region.

Pest prevention fences cover:

  • Chain-link fencing made of galvanized steel
  • Welded wire fencing with heavy gauge and vinyl coating for reinforcement and durability
  • Poultry netting (chicken wire) to either contain or deter small animals like chickens, small dogs, or rabbits
  • Rabbit guard with mesh openings to allow for airflow while keeping small animals out
  • Electric fencing to protect both gardens and even livestock
  • Hex netting for an inexpensive and weather-resistant solution to most larger pests

Garden Fences

In addition to fences that bar animals from garden access, you may also consider animal-repellent methods such as spray deterrents, noise-making devices, or outdoor dogs.

 Garden Fences

Decorative Garden Fences

Any gardener can select a panel of material and create a stylish and practical garden barrier. However, ornamental fences may not address the needs of animal containment or deterrent. But there are ways to “dress up” functional fences so that they work with the ambiance of your garden space.

A low chain-link fence, for example, can serve as a frame for creeping foliage or vines. Fence posts can support solar-powered lighting to add ambiance and much-needed light to your space.

Ideally, regardless of its construction, your garden fence will:

  • Protect your garden against large pests
  • Allow for airflow and natural sunlight to reach the plants
  • Keep domestic animals inside the garden area
  • Add an aesthetic element to the overall space

Garden Fences

Whether you have to defend your garden plot against burrowing pests, need to create a barrier to keep pets contained, or want to add visual appeal to a space, you can find the right garden fence with the help of Red Fox Fence and their experienced design team. Even if you’re not an expert gardener, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create an attractive garden space.

Garden Fences

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