New Garage Door Materials And Choosing The Best Option

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Garage doors lead a busy existence. With all the ups and downs, they build them to withstand a lot but not forever. Eventually, they require repairing, which can lead to replacement. But before you decide which garage door materials to purchase, make sure you know these essential facts.

Garage Door Materials

Garage Door Materials Options

Your garage door also needs to provide security, and your garage door materials are a crucial factor. Before you buy your garage door, you should first look at the various options ahead.

Of course, the appearance of your garage door means a lot too. And that’s why you should choose the right garage door materials for your need. Sure, garage door materials changed over the years, and there’s much we should know. While we all want curb appeal, we also need stability, design, and, more importantly, garage door security.

More so, if you are a new home buyer and need to choose the best garage door, it’s essential to look at all your options. For example, do you want a window-less, carriage-house style or sectional door?

This article will take a look at various garage door materials and which option seems best for you.

Garage Door Materials

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors provide excellent security and, when compared to other garage door materials, relativity inexpensive. Before getting a new garage door always look for good examples before you decide. For instance, steel doors come in various finishes, including painted and faux wood grain.

Made from a double layer of galvanized steel, they can match in any color to compliment your home. Plus, steel garage doors can also feature insulation if you live in colder climates. While they do have strength and durability, they can easily dent and may suffer corrosion. Hence, not the best choice for coastal areas.

Wood Garage Doors

When it comes to garage door materials, natural wood always makes an attractive option. Natural wood conveys an old-world rustic look and adds elegance to your home. Types of wood include redwood, cedar, composite, and specialty woods as well.

Also, wood doors look great with a traditional or period property and come in many different styles. Typically, wood doors feature several layers or plies of wood. This technique prevents wood garage doors from warping due to temperature variances.

You can also finish them before fitting to a stain or color of your choice or finish on-site as well. Expensive doors offer higher-density fiberboard skins and can endure weather better. Plus, the more expensive brands tend to look like real wood decor. When it comes to aesthetics, choosing a wood door is an excellent option. Always research beforehand if wood makes a good option for your needs.

Wood Composite

When it comes to composite materials, they are not always a top choice while they are less expensive. But they can turn out a more durable option as well. Typically, they consist of long-lasting engineered wood products and wood fiber materials. Using these materials offers the strength of heavy-duty non-wood materials.

Furthermore, composite wood can also provide the traditional look of real wood as well. Often, they are moisture, rot, and insect resistant. Plus, you can paint them to compliment your home’s decor. Attractive, durable, and affordable, this option is worth considering. And there are no real disadvantages to this type of composite garage door.

Garage Door Materials

Aluminum Frame Garage Doors

Increasingly popular thanks to lightweight and affordability, aluminum garage doors use an aluminum frame and pressed panels and can be finished in many different ways and colors.

Popular with both modern and traditional homes, they withstand the weather and will not rust. Plus, these aluminum doors feature a lightweight design. And suitable for automatic use, especially because of their weight. Installation is easy and available with low-cost options.

More so, you can replace the panels with tempered opaque glass for a more attractive curb appeal. Plus, this option works perfectly for those who like to use their garage as a workshop or playroom.  However, the downside is the standard aluminum panels are easy to dent and scratch.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

If you live in coastal locations, you’ll find fiberglass a trendy choice. Typically, due to the fact they are salt water-resistant. Plus, they keep your garage much cooler in warmer climates as well.

You’ll also find fiberglass much more durable than steel. Fiberglass also tends to be less expensive and highly customizable. However, the finish can tend to fade over time, so that’s something to consider.

Additionally, you find fiberglass available in many colors and styles. If you own a modern home, they can turn out a great option to consider. Plus, fiberglass doesn’t dent on impact. Although, upon severe impact, it can break completely. Overall, the cost and lightweight features seem like an excellent option to consider when choosing your garage door materials.

Vinyl Garage Doors

When it comes to kid-proof, vinyl garage doors take top billing. Mostly due to the fact they are hard to dent or break. However, you might find limited color choices that you should consider. As far as maintenance, a quick hose down at the end of the day keeps them nice and clean.

Moreover, vinyl looks very similar in appearance to fiberglass except for limited color choices. Even though vinyl garage doors do not contain any wood, they can still withstand cutting and shaping. Also, this means you can still have arched shaped windows and doorways. Vinyl seems like a good option and won’t splinter twist, warp, or rot.

 A Few Pointers

When choosing your garage door, try not to match it to your front door. Instead, try and chose a complementary color. Also, try not to choose a vibrant color as it should blend and complement your house color. Always consider the style of your home for extra curb appeal.

Whatever garage door materials you choose, it pays to do the research beforehand. Once you decide, you don’t want to regret your decision and end up with an inferior product.

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