10 Ways We Spruced Things Up With Affordable Home Decor

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If you are looking for affordable home decor to spruce things up, it’s as easy as following a few simple steps. You can perk things up around your home with a small budget and some savvy shopping tips.  

Now, you can fill up your shopping cart without the sticker shock! With a new year, we all enjoy freshening things up around the house. Often, our spending budgets don’t line up with our wants and needs. Plus, you can always shop for more expensive home decor with deep discounts.

Affordable Home Decor

It’s The Little Things Too

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After all, we all enjoy updating our home decor, but it’s not always easy. This past year we all faced many challenges and continue to meet them. But that doesn’t mean we also can’t enjoy life and its blessings.

However, even though we look forward to sprucing things up around the house, we need affordable home decor ideas now more than ever. Realistically, we all can’t afford an interior designer. Yet, we can take inspiration from those lovely home decor elements we see online and in magazines.

Ideally, it’s often the little things we can do in our homes that reflect our style and give us a renewed outlook. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to have your home feel like a million bucks.

With a limited budget, we can enjoy shopping for affordable home decor and make the most of it too. We’ve put together a few great tips for adding something to your home on a budget, and we think you’ll love our choices

Affordable Home Decor

1 – Perk Up Your Floors With Affordable Home Decor Elements

Recently, we decided to replace our old areas rugs with some fresh new ones. The problem we faced was our old rugs were very expensive. We knew we didn’t want to spend a small fortune and opted for something more affordable.

Opting for affordable home decor turned out a great choice! Now, we have inexpensive area rugs that look just as good as the expensive ones we replaced. While it took some online research, we found just what we wanted at prices we can afford.

Whether you have wood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting, you can add some area rugs to your floors. Layering rugs are very much in style and creates a dimensional look as well. While we love our wood floors, area rugs add warmth, texture, and pops of color throughout our home.

For example, adding an area rug to the foot of your bed creates a warm and comforting home decor element. Plus, you don’t have to spend a small fortune shopping for one. This Unique Loom Zuniga Area Rug brightens any room and at affordable prices.

Alternatively, you can layer it over your existing carpet for a layered look. Either way, you can perk up your floors with affordable home decor and love it. Whatever you decide, adding flooring elements to perk up your home decor always creates an entirely new look.

2 – Perk Up Your Home With Affordable Flowers & Plants

When offering home decor advice, most interior designers will tell you to add green plants and floral arrangements. At times, it’s not as easy as it seems. Most artificial floral arrangements are expensive, and the less expensive pieces aren’t always as desirable.

As you know, the younger a green plant is, the less expensive it is too. But at times, we want to bring in larger potted plants into our homes. While we all love fostering baby plants into huge blooming beauties, we don’t have the time.

With that said, it pays to take a look into the clearance or sale section of stores like Home Depot or even your local shops. While you might need to make some concessions, you can find some healthy plants there too. We love to opt for artificial green plants because, let’s face it, they involve zero maintenance aside from the occasional dusting.

However, with some research, we found some stunning floral arrangements for your home at affordable pricing. For example, you can decorate your home with this lovely decorative flower like this FloralGoods Light Color Small Peony Bouquet.

Just place it in a small glass vase anywhere in your home. Little decorative elements like these make all the difference. With affordable home decor elements like this, you can perk up any room in your home.

Also, you accent any room with this Set Of 2 White Wildflower Gypsophila Bush for only $23. This beautiful floral arrangement brings the best of the outdoors inside your home. And it’s affordable home decor elements like these that can perk up your home instantly.

These examples are just two of many ways you can affordably bring green and floral decor into your home.

3 – Add Affordable Home Decor With Decorative Artwork

When it comes to affordable home decor, adding beautiful artwork to our walls seems out of reach. But did you know you can find great deals on artwork and enjoy them as much as the expensive brands?

You can quickly perk up any room by adding decorative artwork to your bare walls. After all, a room can look dull and uninviting without some eye candy on our walls.

