Decor That Makes A House A Home

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Decor That Makes A House A Home

decor that makes a house a home

We all have certain items in our home that we love, and that makes it feel like home. As I was cleaning the other day, I make a mental note of all the things that made me feel warm and fuzzy. 

We all make purchases based on the emotions we have when we look at them. I thought I would share some of mine, with you. Come join me and check out some of the decor in my house that makes it feel like home!

We are going to paint again sometime in the near future. I always have a blast picking out colors. I know I will be using my Pinterest board called Paint Profiles for some help. I hope you get some great painting ideas from there as well, so be sure to check out that board!

Hallway Shade: I purchased this shade because it was so soft and welcoming. It’s one of the first things you see when walking into my foyer. It’s the only printed shade I have in my home and I adore it!

Hallway Shade

Shade Close-Up
Close-Up of Pattern on Shade

Lenox Bowl and Tray: This was my mom’s. She has long passed away, and I cherish some of the items I have of hers. I remember the Christmas we bought this for her. This set is well over 40 years old! She loved it and so do I.

Lenox Bowl and Tray

Cedar Wood Floor Lamp: My hubby and I bought this lamp about 35 or so years ago. We both fell in love with it! I think it’s made from a type of cedar that is now banned from use, so it can no longer be used for furniture making. That makes this all the more special! If you see that little box on the bottom of the lamp, that my poor Neo’s ashes. That was his corner where his bed was and he loved to sleep when we were downstairs, so I thought it fitting it rest there in his after-life too. 

Cedar Floor Lamp

Mom’s Chest of Drawers: This is another decor item I got from my Mom. Another piece well over 40 years old. I recently re-finished it. Check that post out here to see exactly how it’s done!

Chest of Drawers

Handmade Ceramic Table: This table greets you with a warm smile when you walk into my home. It sits right in the foyer, and I always seem to get a compliment right off the bat when someone enters. You can see that post here as well. It took me endless hours of hard work but well worth it. It really adds something unique to my entryway!

Ceramic Table Decor

Upstairs Foyer Table: This piece did exactly what I needed it to which was house a lamp and add warmth to my upstairs foyer. It fits perfectly, and that was hard to find. I found this at Raymour and Flanigan.

Hallway Table Upstairs

Room Divider: I originally purchased this divider for the living room and decided it just didn’t fit well, so I moved this into my hubby’s office. Now it adds a level of chic to his room. I love it there, but who knows? I just might have to move it again!

Room Divider

Now for some of the smaller items that make my house a home.

Wall Sconce: These came in a set of two. They work with batteries which is exactly want I needed to find. I didn’t want to have to call an electrician, and I wanted something simple to sit on sides of my television. I usually light them up at night where they offer the right amount of ambiance to the living room.

Lighted Sconce

Master Bedroom Additional Lighting: Aside from my end-table lighting, I added this extra lamp to use as a nightlight. It gives off a nice amber glow to the room and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for some reason. 

Bedroom Side Lamp

Candle Set: I have these displayed in my living room. I love using accessories with gold accents. These add that extra pizzazz I was looking for with the brown and green color scheme of the room.

Gold Candle Pair

Clock and Stand: This was another piece me and the hubby fell in love with! We were shopping in a small town and couldn’t leave without it. I have it sitting at the top of the stairs where it can be appreciated from both levels.

Clock Stand

Here is a closer look at the clock itself.

Statue Clock

Thumb-Sucking Angel: I had to have her. I used to do the same thing when I was a kid and it made me smile. 

Thumb-Sucking Angel

Three Tier Candles: I light these at night in my living room for that warm glow we all love.

Three Tier Candles

Foyer Accent Table Lamp: I’m into lighting big time. Here’s another accent lamp I use especially at night. It adds just the right amount of glow to the downstairs foyer.

Foyer Table Lamp

Kitchen Island Decor: I’m always changing items on my island, but I think I’m keeping these around for a while.

Kitchen Island Decor

Small Foyer Chandelier: I had to shop everywhere to find the perfect size for my entryway foyer lighting. Finally found the perfect size chandelier with the right amount of cozy charm.

Small Foyer chandelier

Upstairs Ceiling Lighting: I love the way light reflects off this ceiling light and was one of the main reasons I purchased it. This provides just the right amount of light and I adore the shadows it creates.

Pretty Hallway Light

Decorative Wall Sconces: The three below are some of my favorites. I tend to switch these around as well, but I think I will keep these for a while as well.

