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What Does Your Car Color Say About You?

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Does your car come across as classy and sophisticated, young and energetic, or wild and rebellious? Your car color can say a lot about you! Whether you have a neutral shade (in the automotive industry, that means white, black, silver, or grey) or an unusually bright paint job, the color of your car says a lot to the world about the person driving that car. Here’s what your car might be saying about you.

Car Colors

Your Car Color Says A Lot About You

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White Cars: Modern Class

The most popular color for vehicles, white cars generally create a more modern feel, which is why so many newer brands use it to appeal to a younger audience. White can look clean and elegant, simple and sophisticated.

However, white cars can be harder to keep looking clean, so make sure you get your car washed regularly to let your personality shine. If you own a white car, your car color can say a lot about who you are and what some of your characteristics are below. 

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White: Typically, this means you are meticulous, enjoy the simple things in life, have strong attention to detail, and can possibly a perfectionist. And the color white is associated with all things pure and honest. White car owners have taste and strive for elegance and perfection. It can also indicate you are trying to live a more simplistic life. You want to present yourself as fresh, modern, and a lover of tech too! If you look at companies like Apple, they use white to convey perfection and modernity. 

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Black Cars: A Powerful Classic

Black cars are the number one choice for a luxury vehicle and are often driven by powerful people. A black car can present a strong, confident image, a perfect choice for someone who likes to be in control. A classic and classy look for sure, black cars are a timeless favorite for many.

Black:  Black car owners are generally conservative and often feel empowered, elegant, and professional. Black is often thought of as sophisticated and luxury like a black-tie event or that special little black dress we all need to own. If your car color is black, you are dignified, chic, and classy without being overly showy. You love mystery and the appearance of it, but you might be longing for more depth and meaning in your life. Owning a black car makes you timeless, classic, and always in control. 

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Silver Cars: High-Tech Innovators

Silver is a color often closely associated with technology and futuristic lifestyle. If you have a silver car, you probably try to keep up to date with all the latest tech. With their eyes always set on the future, the innovators who drive these metallic cars always look for the next big thing.

Silver: Silver car owners tend to be practical. They are also very business-savvy and often have good taste. Since neutral colors tend to camouflage dirt they are perfect for the busy lifestyle. They are most likely over-achievers and often work too hard. Silver car owners are different from gray car owners because of that pop of metallic gleam that is much like stainless-steel – this usually indicates a deep love for technology. You are drawn towards upscale and expensive things, and your status means a lot to you. You tend to wear your status like a badge of honor and are proud of it! 

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Grey Cars: Calm and Modest

Grey cars tend to blend in a bit, but that’s just how the owners of these cars like it. Level-headed and mature, grey cars focus on substance over style. Grey cars don’t pack a lot of pizzaz or flash, but that’s because they don’t need to; they and their drivers get the job done, and they do it well every time.

Grey: As we mentioned earlier, a silver car color is very different from grey and as a grey car owner, you know the differences very well! Grey car owners never want to stand out in a crowd. So they aim for the commonplace and subtle for most things in their lives.

More so, the word flashy is not in their vocabulary as they project a more traditional and mature approach to life. They are more about the status quo and not status! Grey also indicates caution and compromise and prefer life to reflect an even keel rather than extreme highs and lows. They also are calm, serious, and very career-driven. 

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Blue Cars: Confident, Quiet and Dependable

Blue car owners exude practicality, stability, and they love serenity. 

Blue: Typically, blue car owners are generally compassionate, optimist, honest, and love the serene life. They long to be admired for their sense of wisdom and a strong sense of self-awareness. More so, they don’t like or are attracted to flashy flamboyant behavior or lifestyles. Blue car owners are introspective and have a sensitive side too. They are the peacemakers and always look to common ground to resolve a heated situation. 

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Green Cars: Trustworthy, Traditional and Balanced

Since the 1990s, green cars have taken a “back seat” in the auto industry but that doesn’t mean there’s a dedicated team of folks who adore them! 

Green: If you own a green car you don’t care about what other people think of you, and you have a strong sense of self-worth. You’ve always marched to the beat of your drum, and by nature, you are a peace lover. You are gentle and patient, but that doesn’t mean you let people take advantage of you.

Additionally, you love nature and always look at being environmentally friendly even when it comes to your fuel! Recycling is more than an obligation to you. It’s your mission and part of who you are as a person. While finding a green car in a showroom can be difficult, you will search high and low until you’ve found the perfect vehicle that represents who you are as a person. 

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Red Cars: Energetic, Dynamic and Lust for Life

Go-getter type are you? Your red car says a lot more than you think. It’s a way red car owners get to flex their muscles! 

Red: If you own a red car you have a definite love and lust for life! Red car owners are outgoing, fun, and often impulsive, or they long to have those qualities and live vicariously through their car!  In addition, they tend to be ambitious and a determined lot of folk and aim to get all they can get out of life.

However, when you purchase a red car you are saying to the world, “hey, here I am, and I have something so awesome to show you and say”! Bottom line, owning a red car is the equivalent of an exhibitionist! Red can indicate a restless nature and are generally extroverted folk. You are a confident go-getter who loves to be the life of the party. 

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Brown/Beige/Champagne –  Practical, Reliable, Down-to-Earth, and Pragmatic

With the solidity and reserve of a monk’s robe and a high mountain range, brown car lovers exude this quiet type of peace and admiration for nature and the environment. 

Brown: If your car color is brown, beige, or champagne you are down to earth, thrifty, and always try to be as honest as possible. When you buy a car, you want it to last for a long time, and that’s more meaningful to you than being flashy. It doesn’t need to be adorned with leather, gadgets, or features that drive up the cost. Most brown car owners want to live free of external stressors or flashy nonsense. They can also put their foot in their mouth and be careful about verbal dribbles. 

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Orange Yellow/Gold: Exudes Joy, Positive Attitudes

Whether it’s an orange, yellow, or gold car color, these rebels love to go against the tide when it comes to making themselves happy! 

Orange/Yellow/Gold: Owners of bright yellow, orange or gold cars are literally the embodiment of that saying, “don’t worry, be happy”! Plus, these colors exude a positive attitude and joy. They have positive attitudes and a zest for life. They love bolder shapes, vivid hues and love to take risks! Yellow or gold cars make up about 1-2 percent of car colors on the road. These car owners would rather invest their money in a good car then pamper themselves.

In addition, owning this car color means you love this wacky car color and since they are not very popular, you end up making a great deal on a car and save money! So you are telling the world you love the value and saving money more than you care what people are saying about you. 

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Colorful Cars: Creative Free-Thinkers

If you drive a brightly colored car, you’re certainly a rare breed. Colorful cars brighten up the roadways with their unique and creative styles. Never afraid to stand out in a crowd, a driver of a bright car is as individualist as their paint job.

Car colors can say a lot about who you are when you’re out on the road. Make sure to pay close attention to the color of your car next time you shop for a new vehicle; people pay attention to how you use your vehicle to express yourself.

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