What You Need To Know About Mattress Types Before You Shop

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Before you shop, you must know about various mattress types and what fits you best before you invest for optimal fit and comfort. The choices can seem confusing, especially if you don’t do the research and test them out. But, more importantly, your mattress is vital and can significantly impact your sleep quality.

Mattress Types

Different Mattress Types For The Perfect Night’s Sleep

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you’ve undoubtedly come across several different types and new terminology. However, this can cause much confusion, especially for such a significant investment. So before you visit the mattress stores in your area, you must research to make the right choice. This guide will help you discover everything you need about mattress types.

Often, we head into our local mattress shops and sit on a few beds to test them for comfort. But, unfortunately, you don’t know what it’s like until you sleep on it for a few nights. Then, you can discover if it makes the perfect fit or not for your sleep preferences and overall quality of health.

Think about how many years you’ll sleep on your mattress. And if it seems like the wrong fit, you can compromise the quality of your sleep. Since buying a mattress costs a significant amount of money, you want to do it right the first time. Below, you’ll discover some mattress types and what you need to know before shopping.

Mattress Types

Open Coil Mattresses

An open coil mattress, often referred to as a standard sprung mattress, is one of the most popular mattress types and represents a cost-effective option. Typically, an open coil mattress features a long piece of wire coiled into several springs.

Furthermore, these springs feature rows across the mattress’s length and act as sleepers’ support systems. Open coil mattresses are affordable but might offer less support than other types. Because of this, you may need to replace them more regularly.

Regarding mattress types, the open coil can become a good option as it’s highly supportive and can help relieve pressure. But, of course, these coils can squeak, make noise, and disturb your sleep, especially if you sleep light. They can also wear out faster, replacing them more frequently than other mattress types.

Pocket Spring Mattress

A pocket spring mattress is the next step from an open coil mattress. Typically, this type offers support through several springs, each of which is contained within its pocket of fabric.

These springs can individually move because they are not connected in an open coil mattress and are separate. As a result, this creates a far more comfortable and supportive bed. However, pocket spring mattresses can be heavy, making them difficult to transport and move.

Moreover, these mattress types work great for couples of different weights. And if you toss and turn during the night. Because they don’t move the whole unit, this helps prevent and reduce the transfer of movement. And this can mean less moving around when your partner moves.

Memory Foam Mattress Types

Memory foam mattresses made their debut and have become incredibly popular in recent years. They can offer several benefits when compared to traditional spring-based mattresses. Memory foam works by softening to adapt to the sleeper’s shape and can provide optimal comfort.

Moreover, this creates a unique mold that offers superior levels of comfort. Memory foam mattresses feature a high-density, low-resilience foam material that can quickly take on different shapes and then return to normal when pressure releases.

Additionally, memory foam mattresses are perfect for people suffering from back pain as they work to keep your posture and spine alignment consistent while sleeping. However, they can be more expensive than other mattress types. Unfortunately, some people find that memory foam mattresses can make them too hot and prefer a cooler mattress for sleep.

Polyurethane or Polyfoam

You’ll discover Polyurethane or Polyfoam make a fine choice for durability and providing firm support. Moreover, these mattresses feature a unique design and come without internal metal springs. Hence, you’ll receive a quieter sleep with less motion transfer for those who toss and turn.

Polyfoam features the original petroleum-based foam product offering various levels of density. Moreover, the higher the density, you’ll experience a durable bed and firmer sleep. Of course, since these mattress types contain chemicals, you’ll want to look for CertiPUR US certification for peace of mind knowing it’s free of toxic chemicals.

Mattress Types Conclusion

Sleep is absolutely crucial. It allows our bodies to heal and promotes positive mental and emotional health. One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep is to use the correct mattress.

What mattress suits you will depend on your particular needs, requirements, and preferences, so it’s worth trying out different types before making your final decision. Use this guide to learn about the different types of mattresses and to help you make the best choice for your bed.

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When you invest in a good mattress, you want to make sure you maintain your mattress properly. Unfortunately, a lot of folks aren’t doing this, and the results can be disastrous. We have some of the best advice and tips so you can keep your mattress in tiptop shape and hygienic at all times. 

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