Wall Sconce

Kitchen Wall Sconce

Hallway Wall Sconce

Downstairs Ceiling Lighting: I also fell in love with this fixture. It’s not as large but has lots of charm.

Hallway Lighting Lite

I have so many other pieces that mean a lot to me, but I will save those for another time. What speaks to you the most in your home? Please leave me a comment about it. I would love to know!

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. I remember watching HGTV years ago, a show about foyers, and how that your foyer gave your visitors an introduction to your home…it was a greeting. At the time we had a ton of pets, so Steve did a giant painting (it’s about 6 feet tall) of our daughter’s horse, the dog, cat, bearded dragon and goldfish. The pets are gone now, but I love the painting, and so do our visitors.

  2. Wow, you have so many gorgeous pieces. I love interesting lighting, too, and your fixtures are really special. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home!

  3. I love all of the pieces in your home especially your mother’s tall chest of drawers! That printed shade is really pretty too. I have so many great pieces that I truly love in my home as well. A favorite is an antique sideboard in my kitchen that is large and very old. I love seeing it every day.

  4. I love your pieces. When we built our house 21 years ago I was unsure how to furnish it. I could have used a lot of your advice. Now that our home is up for sale, I hope to be able to make a townhouse into a home!

  5. Wow! I can’t even begin to say which is my favorite! Lovely pieces, Carolann. Several of them would be right at home in my house; it seems we have very similar taste.

  6. Your pieces are so pretty and obviously selected with great care. You have such a flair for decorating.

  7. I love rich old pieces that have a history that is special to me… My great, great Aunt Kit’s pie safe that turned out to be walnut after I had it hand refinished surprised everyone, especially those who told be to throw the old banged up and painted piece out.

  8. Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! Oh how exciting for you. Are you moving far from where you live now? You will have fun decorating for sure! Hope to see you again soon!
    Carolann xo

  9. Hi Wendy! Thanks much for the lovely comment! I love that piece too! That sideboard sounds wonderful! I just adore home tours and looking at what other people cherish as well.
    Carolann xo

  10. Hi Elin! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I do too. My mom left me so much of her Lenox…she adored it. Its nice to have around as a reminder for sure. Glad you have some too!
    Carolann xo

  11. Hi Kim, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I would love to see that painting. I bet it’s amazing. Foyers mean a lot when you enter a home for sure! Have a great night!
    Carolann xo

  12. This was a nice reminder to actually look at the things in my home. I’m usually rushing so much I don’t really “see” anything. But I have to say I do like my entry chandelier.

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. That is exactly why I wanted to create this post bc we are always cleaning and rushing and forgetting to admire what we are blessed with. I love chandeliers too!
    Carolann xo

  14. I have an OLD and I do mean OLD family dresser with REAL marble top on it that is on my front porch that holds a lot of meaning and also sets off the front porch in a positive way.

  15. You have so many beautiful items in your home! My favorite pieces in my home are the antiques that have been handed down to me.

  16. I love the hallway shade and all those tables. You really have wonderful taste and make a lovely home.

  17. You home has a distinctive look and feel, and mine does, too, although both are different….they reflect our individuality and that’s what I love about decor.

  18. great post love seeing all your lighting/candle pieces I am a huge lover of candles/lamps myself thanks for sharing all these wonderful peeks into your lovely home

  19. Thanks Anj – that means a lot to me. Lamps really add a warmth to your home don’t they? We need to go lamp shopping someday. lol There is a huge thrift shop this way. You need to get up here asap LOL.
    Hugs, Carolann

  20. I loved your house tour and your favorite pieces. My house is over a 100 years old and they would fit right in here. Our decorating tastes are very similar. My favorite piece in my home is the king size brass bed that my husband and I bought together just before we got married. At first I spent hours keeping the brass shiny, now I love the patina it’s getting. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I love the shade, mosaic table and also the upstairs foyer table that reminds of Home Goods. The clock is so unique and a keeper. We are on the hunt for new ceiling lighting for the project so this helped.

  22. Your upstairs foyers table and that antique clock are SO gorgeous! I love when a couple really infuses their personalities into their home spaces. And traveling/picking up things for your living area is another of my favorites. Always serves as a reminder of good memories :)

  23. What a fantastic tour! You have some fantastic pieces in your home. I am a sucker for good lighting myself. And of course candles. My favorite piece is the upstairs foyer table. Love the details on it! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us. Love seeing your home.

  24. I love your stuff mate! You have such great taste and style…truly unique and beautiful… you should be in decorating BizI!!!!

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