Somebody’s Watching Me

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Somebody’s Watching Me

Someone Is Waching Me - Sassy Townhouse Living

What are you willing to sacrifice in exchange for security? I’m in my office as I normally am, and hear the sound of a huge snow plow coming down the street. For some reason, I jumped up to see what was going on and suddenly I see this plow knock over a stop sign on the corner. I frantically grabbed my cell phone as my first thought was to shoot a video of his slobbered attempted to repair the damage he initially created. This is what I captured.

I was shocked to see how this snow plowing dude carelessly knocked over the stop sign, attempted to stick it back into the ground, stomp on the snow around it, and get in his truck and leave. 

I couldn’t help wonder if he was going to come back and fix it or report this to the township and have them make the repairs. I was a tad upset thinking I would have to report this because left unrepaired, it could seriously hurt or even kill someone! So, I thought I would wait about an hour and see if anyone would attend to this pending disaster. As I was pondering the decision to call the township, I hear the plow truck and grab my cell phone again and begin to record the happenings once again. 

 He actually came back to make repairs! And within the hour! 

I was happy to see this of course but not so happy because he spotted me taking the videos of him. This made me wonder – did he come back to make repairs because he saw me taking the video (both times) or because he knew he morally had to do the right thing? Was he being accountable for his actions regardless of me capturing the video or was he a good citizen and employee doing his job correctly?

Maybe he didn’t see me the first time I shot the video (although I swear he looked straight up at me during the second) and maybe he was being accountable and I was judging the entire situation based on pre-conceived notions that folks just don’t give a crap and can leave a situation they caused recklessly. Does this prove that not every picture or video tells the complete and accurate account of what took place? What if I had only posted the video of him knocking the sign down and didn’t tell the rest of the story correctly? 

This leads me to so many pressing questions about the use of social media and vlogging. The trials and tribulations of living in a digital domain. What caused me to immediately grab my cell phone to record what I had seen? I would have never thought to do that before the YouTube era  – I’m sure of it. I seem to always been on the hunt in the back of my mind for creating the next viral video. What does that tell us about society? Is this a gotcha society after all? I believe it is. Video cameras at every stoplight, every supermarket, every department store, and gas station – what’s a gal do to? 

What are the repercussions on society? On one hand, we are snagging terrorist and bad guys left and right with our video surveillance, and on the other, we lose a piece of our freedom and privacy along the way. 

There is no doubt that our viral social society has changed the way we live, think, and react in public. Even in the privacy of our own homes, we are paranoid about hackers turning our webcams and cell phones into weapons of snoopery and invading our sacred spaces. How do you feel now? Any safer? Are you willing to part with your privacy in exchange for security? 

To quote one of our great forefathers…Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Benjamin Franklin

I have become a tad paranoid folks as well by installing a home security system with three video cameras. I must admit, I do feel safer and more situationally aware of my surroundings. I am a believer in meliorism but not blindly – I have seen how technology has transformed the world and the people in it, into a better place. 

What are you willing to sacrifice in exchange for security? 

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  1. [ Smiles ] On the bright side, he tried to fix it and I am happy to know that no one was seriously injured in the incident.

  2. Glad you were taping like you said somebody could get hurt. I’ve also been looking at security things like lights, camera and shatter proof glass i.e. single parent and a maybe little bit paranoid but hoping to get a house once va gives me my disability so trying to learn what best thanks for sharing oh what type of cameras do you have?

  3. I’m glad he came back and fixed it. It gives me hope when people do the right thing!

  4. Interesting blog post — you raise some great points. Glad the guy came back (was betting he didn’t after I saw the video)!

  5. You ask a good question. In the end, though, I have nothing to hide, so I’m ok with being watched at times.

  6. Very nice he came back and fixed it. Most of us are like this and don’t get the credit; it’s just all the crap and bad stuff that goes viral.

  7. Such an interesting question. Quite recently someone attempted to film me as I walked my dog in my gated colony. I’m new here and he thought I was an outsider. I must say I didn’t take kindly to this especially since he had no authority to question my antecedents.
    Personally, I’d rather question someone before I shot a video of them and invaded their privacy.

  8. I am so glad he came back and fixed it. if he saw you or not the first time, he did do the right thing. I think about being watched often. I don’t dwell to much on it really. But I may a little more after this post. LOL

  9. I know right? We can’t dwell on it because we would stop functioning all together lol I do get the creeps though when I think of it. I think he saw me for sure. I saw his head pop up lol.

  10. Hi Corinne, Yikes, that would have upset me too. If there are public cameras there is not much we can do about that. That is why I was shocked at myself for recording the snow plow dude. Something I’ve never done before. I hope I don’t start doing that now. lol Thanks much for stopping by!

  11. Hi Carol! I feel exactly the same. If the cameras are public then we haven’t a choice, but if someone is deliberately recording you, then that’s another story. It was so unlike me to do that…I hope I don’t have to again lol. I was just worried about the safety factor. Have a great Sunday.

  12. My neighbors have video cameras on their house and have a lovely video of two teenage couples vandalizing their front yard from this morning!

    My thought is “film me! I am not doing anything wrong”. But I could be a little skewed in my opinion this morning.

  13. I am willing to do the utmost in security at an airport. I guess I always assume when I am online or in public that I can be videoed or watched or screenshoted, so I don’t feel that’s a loss of anything. In my own home, I would not want to have “someone watching over me”.

  14. I feel the same way Audrey. I do love my outside cameras though. I feel much more secure with them. I agree totally with you – film me…nothing but boring going on here lol. Thanks much for stopping by.

  15. Hi Lorraine, I had mine installed from my local security company. You can really get any cheap cameras to work well. It’s the software that matters too. If you really want the info check out my post I have all the details there about the DRV they use and the website were you can log in and see your entire outside…that’s the best part. have a great week!

  16. I have a feeling I would do the same thing. If you had planned on posting the video to you tube or to send to town if he didn’t come back and fix it (or have reported it to be fixed) I am curious to know if you would consider posting the video to you tube as a “good news” story or sending to the town so he could get some recognition for his efforts! I know I would at least call the township and let them know about his good work!

  17. Hi Maureen, I never thought of doing that but what a great idea! I think I will call the township for sure and let them know how awesome that was of him! Thanks much for the idea! Have a great rest of the week and thanks much for stopping by!

  18. I used to work for an alarm company and we sold these cameras. I do not have them on my home now, but we are building and security cameras were on the top of my list for the new home.

  19. I would have been furious if he didn’t come fix it! What an insane thing to have happen.

  20. I have a camera on my front door and I can see who comes to the door and it also records what miss too. I like that I know I can see who’s there before I open the door.

  21. Eek! I actually shudder to think what we would catch on camera if all houses had them outside.

  22. First i laughed out loud at that video of him putting it back but i really do believe most people have a heart to do the right thing!
    I dont think he saw you.

  23. I live in a rural area and do not lock my car etc. I can understand in an urban area needing a bit more security. I am not sure if I would install security cameras though I am nervous about people hacking into the video feeds and seeing when I am not home etc.

  24. I don’t have a lot of security aspects put into place. I have learned a long time ago I can’t stop someone from watching me unless they want to stop. Now I live my life where it doesn’t matter who’s watching.

  25. Hi Lynsey, Oh wow nice! Yes, you will love them. As you already professionally know. They really add a level of peace of mind for sure. Let me know when you install them would love to see which ones you went with. Thanks much for stopping by.

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