7 Professional Tips To Beautify Your Small Bathroom Decor (With Image Examples!)

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Anyone with a small bathroom knows about the decorating struggles we face. But you can beautify your small bathroom decor into the space of your dreams. Using advice from the pro, you’ll be able to gather some inspiring tips to help transform your small bathroom quickly.

Small Bathroom
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What Does It Mean To Have A Small Bathroom

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When it comes to a bathroom’s size, it’s all about perspective, a little math too. Typically, a small bathroom measures about  35-40 sq. ft. To others, a medium-sized bathroom measures between 41-110 sq. ft. Likewise, a large bathroom measures about 110 to 210 sq. ft. And an expansive bathroom measures over 210 sq. ft.

However, according to a study, large bathrooms ranked the most common, followed by medium, then expansive ending with small as the least common. While you might find that hard to believe, the study analyzed over 184,000 primary bathrooms to determine this conclusion.

We guess the point being your bathroom might not be as small as you think. In any case, most homeowners always dream of larger bathrooms. When it comes to bathroom decor, it’s not always easy transforming the space into the bathroom of your dreams.

In our townhome, we have two medium-sized bathrooms and one small bathroom or half-bath. As part of our renovation plans, we have the two medium-sized bathrooms lined up for some serious renovations. And this means tearing out both bathtubs and replacing them with standing shower stalls, adding shiplap, new vanities, and adding some decorative elements.

Of course, you won’t need to do such drastic renovations to beautify your small bathroom. Given how much time we spend in our bathrooms, we’d do anything to beautify our bathrooms. At the same time, it might seem more manageable with larger bathrooms and Not so much with smaller ones.  

This article will look at how you can beautify your small bathroom and do so without much hassle.

1 – It’s All About Creating An Illusion   

Even if you can’t physically add more space, you can trick the eye into believing there is. There are several ways to do this.

Carry Wall Tiles To The Ceiling

If you are using decorative wall tiles, extend them to the ceiling. It gives the appearance of a greater distance between the ceiling and the floor.

Paint Dark Colors Halfway Up A Wall

Use a darker color for the bottom half of your wall and a lighter color at the top. Much like the trick with the wall tiles, the room appears to have more height and more depth than it does.

Use The Same Tile On The Walls And Floor

The same tile on the floor and the walls fosters the impression that the bathroom appears streamlined, continuous (and bigger) space. However, this works best with large tiles.

2) Clever Storage Ideas

Use Recessed, Mirrored Cabinets

Using recessed mirrored bathroom cabinets plays double duty. The recessed niche in your wall gives you hidden, precious storage for cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines. The mirror does not take up extra space, mounted on the door while adding extra dimension to the room.

Use The Space Above The Toilet

Every square inch is precious in a small bathroom. Why should the space above the toilet be any different? Mounted shelves above the commode could add some much-needed storage space.

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Use Hooks For Towels And Bathroom Caddies

Additionally, if your bathroom is too small for towel racks, you can mount some hooks to accommodate them behind the door. Those hooks can also hold beautiful bathroom caddies.

3) Create Flow With Fixtures – SMall Bathroom Perfection!

Clear Or No Shower Enclosures

Sinks, vanities, and cupboards don’t only take up space in a small bathroom. They break up the illusion of one continuous space, making it look even smaller. Using clear glass for your shower enclosure or no enclosure extends the eye line making it appear as though you have a larger room.

Save space with smaller fixtures

These days, several manufacturers cater to clients working with smaller spaces. You can get sinks, tubs, even towel radiators in sizes just right for your bathroom. Similarly, you can make substitutions that will have the same effect. For instance, you can use a pedestal sink instead of one with a vanity.

Mirror Continue Creating The Illusion

Mirrors are magic in a small bathroom because they give the illusion of depth. A long one on the back of your bathroom door or your furthest wall will work wonders.

Plus, using mirrors in your space always helps create depth and dimension. You can easily add mirrors to your bathroom to foster a sense of space and play a functional role. Try adding a lighted LED vanity mirror and what as your area opens up! Now, your mirror plays double duty by adding light and dimension.

Image Credit Amazon: BV Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror

Use Fixtures That Install On The Wall

Wall-mounted toilets, sinks, and vanities do not use precious floor space, so the room feels as though it is more extensive. If you can have your fixtures mounted against one wall, this also creates the feel of one continuous space.

More so, by installing a wall-mounted toilet, you can free up floor space and thereby making your space look and feel larger. Plus, when it comes to fashionable interior design elements, this style is all the rage!

 Small Bathroom

4) Make The Space More Functional

Nothing makes a small bathroom feel smaller, like constantly bumping into things while trying to put on makeup or reaching for your shampoo. If your door crashes into your vanity every time you open it, try re-aligning your door, so it swings outward instead of in. You can also install a sliding door.

5) Pay Attention To Color

Use Light Colors

Dark colors tend to close a small space further. Brighter colors reflect light giving the room a larger, airy feel. The same principle applies if you feel you must use a dark color. Try to use a glossy version of the paint. More so, this will reflect more light as well.

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Use As Few Colors As Possible

Furthermore, the pros recommend using white for small bathrooms because it reflects the most light while extending the space. If you think one color creates a dull room, we recommend that you not use more than two colors Too many colors and patterns make a small bathroom look too busy and potentially more diminutive than it is.

Small Bathroom
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Create A Skylight

There’s nothing like natural light to give a more extensive, less cluttered feel.  As you stand in the space, you can see that the sky is the limit. If your budget allows, creating a skylight will open up the space and provide light making your room look much more prominent.

Use Wall Scones And Niche Lighting

When you light up your ceiling, it gives the impression that the ceiling is higher. That contributes to the bathroom feeling that much bigger than it is. Adding decorative wall sconces remain in style, and many interior decorators use them throughout their homes.

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7) Add A Touch Of Art

Lastly, to expand the look and feel of your small bathroom, try adding some art. Art and decorative pieces add texture and dimension to walls that contribute a more expansive sense.

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Interior decorators recommend that adding smaller pieces of artwork will pull the eye away from the flaws. They can also act as conversation pieces that reveal your unique tastes to your guests. When it comes to wall art in your small bathroom, think creatively and let your edgy flag fly!

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Now, you have some exciting new ways to expand the look and feel of your small bathroom. While it’s not bigger, it will indeed feel that way!

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7 Professional Tips To Beautify Your Small Bathroom Decor (With Image Examples! Sassy Townhouse Living

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. For more info, please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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