How To Know When It’s Time For A Toilet Replacement

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Toilet replacement can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to. Knowing when to replace it is critical in keeping things uncomplicated. Sometimes, we can take our toilet bowl for granted until something goes wrong. You have a problem at that point, particularly if you only have one bathroom.

Toilet Replacement

When Is The Right Time For A Toilet Replacement

When it comes to home improvement, we often forget about the integrity of our toilet bowls. Often, our bowls become old and worn, which can cost us extra money on our water bills. That’s why evaluating their overall reliability is crucial to ensure they function correctly.

For example, it might be time for a complete toilet replacement if you experience wobbling, flushing issues, costly repairs, cracks, or unsightly mineral deposits.

Below, you’ll discover four additional reasons it might be time to consider replacing your toilets!

Toilet Replacement

1 – Cracked or Leaking Toilet

If you find cracks in your toilet, it’s an excellent time to consider buying a new one. However, if the damages are around the top of the cistern, then it’s not an immediate problem.

Cracks below the water line in the cistern or the toilet bowl mean the toilet will likely start leaking. It’s impossible to repair this kind of damage; all you can do is replace the entire toilet bowl.

Toilet bowl cracks can be dangerous not just because they could cause leaks but because they could injure someone using the toilet. More so, they look unsightly and can affect the overall appearance of our bathrooms. If this is the case, toilet replacement might be a great alternative.

2 – Ineffective Toilet

With the need to conserve water as much as possible, you should probably replace it if you have an old and ineffective toilet. Not only will it be using more water than modern low-flow options, but it will also push up the cost of your water bill.

The mechanisms in an older toilet will also begin to wear. At this point, you may find that the toilet has water running down the back of the bowl even after it flushes. Furthermore, this might be a good time for a toilet replacement.

Remember, when you flush your bowl, it uses about three to five gallons of water. If it’s ineffective, it can significantly raise your water bill if you have a large family. That’s why a toilet replacement can help lower your water bills and save lots of money over time.

3 – Constant Repairs Indicate A Good Time For Toilet Replacement

If you find that you are constantly repairing or replacing components in your toilet, it may be time to bite the bullet and buy a new one. Instead, it’s time to think about installing an eco-friendly bowl. Doing so can save you money in the long run and help the environment.  

You may find that the toilet is getting blocked up regularly. While a problem with your pipework may cause this, it could also be that the toilet is no longer flushing effectively. Moreover, this can happen with an old toilet, but a new toilet costs less than repeated calls to a plumber.

4 – A Bathroom Upgrade Should Include A Toilet Replacement

When upgrading your bathroom, a toilet replacement is always a good idea. Furthermore, it will help with your space’s overall look and functionality. Moreover, you’ll want to consider choosing a more environmentally friendly option to reduce the amount of water you use. This way, every time you flush, you save on your water bill. You may need to check for Prime Dumpster toilet rentals while your toilet is under maintenance. 

Most push-button toilets come with a dual flush option, one low volume for liquid waste and another full volume for solid waste. These dual flush toilets use 20% less water than a traditional toilet.

Additionally, a cracked or leaking toilet, which is inefficient or constantly needs repairs, is a good reason for replacing your toilet. And, of course, a bathroom upgrade is an excellent reason to buy a new eco-friendly toilet.

Clean Toilet Bowl

Many people don’t think about having a clean toilet bowl and how it links directly to their overall health, but it is imperative. A dirty toilet can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can spread to other surfaces and people. 

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