7 Surefire Ways To Remove Odors From Your Home

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It’s not always easy to remove odors from our homes. Typically, we can become numb to them until we suddenly realize our home smells! Let’s face it. Our homes don’t always smell the way we want them. Often, it’s not so easy to remove odors or find out what’s causing these odors. That’s why it’s essential to check this list of possible odor-causing irregularities in our home.

More so, we can become oblivious to the odors in our homes. We don’t often notice them until we leave and come back or someone points them out. Below, you’ll discover several ways to remove odors from your home and keep your abode smelling fresh and pleasant.

Remove Odors

You Can Remove Odors And Have A Nice Smelling Home

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As wonderful as aromatherapy is for our mind, body, and spirit, we have more ideas for you to try too. Furthermore, you know that wet dog smell or kitty litter box can make your home reek if you own pets. And this means it’s time to ask yourself, do my guests think my home sticks? Does my home smell like this morning’s breakfast mixed with dirty laundry?

Well, don’t fret! Now that you are on a mission to remove odors from your home, you’ll nip this in the bud right away! For the past few months, my mission was to make sure every room in my home had a fresh, clean scent. Below, you’ll discover how I managed to remove odors and keep my home and garbage pail stink-free!

Remove Odors

1 – Let’s Start With Garbage Pails (Or As I Call Them, Stink Central)

Since living in a townhome community means following specific guidelines, our garbage pail presents problems. And to boot, we have two pails to contend with – one inside the home and one in the garage (the main culprit). As a result, our garbage cans can cause one of the most pungent odors in our homes and garages.  

Above all, to remove odors from your pails, you need to clean them every week consistently. For instance, you can clean your kitchen pail with an excellent all-purpose cleanser like Fantastik. Of course, you can use soap and water too. I prefer using it because it has antibacterial properties and instantly removes odors from the pail.

For the pail in the garage that holds all of the garbage until pick-up day, I use Fantastik With Bleach. Then, you can use your garden hose to rinse it out during warmer weather after spraying it. Of course, you can still use it in the winter months and wipe it down with paper towels or an old rag.

Additionally, I like using Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags. I enjoy the Lavender & Sweet Vanilla Scent, and it does help remove odors from the pail. Also, you can use some baking soda on the bottom of the pail to keep odors away. Folks also use fresh lemon peels and place them at the bottom. Finally, you can try charcoal filters, essential oils, and dryer sheets to help remove odors from your pail.

2 – Aromatherapy Does Help Remove Odors

As a huge fan of scented candles and any form of aromatherapy, using them does help remove odors and keeps home smelling wonderful! Recently, I discovered Private Reserve Diffusers from Spongelle.com, and I adore them! With four fab scents to choose from, your home will smell heavenly and stay for weeks. Choose from: Black Orchid, Blackberry, Peony Flower, or Morning Bloom.

I chose the Morning Bloom scent, and now, my guest bathroom smells like a blend of citrus, lotus flower, and woodsy goodness. Spongellé’s Private Reserve Diffuser florets will delight any room with scent and beauty. Created by an artist’s hand, the Spongellé florets are hand-sewn and made of natural tapioca fiber.

When placed in diffuser oil, each floret has a cotton wick to infuse the flower. The time-released fragrance will linger for up to 8 weeks. I also love the decorative appeal of the floret too, and it’s perfect for springtime!

Fragrance Notes for Morning Bloom scent:

  • Top: Green Citrus, Tangerine, Grapefruit Tonic
  • Middle: Lotus Flower, Jasmine, Dewy Lavender
  • Base: Sheer Moss, Musk, Cashmere Woods

Of course, you can place Spongellé’s Private Reserve Diffusers anywhere in your home and help remove odors from any pesky area. Plus, they look decorative and last for weeks!

3 – Cleaning Out The Fridge

Cleaning out the fridge might seem like the last thing on your list of chores, but it should be in your top five. Cleaning it out weekly or bi-monthly will help remove odors from your kitchen. If your fridge has strong odors, they filtrate into your home every time you open it. These odors can embed into your furniture and walls and cause your home to smell stale and unpleasant.

