Eco-Friendly Ways To Drink Healthy Water Every Day

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We all want to drink healthy water every day, and for the most part, with little effort. Due to advances in eco-friendly tech, we continuously improve eco-friendly ways while keeping the environment safe.

Fortunately, technology allows us to discover new ways to improve the way we get and drink our water. Going green means more than avoiding to cut down trees or planting two for every fallen tree. It also translates to our lifestyle that embodies human nature.

Drink Healthy Water

Why You Need To Make Sure You Drink Healthy Water Every Day

Drinking healthy water is essential to the human body. As you know, water forms the largest component in our bodies. How will you ensure you maintain a healthy water consumption intake while still being mindful of the environment?  

Nowadays, we can’t take drinking from our taps for granted. As it turns out, our water systems are not as healthy as we once thought. While our tap water in most places is generally safe, it does have concerns. Water systems do have vulnerabilities across the globe.

Every year, water main breaks and leaking pipes can be of great concern to every citizen. After discovering what happened to Flink Michigan, everyone should be concerned about their tap water. Many of us reach for bottled water hoping it’s safe and cost-effective.

Luckily, we can check our water system online to ensure it’s safe and allows us to drink healthy water every day. Water utilities testing found pollutants in American’s tap water according to an EWG drinking water quality analysis of 32 million state water records.

In this article, we will look at some alternative ways to drink healthy water every day!

Drink Healthy Water

1 – Choosing Reusable Water Bottles

While many of us prefer drinking our water from plastic bottles, many are quickly turning to reusable bottles instead. While plastic water bottles are easy, fast, and inexpensive, they are a substantial environmental concern unless you recycle.

Another concern about plastic water bottles the water might not even come from where you think. More so, bottled water might not go through a filtering system either. Plus, bottled water can contain toxins from the plastic as well.

Additionally, studies show that plastic bottles can lead to weight gain from BPA and BHPF found in the plastic. And resuing water bottles can pose a health danger too. While we want to drink healthy water, we are doing the opposite.

Instead, opt for eco-friendly, reusable water bottles. The bottles can have a composition of glass, ceramic, and even steel. You can also use biodegradable drinking cups. Typically, the bottles will help you remain hydrated, even when on the go.

Recently, Crystal Infused Bottled Water Bottles are the latest trend in healthy water alternatives. Known by many names, crystal elixirs also go by gem waters, gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more. For the most part, crystal elixirs remain a mystery, and it seems we discover more about their properties every year.

Crystal Infused Bottled Water

2 – Mobile Water Filter Pitcher – Drink Healthy Water Every Day

Another way to drink healthy water every day is by using a water filter pitcher. The filter pitcher works by removing harmful toxins and minerals, making your drinking water safe. These can include fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and even lead.

Moreover, they are an affordable alternative that guarantees you safe drinking water instantly, as you can see on this page. The filters ensure you healthy and safe drinking water before you can replace the filters.

3  – Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water System

Thanks to installing a reverse osmosis water system at home, you can have a healthy water supply all through. You can place the RO beneath your sink to filter your water and convey it to the tap.

Additionally, the convenience of filling up excellent tasting water to your cup is immensely satisfying. Once you install it in your home, you will cut down on costs as there is no water wastage. Using this system ensures you drink healthy water every day and great for cooking too.

Drink Healthy Water

4 – Portable Exchange Water Service System

The technique is more viable for you, especially if you are in a hard water zone, and there is water scarcity. Water softening can be quite cumbersome in your home. Mostly, the waste release to the environment is detrimental.

Secondly, it might seem to be an uphill task for you, thanks to the scarcity. As a result, you can choose to receive your safe drinking water in portable storage points. When the water runs out, you can have a refill in the area of water softening.

You will save on utility bills, as you don’t use any electricity in the purification. Additionally, you will also cut down significantly on water loss in your household.

The different techniques are applicable in ensuring you have healthy water while remaining conscious of the environment. And you will have safe drinking water- all day, every day.

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