7 Reasons You Need To Consider The Beauty Of Glass Tables

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If you are considering replacing any tables in your home or business, you need to consider the beauty and elegance of glass tables. Glass tables always make a lasting impression and their beauty is without a doubt, undeniable. 

Glass Tables

Glass Tables Are Always Stunning

There is something very chic and stunning when it comes to using glass tables in your home decor. 

As we know, tables are both a necessity and also a luxury in our homes and business. Needless to say, they are always the focal point of any room’s decor

Have you ever considered replacing your old tables with glass? Next time you are in the market for any table, be sure and think about replacing them with glass. 

Did you know that an ethanol fireplace is the perfect setting for your glass tabletop? They always look best when placed on glass furniture. 

Today, the versatility in table designs is amazing. This is due to the innovation of new materials and superior durability.

Glass is redefining the furniture market because of its durability and decor elegance. Glass Dining Tables, coffee tables, display tables, and kitchen tables are very much the trend today.

These offer essential functionality with boosted elegance at the same time. Below, you’ll find some reasons why you need to consider glass tables when it’s time to replace yours.

Glass Tables

1: Glass Tables Are Trendy

Quite simply, glass tables are the modern trend, especially in the past few years. You still might see materials like various woods and plastics used in furniture design. Even still, glass clearly is the material of choice for so many people. 

Specialized durability and elegant designs are all possible with this great material for tables. You can see this as soon as you enter a furniture shop anywhere in the world.

Glass tops are wildly popular for use with furniture with wooden frames or bottom stands. This modern trend is flowing everywhere and for good reason.

Strengthened glass is as or more durable than any other material and is also quite safe with innovative manufacturing processes.

Glass Tables

2: Glass Surfaces Are Naturally Hygienic

Did you know that glass surfaces are naturally hygienic? Metals attract rust and other molds that can travel into foods we consume on tables.

Plastics and various wood materials have pieces of product stuck inside their layers and micro-cracks. These areas can harbor bacteria. 

Glass, on the other hand, is very dense and smooth. This enables glass dining tables or coffee tables to stay hygienically clean for a long time.

Glass tables are naturally hygiene supportive of food consumption as well.  Glass also ages best out of all tabletop surfaces enabling you to use them for a long time.

Photo by Celia James – More dining room photos

3: Glass Tables Are Easy to Clean

Also, for kitchen glass tables like coffee serving ones and dining tables, cleaning surface tops is much easier. Even though modern wooden tables come with a polished surface, yet they can age badly.

You simply don’t have to worry about any spills and drops on glass surfaces. They will all be super easy to clean no matter what kind of foods or other items you spill on them.

A simple spray of multi-purpose cleaner with a swipe of a clean cloth usually does the trick. Even when molds stick hard to their smooth surfaces, you can fully wash them with a cleaning solution.

Glass, unlike wooden or metallic surfaces, is also fully waterproof. Provided your tables don’t have wooden or metallic bases, you can wash them as you see fit.

glass tables are easy to clean

4: Brilliant Color and Design Choices Are Available

When it comes to color and design elements, glass once was one dimensional. Today, designs and colors for glass furniture are some of the most beautiful on the market. 

The manufacturing process for glass production uses inner layer coloring techniques. And, premium designs in all shapes are available as well.

Some of the fanciest glass table types include shapes like:

  • Mermaid coffee tables
  • Round, oval or round-cornered square shaped dining tables
  • Diamond design for the base with a simple top
  • Milano design coffee tables for versatile usage
  • Floating glass top designs for a futuristic look
  • X or alpha style stands with any shape of glass tops.

5: Variety of Glass Types Is Epic

Manufactures no longer produce glass in clear or aqua colored opaque slabs. Today, innovative designs have changed the way people look at this wonderful material.

Therefore, you’ll see new designs including rained, frosted, laminated, tinted, and tempered colored glass. Patterned designs with some of those old school colorful pieces have become quite common too.

You can literally think of a glass type and chances are it would be available in shape of tabletops. Modern designs for all sizes are now available in strengthened types as well that are durable and elegant too.

For your tabletops, you can literally choose any glass finish or style that suits your design preferences.

Glass tables are perfect for adding elements like stunning table runners and gorgeous floral arrangements to as well. 

6: Durability with Strengthened Glass Is Amazing

Another reason you need your table replacement to be that of glass is durability and longevity.

These materials for tabletops have seen many innovations in their manufacturing processes.

These have led to glass types becoming extra durable, safe and long-lasting.

You can expect nothing short in terms of durability from these strengthened types even if compared with metals or woods.

Whichever type, color, design or style you choose, strengthened finishes make them durable as anything.

You can potentially sit on these tables without the fear of them breaking or cracking.

Consequently, this is why glass tables are so very popular especially in the past few years. 

Glass Tables

7: All Types of Glass Tables for Modern Homes

With modern designing and cutting techniques, you now have access to all types of designs and finishes.

Whether you need high-quality glass side tables, dining, side, living room or any other tables, all types are available perfectly.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you have the option to select whatever designs, finishes or styles that you need.

Today, manufacturers use superior joining techniques to make a tight bond between the connected layers and pieces.

This is one good reason why you need to consider glass tables when you are thinking about replacing your old decor. 

Brilliant surface designing is also available and fit perfectly into modern style homes. 

To summarize, you can use these elegant pieces with glass accessories like lighting and artwork in the same room and the effect will be amazing.

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