The pros over at Home Depot state:

  • To deodorize, leave a box or jar of baking soda on a rimmed baking sheet inside the fridge with the door closed until the smell goes away.
  • Other deodorizing items you can leave inside your refrigerator are a tray of fresh coffee grounds, a tray of activated charcoal, or a pan of unscented cat litter.
  • If these prove ineffective, leave the fridge empty and the door open overnight after you deep clean the refrigerator.

Either way, it’s essential to keep your fridge clean and organized to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

4 – Blocked Or Clogged Drains Can Make Your House Stink!

If you have a slow or clogged drain in your bathrooms or kitchen, it can make your whole stink to high heavens! Even your garbage disposal can cause unwanted odors in your kitchen. That’s why it’s essential to keep them unblocked and clean. You can add a lemon wedge to the disposal every few days and see if that helps.

If not, it’s best to use a product like Glisten Disposer Care Freshener. Amazon shoppers love it, with over 12k 5-star reviews. It features an advanced formula that removes grunge and odors to keep kitchens smelling fresh. And it has natural ingredients safe for use in all disposals and drains. Perfect for daily use or freshen disposal, drains, and kitchen.

Remove Odors
Glisten Disposer Care Freshener

Bathtub Drains Can Cause Bad Odors

Additionally, the drain in your bathtubs can also be a source of odors in your home. You can try adding vinegar, baking soda, and hot water to keep your drains clear. Finally, you can pour boiling water down the drain to flush it out. But if that doesn’t work, you can try a product like Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener.

Furthermore, Green Gobbler has a thick, high-density formula that sinks through water and clings to pipes to liquify tough drain obstructions, clearing the mainline to and from your home. With over 25k 5-star reviews, shoppers swear by it. While it takes care of the toughest clogs, it remains gentle on pipes and septic systems.

When my drains seem slow or clogged, I always use Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover and Cleaner. I like to use it for shower or sink drains because it unclogs and easily removes hair, soap scum, and blockages. And it clears drains from hair buildup that typically blocks drains.

Keeping your drains clear and clog-free is a surefire way to remove odors from your home and keep it smelling clean and fresh. Of course, if nothing works, you can call a professional to help clear your clogged drains.

5 – Never Throw Food Into The Garbage

One surefire way to remove odors from your home is to never throw live food directly into the trash. Instead, grab a plastic bag you recycle from groceries and place it there first. Then, of course, tie it up and then throw it into the garbage. Of course, you can always take it directly out to your main trash bin, but the plastic bag works just as well.

6  – Open Windows And Doors Daily

Even in the winter months, it’s essential to open your windows once a day to let fresh air enter your home. You can also keep your front door open, which helps humidity and nasty odors on your clothes. Keeping fresh air circulating in your home does help remove odors and keep your home fresh and clean.

More so, you can use LEVOIT Home Air Purifier for allergies which helps to eliminate odors. They also help remove 99.97% of dust, smoke, and mold. With over 66k 5-star reviews, shoppers rely on it to keep their homes odor-free and healthier.

7 – Pet Odors And What You Can Do About Them

Last but not least, you can remove pet odors from your home with a few steps and determination. First, you’ll want to vacuum up your pet’s hair and dander as often as you can. Next, ensure you wash and dry items your pets use daily, including pet beds, cushion covers, blankets, etc. Of course, clean up an accidents right away and clean stains from your rugs correctly.

More importantly, groom your pets at least once a month. If it’s too expensive to send them to the salon, you can groom them at home too. Before you do this, wash their collars and leashes, and clean all toys. In addition, clean their favorite places they lounge and sleep as these areas can have distinct odors. Preparing some washable dog or cat diapers is another smart idea. You can save even more time in this case by simply changing diapers regularly.

Animal body odor is usually better in cats than in dogs. Your cat’s urine, however, may have a pungent smell sometimes. Having diapers can save you from unforeseeable situations. We all love our pets, and keeping them clean is essential to their overall health and your home’s well-being.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Pet Owners

You Can Remove Odors From Your Home

The bottom line is that you can help remove odors from your home and keep them away for good. With a few steps and some diligence, your home can smell fresh and clean every day.

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