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Newair Portable Mini Dryer – A Smart Alternative For Drying Clothes

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Newair Portable Mini Dryer – A Smart Alternative For Drying Clothes

You don’t have to be tight on space to love this NewAir Portable Mini Dryer. It’s a smart alternative for drying clothes. Whether you are in a tiny house, RV, a dorm room, or just have limited space, this mini dryer is the answer. It works the same exactly was as a large capacity dryer would only half the size. 

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

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  • Compact design makes this dryer fit easily
  • Install your dryer by stacking it, on the floor, or use the brackets included to wall mount
  • Stainless steel drum protects from nicks and scratches

Sad to say, my large capacity dryer has needed a more than a few service calls in its day – then, there was the waiting for a repairman to come which forced me to visit my local laundromat to dry my clothes. Now, those days are behind me! 

This NewAir Portable Dryer 3.6 Cubic Feet Mini Dryer is truly amazing! Need a dryer, but can’t seem to find the space? The NewAir Mini Dryer was made for you! Even if you live in a dorm, apartment, or other space where you can’t add additional dryer vents or fixtures to the wall, it’s no problem. This compact, lightweight, and highly portable dryer save you time and money without forcing you to give up the square footage of your living space.

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Large drying capacity
  • Versatile and portable

The NewAir dryer’s stainless steel drum prevents nicks and scratches due to clothes’ zippers or buttons. The back filter and front air intake keeping the clothes lint-free. When opening the see-through front window allows you to check on your laundry without having to open the dryer. When you are ready to open the dryer, the dryer will automatically stop.

Watch my video below that details just how terrific this NewAir Portable Mini Dryer is!

The dryer vent is so easy to install and requires no fuss or venting outside. It has a built-in lint screen too!

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

The lightweight design means that you won’t need any help moving it from one spot to another. The versatile 120v plug means that you can install it almost anywhere completely safely, eliminating the need for an installation crew. It’s also perfect for those who love to be on the road or digital nomads on the go!

It only weighs 50.71 lbs.! Of course, NewAir packaged it perfectly for shipping too and it was so easy to unbox!

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

The NewAir Portable Dryer 3.6 Cubic Feet Mini Dryer can easily and quickly dry up to 13 pounds of clothes. The additional space in the dryer means you’ll spend less time drying your clothes with any four heat temperatures: air dryer; cool; warm; and hot.

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

You get everything you need for the perfect install – mounting brackets, wall spaces, screws, and all vent as well! It took minutes to install the vent and all you have to do is plug it in and start drying your clothes! 

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

It’s perfect to mount on any wall in your home too! Perfect for the garage or any room in your home. 

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

Be sure to watch NewAir’s detailed video on this dryer as well. 

Regardless of your situation, having a dryer that is half the size of a large capacity and works exactly the same is a win-win! I love having a second dryer in my home. It’s perfect for smaller loads too. I often have both dryers running at the same time. I’m more productive with my laundry now and that saves me time – you can’t argue with that!

I love how versatile it is – you can literally place in anywhere in your home. It’s as easy as plugging it in and start drying your clothes!

Newair Portable Mini Dryer

Newair Portable Mini Dryer Prepare For The Fall
Newair Portable Mini Dryer


DISCOUNT CODE! NewAir MiniDryers 36W and 26W are 25% off until August 31st using the promo code August17be sure to take advantage of this special discount for Sassy Townhouse Living readers! Click HERE to purchase. 

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving them in the comment section below.

NewAir sponsored this post but all the wonderfully dry clothes, as well as opinions, are my own! 

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  1. I love the idea of having this dryer in case my dryer breaks down because going to the laundromat is the worst thing in the world for me. Plus, it really would be so handy to have and get all of the laundry in the house done faster so it is a real win-win for sure.

  2. Oh yes, Sue. I can’t stand going to the laundromat either. It’s the worst. It always seems I have to wait at least a week to get a repairman and it seems like forever when you have to go sit there for hours. It’s a cute little dryer for sure and I love it!
    Thanks much,

  3. Ahhhhhh no, I want one and they don’t ship to South Africa. We have a tiny holiday home down on the coast and this would be so perfect. There’s nothing worse than wearing damp muggy cloths because they just won’t dry when it’s so humid

  4. Hi Michelle! Awww too bad they don’t ship. It’s the best little dryer ever! I’m so glad to own two dryers now. Every time my large one breaks I won’t have to go to the laundromat! Yay!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week!

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