Top 5 Glass Finish Types For Furniture You Need To Know

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When considering buying new furniture, you need to know the different glass finish types available before decorating your home. And if you are in the market for new furniture, you know you have many material options.

In addition, you may consider adding a piece of glass furniture or two to your home’s decor. Glass furniture gives a room a pleasant, airy feeling, is inexpensive, and goes with all types of decor. But first, you need to know the glass finish types to decide wisely.

Glass Finish Types

Knowing Glass Finish Types Makes All The Difference

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Decorating our homes is always exciting but can present particular challenges when it’s time to shop. After all, our decor taste evolves, and what we loved five years ago might not hold today. However, one thing is for sure. Glass furniture never goes out of style; year after year, the styles change too.

Additionally, glass enhances the appearance of furniture and can make a room appear larger and brighter. As you know, glass features a transparent finish, and light passes through it quickly. This light radiates on any surface and creates depth and dimension. Various glass finish types add a sense of crisp elegance to any room in your home and a unique sense of style.

Essentially, you can make a glass table top by creating a simple frame and ordering a piece of glass that will fit. However, you do have to decide which type suits your needs and decor style. Furthermore, you need to know several different glass finish types or treatments that glass has to offer. Each type of finish gives the glass finish a unique appearance and beautiful design elements.

Below, you’ll discover five glass finish types to consider when it’s time for you to redecorate or replace your decor.

Glass Finish Types

1 – Textured Glass Finish

Textured glass finishes remain popular because they have a pattern that features embossed designs or letters into the glass. Manufacturers make textured glass by pouring hot glass into rollers with various patterns. When it comes to glass finish types, texture glass finishes always make a beautiful presentation.

Depending on your style preferences, they come in various thicknesses, and you will have many patterns to choose from depending on the manufacturer. Moreover, this allows you to mix and match the glass pattern with other designs in a room. Conversely, the patterns in textured glass can be pretty varied.

If you have a zig-zag pattern on the sofa, you can find similar-looking patterns for your coffee table. This kind of glass can change the focal point of a room depending on where you place it. And can even make a room look bigger.

Textured glass captures light very well and can brighten the darkest of rooms. Some textured glass has a bubble effect. When making decorative vases, textured glass remains a favorite medium. Bubbly textured glass is popular for windows when privacy is of the utmost importance.

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2 – Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is an easy and inexpensive way to add accents to a room. In addition, tinted glass can make a space more energy efficient when used in windows. Furthermore, tinted glass cleans easily, lasts a long time, and is one of the most durable types of glass. When it comes to glass finish types, tinted glass always makes a beautiful presentation.

According to the website cmglassmiami.com/furniture-glass/, you can buy glass premade tinted glass, or you can tint the glass yourself. To tint glass yourself, you must use three very thin coats of paint.

First, go over a piece of glass with a good primer, then use glass paint. Once that is dry, you put a coat of metallic shimmer over everything. If one of the coats is too thick, you will have to strip the glass and start over again. It takes a steady hand to tint glass properly.

Furniture of America Falt Modern Grey Tint

3 – Plexiglass

Plexiglass is not glass at all but a type of acrylic. It will not shatter when impacted, so it is a safe type of glass if you have kiddies around. Plexiglass was invented in a lab in 1928. It is just as sturdy as glass and has glass-like transparency and appearance. Plexiglass is not always the best choice for glass finish types but is durable and valuable.

You can use plexiglass in furniture, windows, and even bathtubs.  Also called Lucite in the glass trade, it consists of acrylic resin. In addition, it makes a lightweight table top that is perfect for family activities. While it’s not the most attractive, it’s undoubtedly versatile and durable.

Fortunately, it is waterproof, which can be helpful at a family dinner party or cocktail party that kids attend. In addition, plexiglass is one of the least expensive glass-type materials you can buy. However, it can become scuffed up quickly with active daily use.

Plexiglass Shield For Desk

4 – Frosted Glass

Frosted glass looks decorative and has a different effect than other types of glass because it is not transparent. It looks great when used for a council table placed underneath a mirror or for patio furniture.

Manufacturers create frosted glass by sandblasting or treating a piece of glass with acid. The sandblasted frosted glass looks more translucent than the kind they treat with acid. In addition, frosted glass treated with acid is less expensive and will hide scratches and hand prints better than the kind that features sandblasting.

Furniture makers like this kind of glass because it holds patterns well. If you make a table out of it, it looks good with any metal used for the edges. It filters light in a way that looks uniform. For glass finish types, frosted glass looks decorative and works excellent as table tops on furniture.

Frosted glass is easier to clean than other types of glass because streaks and smudges will not be as apparent on a frosted glass table as on a table made with regular glass. However, you should know that the surface may be uneven.

Glass Finish Types

5. Tempered Glass

Glass finish types also include tempered glass. Tempering glass makes it safer because it crumbles into tiny, harmless pieces instead of shards when it breaks. In addition, it is four times stronger than untreated glass because of the chemicals they use to create it.

Tempered glass is hard to cut because they designed it to safely break into pieces so that a glass cutter will leave streaks. However, breaking off the glass finished with tempering chemicals will create an earthquake-like effect. And the glass will crumble into many pieces.

Moreover, if you want the look and feel of glass furniture in your home but you are afraid it is not safe, tempered glass is a great option. You can step on a pile of broken tempered glass, and you will not be hurt.

Not only is tempered glass very hard to break, but it is also heat resistant. It is durable and does not scratch easily. One of the drawbacks is that you cannot cut the glass after it has features tempering. Hence, tempered glass is more expensive.

Glass makes a beautiful addition to any room. If you want a custom-made piece of glass furniture, be sure to look for a local glass manufacturer that has plenty of experience in the industry and offers competitive prices.

Glass Finish Types In Closing

Understanding glass finish types will help you when you decide to purchase furniture with glass tops, redo your shower doors, or want to add glass to a tabletop. Now that you know more about glass finish types, you can confidently shop and not feel confused when it’s time to redecorate or add decor to your home.

Glass Tables

Suppose you are considering replacing any tables in your home or business. In that case, you need to consider the beauty and elegance of glass tables. Glass tables always make a lasting impression, and their beauty is, without a doubt, undeniable. 

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