6 Danish Hygge Tips To Make Your Home More Comfortable

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Everyone would love to have a comfortable home regardless of the season.  The Danish refer to this feeling and atmosphere as hygge pronounced “hooguh.” Hygge represents a quality of coziness and comfortable living. It engenders feels of contentment and well-being as well.


How Using Hygge Concepts Will Make Your Home Inviting And Cozy

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Furthermore, you can quickly bring hygge into your home and create a comfortable home full of warmth, coziness, and well-being. A hygge lifestyle brings us that feeling or moments in our homes associated with these concepts. More so, living a comfortable hygge life often consists of simple pleasures. And you can bring them into your home with these hygge tips.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the hygge concepts, you might ask, what’s the easiest way to implement them in my home? Well, while it does take some work, living a hygge lifestyle starts with some basic ideas.

Ideally, the core concepts include the following.

  1. Appreciate and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
  2. Surround yourself with good people, family, and friends.
  3. Live life in the moment and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  4. Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.
  5. Streamline and minimalize your lifestyle.
  6. Transform the lighting in your home.
  7. When it comes to decorating, less equals more.

While these hygge concepts only scratch the surface, they make a great place to start. In the states, we always seek to make our homes comfortable, cozy and welcoming as well.

Moreover, the Danish consider a defining feature of their culture and integral to their DNA. With that said, let’s consider some ways you can bring hygge into your home today!


1 – The Perfect Home Temperature

To start your home with a vibe that speaks hygge, it’s essential to make sure your home temperature settings are just right. Start by asking, does your home have enough heating when the temperature outside is dropping? Does your AC unit work correctly in the middle of a simmering summer season?

After all, your entire household can’t relax and feel cozy when the HVAC system isn’t functioning correctly. It’s always a good idea to partner with HVAC specialists from companies like E and V Energy. They can check your boiler or air conditioning to see if they need maintenance, repair, or replacement so you can use them in the appropriate season. 

Ensure you work closely with your HVAC specialist to ensure your home’s temperature meets all the right settings for every season. Without the perfect settings, your home’s hygge is off-kilter when your HVAC system doesn’t work correctly.

Also, work with everyone to agree upon a set temperature for the winter and summer months. You don’t want in-house arguing to interfere with your goal to go hygge.

2 – Hygge Lighting In Your Home

Since hygge in large part means comfy and cozy, we want to include our home’s lighting and atmosphere as well. Regardless of where you live, you want to bring in all of the natural lighting your home offers. Even if your home or apartment features minimal window light, you can make the most of your existing lighting.

During the day, you want to pull in as much natural light as possible. You can do this by keeping your shades and curtains open to let in natural light. For an extra twist, add things like crystals close to or above your windows. Doing so will help refract light and enhance the feeling of hygge throughout your home.

More so, hygge is about installing peace and tranquility in our homes regardless of the hour. Think about adding a beautiful Victorian Style Window Suncatcher and let the light beam through! Or, you can add a lovely vase and some fresh flowers to your window ledge. In doing so, you’ll bring the best of what your windows offer right into your home.

2 – A Clean And Clutter-Free Home Hygge Style

Whether you have a small or large space, proper organization of things is key to a cozy and pleasant home. Additionally, following hygge style, a minimalist style at home, diffuses confusion and chaos. To adorn your space in a minimalist style, place some small decorative pieces on shelves or tabletops, then arrange newspapers and magazines in a rack.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to get rid of the clutter. If you’re no longer using some stuff, let go of whatever doesn’t spar joy. For functional items, you may recycle, donate, or pass them on to some relatives.

Primarily, try and stow things away in beautiful two-tones wicker baskets where you can leave them out for display. Or, stow items away under your bed to remove them from sight. Either way, bring things into your home with organization in mind. Think ahead about where you will put them and how to make your home less cluttered and more organized.

3 – Bring Nature Indoors

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still enjoy nature indoors in so many ways. If you don’t want the hassle of taking care of green plants, try adding some decorative artificial plants like this stunning Harney Artificial Ficus Tree by Christopher Knight Home. You can still feel the hygge vibe and not deal with the maintenance of green plants.

As you know, bringing natural elements indoors puts our minds at ease and is beneficial to our health in many ways. Place living plants or flowering ornamentals on top of a table or corner. You may also add a small tabletop fountain so you can hear the flow of water.

Wood and stone elements work wonderfully together and perfect for any green plant or floral arrangement. Also, try using earth tones and colors such as green, blue, and brown on your wall pieces and furniture. You can also bring in some delicate branches like Pussy Willows in a vase to add a cozy factor to any room.   

Harney Artificial Ficus Tree by Christopher Knight Home

4 – Create A Cozy Home Retreat

Let’s face it. Not every home has the room to create a cozy retreat. But, you can still find a private nook or cozy corner in your home to retreat to after a hectic day. After all, hygge isn’t only about the physical aspects of comfort but also the mental ones.

So, how can you create a cozy retreat in your home? First, locate a place where you have space for a day bed or a comfortable lounge chair. In Danish, this “hyggekrog”, or snug, is the place you will use as your retreat. You’ll need items like layers of blankets and pillows where you can snuggle and read some of your favorite books.

Toscana 3piece Furry Blanket and Pillow Set by Christopher Knight Home

However, if you are lucky enough to have the room, try adding a window seat someplace in your home. This way, you can snuggle up and use this snug as your retreat. Also, set limits with other family members. And if you must share your retreat, schedule hours for the whole family to enjoy.


5 – Arrange Your Furniture With Hygge In Mind

Living the hygge lifestyle means more than just adding or subtracting to your home’s decor. Moreover, it means arranging your existing furniture to create a natural flow of movement. You want your existing pieces to flow from your entryway into the other rooms of your home.

However, you’ll want to move any obstacles present in your way of this flow. Move larger pieces into rooms that can handle the bulk. It’s often the problem of small spaces —owners tend to have cluttered furniture and personal stuff. Make it easy to get around in your home by changing the chairs or couches’ position and tables.

Also, avoid adding pillows to make it challenging to sit and find a cozy spot on your sofa. Of course, that also goes for bulky furniture that will only get in the way. Think about your home or apartment’s natural flow and arrange your furniture accordingly.

Hygge Tip: It’s important to note that living hygge doesn’t necessarily translate into an upscale lifestyle. Instead, it’s all about comfort both internally and externally. If this means an old comfy chair, a throw blanket, pillow, and your fireplace, that’s hygge perfection.

6 – Living The Life Of Hygge

Finally, living a hygge lifestyle means spending time with your loved ones in a cozy, comfortable environment. Additionally, this means, schedule dinners together, drink wine, and tell stories. Even though you all live under one roof, it doesn’t mean you are spending quality time with each other.

Instead, plan to bake delicious desserts together. Add a hearty meal to your weekly meal plan that translates into comfort food for all involved. Read together, laugh together, and most of all, connect in ways you never did before. This and more translates into a hygge lifestyle, and if you ask us, the Danish nailed it!

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