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Decor Tips: How To Make Your House Feel Like Home

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Decor Tips: How To Make Your House Feel Like Home

With some easy to follow decor tips, you can make your house feel like home. When we move into a new house, it can feel a little weird at first. Like we’re lodging in someone else’s home. Things can feel strange, different, not ours. So how do we kick this feeling to the curb and make new houses feel like home?

Decor Tips

I wrote a very special article detailing the decor that makes my house a home, and when I look back at it, I was so glad I used the decor tips I learned to make my house a home for all of us. I hope some of these decor tips will help you too! 

Create your own Signature Scent

I think one of the most important things in a home is the smell. Do you ever step into a friend’s house to be greeted by the same aroma that you associate with them? Thought so! Each person, family, and home have their own individual scent, so to make a new home feel like yours, fill it with your favorite scents and essential oils.

Neom Organics have a beautiful range of home fragrances, including reed diffusers, candles, and mists. There is a huge range, so you are sure to find the scent to suit you! If you desperately need to relax after the stress of moving, why not opt for their ‘Complete Bliss’ range? It is expertly designed to help you feel calm and relaxed… Did anyone say snooze?

Decor Tips House Feel Like Home

Fill it with Memories

Create a space as individual as you are by filling it with your favorite items you’ve collected over the years. This could be anything, so let your creativity flow! If you have some favorite photographs of smiling family and friends, why not create a picture gallery wall? The great thing about gallery walls is that they work in pretty much any space. Up the stairs, over the mantelpiece, in a hallway, you name it!

If you’ve collected mementos from trips or life events over the years but they’ve ended up unloved and neglected in the back of a cupboard, create something special with them. Take postcards for example. Loads of people collect these as they go on holiday, but do nothing with them. Why not get a large photo frame and use the cardboard insert to create a big collage of postcards? Hang it in your living space or bedroom as a reminder of all the great places you’ve visited.

Decor Tips House Feel Like Home

Get Cozy

A house can only feel like a home if it is a space you can totally relax. So make sure you make your home as comfy and inviting as possible. Invest in super soft throws and cozy pillows so you can curl up after a busy day. I love using pillows around the house and take advantage of popping a few in almost every room. You don’t have to spend a lot on them either. 

Decor Tips House Feel Like Home

Using super soft throws around your home also helps with increasing the cozy factor and makes your house feel more like a home.

Decor Tips House Feel Like Home

It’s also important to fill your home with warm and cozy lighting as it is said to be way more relaxing and calming. This is because it is more natural color, so our internal clock is more receptive to it. Opt for bulbs that emit a golden glow rather than bright white light to make your home super cozy.

Decor Tips House Feel Like Home

Try these tips to get happily settled into your new abode and put your own stamp on your space.

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Decor Tips How To Make Your House Feel Like Home - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. Love all these tips, especially the one about creating a signature scent. I tend to buy what smells nice at the time, so sometimes our house smells like lemons and other times like fresh linen. Really like the idea of sticky to one and using it all the time.

  2. I need to pick a scent for the house, I like this idea a lot, and I am kind of obsessed with pillows and throws too.

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