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Now, you can brighten your space with hints of playful designs and pops of color with these modern Boho living room ideas. If you ever consider redesigning your living room to provide an elegant and soft look, you should certainly consider modern boho.

Furthermore, This playful interior design can add so much personality to your home. Moreover, this design is perfect for people who love playfulness and plenty of bright natural light in the living room.

What’s best about modern boho is that it is easy to achieve and easily personalized. You can add a few small elements to this design and completely transform your living room. If all this sounds amazing, let’s learn more about this design and how you can incorporate it into your home.

Modern Boho Living Room

What is Modern Boho Design?

Before you start redesigning your living room, you should get to know this design. Modern boho design is a style that has birthed from a notable trend that led us more toward bohemian design. However, the clean bohemian design is often too much for some people. And they started toning it down with sleeker accents. Thus, the modern boho was born!

While modern design focuses more on sleek elements and clean lines with minimalist accents, the bohemian style has a lot of personalities. It is also playful and shows off the individual personalities of each home. Modern boho is a perfect blend of these two designs and can bring warmth, meaning, and life to any living room. So, let’s see some elements you can use to introduce this gorgeous design into your home.

Modern Boho Living Room

How To Create A Modern Boho Living Room

There are countless ways to create this colorful boho design in your living room. In this article, we will focus on several key elements you need to introduce to tie this design together.

The first step is to decide which design will be your primary – modern or boho. More importantly, this helps you lay a foundation for the entire room, which you can decorate with accents and play with your style.

Play With the Accents

The most famous trait of modern boho design is its playful and rich personality. Ideally, this makes it a perfect design for you to play with accents. Nothing is stagnant in this design, and you can pick the small details similarly. You can always play with wall art to fill your walls with personality and tie a look together.

For example, you can go for a simple and soft-colored custom poster dear to you. You can find such posters and Posteramo; their soft designs will nicely fit into your modern boho living room.

Additionally, you can play with different textiles and curtains to provide textures. Also, don’t forget to fill your shelves with personality and color with books, ornaments, and personal DIY paintings or figurines. Lastly, you can introduce different plants of whimsical nature and color to complete the design.

The Furniture For Your Modern Boho Living Room

A great place to start is providing a central focal point to your modern boho living room. You can easily do this with a velvet sofa. Find one in a color you like, and you can pick a bolder color for the couch to provide focus to the room. Also, the sofa can have clean, modern lines, but the velvety material will provide that bohemian spirit.

Plus, the texture will make it pop and stand out, thus creating a perfect focal point. Finally, having at least one modern boho piece of furniture will anchor the room and go a long way in setting the tone of the entire room.

Indoor Plants

A bohemian look is impossible in your living room if you don’t include plants. Live indoor plants should simply be part of any design and work perfectly well in modern boho. There is simply something so uniquely bohemian about plants, and you should do your best to focus on live ones. Of course, fake ones work, too, but live ones work even better and bring a natural touch to your living room.

If you don’t have any plants, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some. And if you are already a proud plant parent, refresh those plants with new and stylish terracotta planters. The neutral tones of such planters will blend perfectly into the bohemian design, and their refreshing green leaves will breathe life into your living room.

Vintage Pieces

If you like the bohemian design more than the modern one, you should mix several vintage pieces in your living room. Visit your local antique store to see what you can find, or visit your relatives for pieces they don’t need anymore.

Nevertheless, you can look for vintage furniture, rugs, antique artwork, and any other vintage home decor accent you like. Place them carefully into the living room and watch the charming modern boho come to life. The modern design can feel stiff and cold, but vintage boho elements can provide warmth and elegance.

Cozy Textures

Speaking of the coldness of modern design, in modern boho, cozy textures provide warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Plus, textures are the easiest way to blend these two designs. Look for plush and cozy decorating pillows, blankets, rugs, drapes, and other pieces. Choose them in complementing colors and even pick a few bolder shades to provide contrast. Then, place those textured accents around the living room and watch it all come together.

Wood Tones

As bohemian style leans more towards nature, you shouldn’t neglect to place wood tones into your modern boho living room. Those rich wood tones will create a cozy environment making your living room a focal point in the house. In addition, you can incorporate wood tones through the wood laminate floor, door and window frames, wood bowls, cabinetry, and other smaller accents.

Your Dreamy Modern Boho Living Room

Moreover, if you cannot decide between a modern and bohemian design for your living room, why not have both? Modern boho is a huge trend, and for a good reason. It makes any living room warm and cozy, filled with personality, and airy and spacious.

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