We always enjoy swapping out our decorative artwork from time to time. Of course, without paying high-end prices too. Recently, we found some stunning pieces at prices we can afford. For example, this Designart’ Dark Morning in Forest Panorama’ Large Canvas Print (32×10) will transform any room for less than $48.

Another example of stunning affordable wall art is this Designart ‘Eucalyptus leaves’ Canvas Wall Art. The canvas art print features a gallery-wrapped (the design continues on the sides) design, giving it a real art gallery feel. And at under $37, the perfect way to perk up any room in your home.

Next time you have an itch to update your decor, try thinking about creative, affordable ways to bring your walls to life.

Designart ‘Eucalyptus leaves’ Canvas Wall Art

4 – Always Use Coupons When Shopping

Of course, we all know about the value of coupons when shopping, but using them can seem frustrating. Internet coupons change and expire faster than we can click on them.

The best way to keep up with coupons and the relevant code is to check Coupon Dad. They offer some of the best coupons are one of the leading coupon sites around. There, you will find a choice of coupons that can save you money on household items like furnishings, home decor, and so many more offers. It’s worth a look, so keep your eye on Coupon Dad!

Also, don’t forget to send an email to a company’s customer service department for hard to find savings. Often, they will let you know what’s on sale that hasn’t featured on their site. Anytime you shop for affordable home decor, always reach out for the best coupons first.

5 – Mount Some Floating Shelves

Floating shelves immediately perk up any room in your home or apartment. And you can purchase them for under $25. Once installed, a floating shelve can house so many beautiful decorative items.

For instance, these Floating Picture Display Ledge Shelves make perfect sense for any room. Plus, they have a ledge, so your precious items don’t fall off. You can display photos, children’s books, cookbooks, records,  collectibles, wine bottles, and much more.

Plus, you can tidy up by organizing a spice collection by using them in your kitchen. You can also create more floor space by relocating things off the floor and onto the shelves. Affordable home decor at its best!

We instantly fell in love with this set of three ALEKO Floating Wood U-Shaped Shelves. Not only are they perfect for any room, but they look stunning enough to replace your wall art. Priced at under $30, these shelves make the perfect affordable home decor elements.

ALEKO Floating Wood U-Shaped Shelves

6 – Add Beautiful Throws And Blankets To Your Furniture

If you are looking for affordable home decor that can transform any room, think about adding beautiful throws or blankets. Regardless of the season, throws and blankets keep your home looking cozy and inviting.

For example, this simply gorgeous Decorative Extra Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket makes the perfect decorative accent. And at night, you can nestle up in bed using it to keep you warm and cozy. With over a 5-star rating from over 10,000 buyers, you know it’s a great deal at under $20. Now, that’s affordable home decor!

Affordable Home Decor

7 – Switch Up Your Lighting

When it comes to lighting, the word affordable doesn’t come to mind quickly. But did you know you can shop for affordable home lighting and find some great deals? With the advent of LED lights, lighting prices became affordable and highly desirable.

Think about swapping out some hall lighting in your home. Often, adding decorative lighting to hallways brightens up the entire house. Or you can add accent lighting to any room to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

We always love accent lighting on our nightstands and enjoy changing them from time to time too. With these Cirque Uplight Accent Lamps, you can add a beautiful warm glow to any room in your house.

Cirque Uplight Accent Lamps

8 – Add A Storage Cart To Any Room

If a room in your home looks a little bare and can use some love, try adding a storage cart. You can find affordable home decor that doubles as a bar or the perfect addition to your kitchen for spices and condiments. Or you can perk up a bathroom and house all of your makeup and skincare items.

This sleek Porch & Den Julian 3-shelf Rolling Utility Cart can transform any room in your home and at the affordable price of under $60. The three shelves bear up necessities with ease, and two locking casters ensure the cart stays in place. Whether you use it for books and magazines in your living room, dishes, food in the kitchen, or tools in your garage, the cart is versatile enough for any storage task.

Regardless of what changes you want to make in your home, you can make them with affordability in mind. You don’t need to spend a small fortune transforming your home into a new and exciting place to dwell.

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